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  1. Wow, I love the Szalamandra Too bad I kinda decided not to play Nomads anymore.... hmmmm
  2. Wargaming groups seem to generally be friendly communities from what I've seen so far. I'd suggest finding out about a local group and show up at a meeting. Contact them beforehand maybe, then just go there. You don't even necessarily need to bring your minis the first time around. It can be interesting enough just to exchange a few words, learn about the group (how big of a group it is, what games are played, who are the Infinity players) and look at a few minis and watch a few games or so. You'll be there and play a first game of your own in about no time. I hardly ever played with a fully painted army. I have fully painted minis but also primed minis and bare metal ones that just sit on a base. Others I've played with were similar. Some even played with minis without arms as they wanted to wait until after painting to attach those parts.
  3. Do you know if there is any more info available that I could read about it? I guess I could get a Cube 2.0 implanted one day and kinda be "Posthuman light" as a step towards the end goal as than enables you to use "Quantronic Jump" which lets you jump into Remotes or other LHosts you have access to. I guess it would be quite a step towards Posthumanism but not the full deal. Thats something for the future though. As I said: there is some further character development to do first. Actually the more I think about it, going "Full Posthuman" might be something that would make the character leave the realms of player characters and become an NPC.... But that would be ok, too as there are a lot more steps to take on the way as I said.
  4. Yea it's not really about the specific LHost, I agree with that. The Bodhisatttva is just a very good model, actually I think it's the same type Asuras get. Of course any LHost for use by a Posthuman needs a Cube 2.0 but basically they are independent of Body. I don't know though if this independence starts with installing a Cube 2.0 in your current body which offers constant access to the Maya-sphere OR if there is some other process where basically your Cube is extracted and fully uploaded so you can THEN use any body with a Cube 2.0 you're given access to... As for "how human are you really in the end?": well.... POST-human, I guess that's the whole point. If this development wouldn't remove you far enough from humanity to not be human anymore then it wouldn't really make you a POSThuman. I guess we're still lacking enough information about how someone becomes a Posthuman in Infinity's context...
  5. Question of my own: My Aleph Character is aspiring to become a Posthuman one day. He is an Aleph agent (originally defected from Nomads years back when he discovered his Geist was an Aleph Aspect), already uses an LHost (Standard LHOST that he upgrades) since having been killed in action in an undercover mission during lifepath character creation. What would you say makes or breaks being/becoming Posthuman? Is it just a matter of getting a Cube 2.0 installed that enables you to use the Quantronic Jump abillity? The background seems to imply that there is more to it than that. After all, all of Aleph's recreations also have Cube 2.0s without being designated as Posthumans. The RPG Core Book describes Posthumans as "Whether they represent the next step in human evolution, a parallel track, or something else entirely, Posthumans are smarter, stronger, and experience life differently than standard humans. Resurrected into Bodhisattva Lhosts by ALEPH itself, these so-called Posthumans are selected from the very best and brightest, which has the side effect of causing a brain drain in humanity proper." Of course, the Bodhisattva Lhosts aren't even really described anywhere yet. Also I think my char should probably work on developing himself some more in terms of willpower and personality before becoming a real Posthuman candidate but I probably COULD already get my hands on a Cube 2.0 with a somewhat lucky acquisition roll. How would you see this and maybe handle this in game except for the obvious "wait for the Aleph supplement and hope for detailed information in that book"?
  6. Found the description for the Deva Functionary Light Combat Armor Variant (Infinity RPG Collectors Edition page 372):
  7. Here is a WTF from work today: A colleague sent a few devices back to the supplier for repair as they arrived defective and couldn't be used. His error description was "Heating circuit defective". Today they arrived back from the supplier with the note "Visual inspection: no error detectable" ...... OH REALLY??? They weren't able to notice a defective circuit from visual inspection???
  8. Well, now you guys made me wanna see that new Sphinx design!
  9. I seem to remember reading somewhere that (as opposed to the Tabletop model) the Nanopulser is incorporated in the Devas' Armor, not their LHOST.
  10. I'm a bit torn about the new Avatar... I do like it better than the old one. More detail, better legs, better, more menacing, more alien head, .... But it seems a bit too similar to the other new Tags which just makes it seem less special and impressive. I think I still like the Xeodron best of the new sculpts. Also me too would have preferred a build-in weapon.
  11. No, but I play Tohaa myself but really: They describe the Cube Jägers job as retrieving the dead person's body or at least their head... does total reliance on biotech aid you in cutting a neck more precisely??
  12. The Cube Jäger background has been posted here: https://www.infinitythegame.com/blog/articles/item/409-know-the-story-behind-the-cube-jager Part of the text reads: Now my question is: Why? How does radical reliance on biotech translate to higher success-rates at Cube retrieval than for more (non-bio-)tech-inclined factions?
  13. I'd be all for option 2 if its still up for discussion but I'm just not into the whole furry thing at all, so...
  14. Tell me about it. My grandma needed care as well and my mothers 2 brothers eased out of any responsibilities they were able to ease out of ("You're a nurse, you sure can take care of her much better anyways!") but were still trying to keep as much of their money out of it as possible.
  15. Keep in mind that "Momentum" does not automatically equal "Dice". Momentum is a pool of ... well let's say "points" you have and one way to spend those points is to buy additional dice for tests with them.