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  1. I'm guessing the limited Le Muet should be hard to get a hold of... The ABH I don't really like much I have to say. Someone from the german Infinity FB group took some comparison photos for me of the Aleph High Functionary and the Bolt Sniper... Even though more heavily armored the Bolts upper arms look a bit thin in comparison... Maybe with some greenstuff.... How difficult do you think it would be to slightly bulk up the upper arms and still have it look good? I just really like the gun and position on that model... Guess the difficulty may be more in finding someone who'll sell me the sniper model without the rest of the box. Gonna have to ask Shae about that when I know more about what else I'll need.
  2. Hehe yea I imagine. I have the all PDFs pledge but I'm lucky enough to have a group and we've already been playing for over a year.
  3. hmmm you guys are not wrong.... I found the PanO snipers now. Still love the Hexa sniper but I guess since its a lightly armored female her arms will be too thin for a conversion. There is the female Bolt Sniper though which has realy cool arms and is a bit more heavily armored. Can anyone tell if their proportions would match the Aleph High Functionary or male Deva?
  4. Can anyone recommend a male Infinity-mini with separate arms that are aiming some kind of rifle (I can mod the gun into what I want), are lightly armored (basically they shouldn't be naked or should be sculpted in a way that would let me paint them as clothed) and would fit the male Deva model from the Deva Functionaries box (the one WITH hair, not the bald male Deva)?
  5. lol I know, I know I think Pheromones is the only function of that organ that is described in canon so far. And that it looks different for males and females of course. I'm really looking forward to the Tohaa supplement book for the RPG btw! AND the CA one, too!
  6. Ok, got it! Thanks for the enlightenment
  7. @Ursun some cool stuff there but from a first look at their shop it kinda seems like models that aren't heavyly armored are almost exlusively female with a few exceptions. Guess I'm gonna try to stick to the Infinity-range. Should be big enough to find something cool for everyone EDIT: "Be a better Human" has some interesting stuff but it seems to be in kickstarter phase. @chromedog yes I saw that. Guess that's my option if I don't find a suitable option that already includes a rifle. The Chandra also includes a light helmet that I could use. Technically the characters rifle isn't even particularly Aleph but is a product of a custom weaponsmith that he got from a defeated Nemesis-type enemy who turned out to be not so much of an enemy in the end. It's probably more YuJing-style in design but I'm not gonna take it THAT precisely with a custom weapon that I'm gonna modify anyways.
  8. So I plan to do the characters of our ongoing Infinity RPG game as unique minis by converting some. Right now I'm researching what would be the best options to do those characters and that's where I'm asking for help since I feel other people might come up with suggestions I haven't even thought about yet. I'll star with my own character as I know him best: He's an Aleph agent (from his skills and equipment kinda similar to a Dasyus or Naga maybe) working on qualifying to become a Posthuman. A skirmisher of sorts and his body is a standard (though upgraded) LHost that I described as kind of middle-eastern or maybe Indian (India, not Indiana ) looking. Main weapon is a custom MULTI Sniper rifle that has 2 heavy options (SABOT and a special type of Nano rounds) but he also carries a MULTI Pistol and knife, sometimes a YuJing-style Combirifle. He's a skilled sniper and also quite respectable in CC. Got TO-Camo as an implant and regularly uses a MSV2. Hacker (Assault and Defensive) on the side. He has light armor disguised as normal clothing with a built in Nanopulser. Next, I'm aiming to get a set of light combat armor roughly like the Deva's armor, also with integral Nanopulser that I want to modify so it can be vacuum-sealed so a light helmet would be fine. I was thinking maybe using Dasyus Sniper and modifying the rifle or even Dasyus Combi Rifle and modify the gun into a Sniper rifle. On the other hand... I also like that male Deva model and I'm gonna try to get this sort of armour anyways, so... Talking about the version WITH hair mainly. He would need different arms though and I'm not sure where to get a set that will fit him well and also fit thematically. Could also swap the minis head for one with a light helmet. It doesn't have to look particularly Aleph as the armour is disguised anyways. Could look civilian as well as long as it looks plausible that you could seal it by pulling on a light headgear, kinda like a sort of heavier hood maybe that covers the whole head. Could maybe even keep that Deva's original head and give him a colar where the headgear is stored. I'd like some not too bland pose but lets see what we can find. A Nomad Spektr might be a good base as well though I'm leaning Deva right now. If I can find something with an Aleph sniper rifle I thought I'd maybe put a second clip on that as the feed for the second heavy option. Should be easier than on some other designs as Aleph rifles have bullpup design.
  9. True! Still they don't grow body parts from their artificial facemasks I think especially not if they still want those masks to fit on their faces afterwards. I get that it's not intended to be like that, I just can't help but think it looks that way anyways Actually I might still get the mini since I like it otherwise.
  10. somehow I don't find it as striking in the 2 Sukeul sculpts... Sure, they've got huge "hair", but... its probably because their masks are on their faces while Neema's is open.
  11. Yes, thats most probably it. I just think the angle of the top hair makes it look as if it grew right out of the inside of the faceplate.
  12. Not really my thing at all but well done nonetheless
  13. I'm not 100% sure about the new Neema sculpt... It kinda looks like her "hair" starts at the back of her helmets faceplate making it look as if she has an impossibly high head...
  14. Roughly like my case except I have no brothers or sisters. I'm 34 now and started with minis some..... 3-4 years ago? lol My mom asked something about me being too old to play with toy soldiers but she can still appreciate the work and art that goes into it at least (though I think she doesn't really understand why I put that much work into stuff like that). My girlfriend and soon to be wife has no problems with stuff like that whatsoever. She actually has a few Aleph minis herself even though she's only ever played a single game. We play together in an Infinity RPG group though. She just likes the aesthetics of the minis.