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  1. Tell me about it. My grandma needed care as well and my mothers 2 brothers eased out of any responsibilities they were able to ease out of ("You're a nurse, you sure can take care of her much better anyways!") but were still trying to keep as much of their money out of it as possible.
  2. Keep in mind that "Momentum" does not automatically equal "Dice". Momentum is a pool of ... well let's say "points" you have and one way to spend those points is to buy additional dice for tests with them.
  3. Just had to have our car's front brakes fixed. of course taking off the old ones revealed more problems and a repair of ~200€ resulted in more than double that in the end.... great way to start a month...
  4. that would be my reading of it
  5. Would be cool but I'm not good enough with graphics by far Your's looks really cool though! ☺
  6. Yes, absolutely fair point about it looking like it'll be hard to remove if you don't like it.
  7. On the other hand (...lol) this pose imo makes much more sense for a cold blooded Umbra who is actually still trying to turn things around while facing death. I mean: an outstretched hand against the sword would achieve nothing. By grabbing her knee it's my impression that he's still trying to unbalance her to avoid the deadly blow and have another chance at turning the tables of this epic fight. He's still fighting instead of just scaredly putting his hand in between her blade and his face.
  8. Here is another rules-question ( @Modiphius Rules Monkey @Modiphius ) When characters have Attributes that are improved via Attribute Augmentation, sample characters typically have this noted as for example "10 (+1)" so the effective attribute is 11 after the augmentation. So if you already have an Attribute Augmentation and try to improve that same attribute by means of XP, do you count from the augmented or the unaugmented attribute? In the example above, do I pay 1100XP to raise my attribute from 10 to 11 and then add the +1 from the aug I already had OR do I pay 1200XP to raise the attribute from 11 to 12 counting in the aug "before raising"?
  9. Yes we are. Backers got a pretty much finished version for checking already so it works pretty well by now. We started about a year ago when it became possible to make characters. Some house-ruling was needed in the beginning but we didn't have to start over or anything.
  10. Here is a free Quickstart book though if you want a first look into the basics: http://drivethrurpg.com/product/159673/INFINITY-RPG-FREE-Quickstart
  11. I like their crazy edge oh and I didn't feel inspired enough and had enough time to actually go and write something yet
  12. maybe @Interruptor or @Koni or someone can make an RPG sub-forum a reality? Would be really cool and a good way to have all the RPG-related posts in one place instead of all over the boards. Smuglord: nice drawing and description! That's some seriously well off characters there hehe My own character is also aspiring to become a Posthuman somewhen down the line. He's still a "normal" Aleph agent (defected from Nomads some years back, died and resurrected on the job) right now though.
  13. Our Budgies are named after Norse mythology characters. Thor is still around... but turned out to be female a while after being named...
  14. Yes, I found that pretty quickly. Seems like there was a little fluff change there. I found that piece in HSN3 btw. It's about a Gao-Tarsos actually but still interesting.
  15. Ah, didn't scan the Tohaa section too carefully after not finding anything Sygmaa related in the CA section. Thank you! Still interested in any and all other pieces of course!