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  1. It was awesome to see how this idea was developed just before the campaign started and carried on through the whole thing. Great goal to rally Ariadna behind
  2. Thanks mate! Sometime playing for fun is what you need, its a good excuse to try things you otherwise wouldn't run.
  3. This weekend we had a Northern Open 9 in the North of England and I have managed to win it for the first time! It was a very fun day with players coming from all over England. I have battle reports of my games on my blog here Also figured as the new King of the North I should make me a new avatar, something regal and appropriate for Caledonia:
  4. Wow the best table I have ever seen!
  5. If Caledonia can be of any example, I would imagine the Vets would at very least get Haris option, just like Mormaears. Though Grey Rifle do have Core option, so maybe Vets will too. Though Grey Rifles might have it because they have Frenzy, which gives them disadvantage outside of a Link.
  6. All logic would suggest that will happen, all Sectorials have increased AVA on units but it really does feel 3 Spetsnaz will just kill entire armies.
  7. I used to feel the same way, about not having the models to hold sections of a board. Which is why I started using Wulver Link Team with Wallace. It is a 170+pts Fireteam that can easily dominate a zone. I pump my Orders into them, they smash whatever needs smashing and can easy hold two quadrants on their own. It is a risky style of play though, if you somehow lose them without getting ahead in objective points, its kinda game over. This month I should be finished with an article on them on my blog to explain how I use them in more detail, and why I think they are worth the points.
  8. Now imagine when Kazaks have a sectorial. I think its taking CB this long to release it because they need the time to figure out how to make it so it just doesn't talk over everyone One Spetsnaz is bad enough but two is just mean!
  9. the best thing about USA is that you can't beat Line Troops with ARM3 for 10pts And you can give them Heavy Flamers and Inferior Infiltration, gotta love the look on your opponents face when they pass their Infiltration rolls.
  10. Other people most likely mentioned it but there are two main reasons I believe; 1. FO is a specialist and you need those for Objectives in ITS missions. 2. FO comes with Flash Pulse which can be surprisingly "deadly" if used correctly. Few things are as frustrating as a Stunned TAG, or a Specialists when your opponent needs to do objectives but can't. Guided Missiles are also great if you like playing that way, which makes FO necessary.
  11. Although I am sure we can all agree that Ariadna is the best faction in Human Sphere ( ), we are happy to welcome blogs orientated on other armies or just Infinity in general. There can be never enough of us to spread the good word of Infinity!
  12. +++ Warning: Morat Threat Hijack imminent +++
  13. For anyone interested here is a report of my Day 1
  14. Do you need an extra table? I can bring mine.