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  1. I like their crazy edge oh and I didn't feel inspired enough and had enough time to actually go and write something yet
  2. maybe @Interruptor or @Koni or someone can make an RPG sub-forum a reality? Would be really cool and a good way to have all the RPG-related posts in one place instead of all over the boards. Smuglord: nice drawing and description! That's some seriously well off characters there hehe My own character is also aspiring to become a Posthuman somewhen down the line. He's still a "normal" Aleph agent (defected from Nomads some years back, died and resurrected on the job) right now though.
  3. Our Budgies are named after Norse mythology characters. Thor is still around... but turned out to be female a while after being named...
  4. Yes, I found that pretty quickly. Seems like there was a little fluff change there. I found that piece in HSN3 btw. It's about a Gao-Tarsos actually but still interesting.
  5. Ah, didn't scan the Tohaa section too carefully after not finding anything Sygmaa related in the CA section. Thank you! Still interested in any and all other pieces of course!
  6. do you know where? I wasn't able to find it looking through my copy of HSN3 yesterday.
  7. really? I wonder where I got to read it then because I don't remember ever having a copy of Campaign: Paradiso in my hands... weird... Any other pieces in the various books or online?
  8. Yesterday an idea started developing in my head, maybe for a little shortstory even and I started looking for all the fluff bits on the Fraacta that have appeared somewhere. There is a bit in the RPG corebook, the bit of text on the Infinity homepage from when the boarding shotgun model was released, couldn't find anything in HSN3... so: Please tell me about all bits of Fraacta fluff you know about and where to find them! I'd appreciate it for example: I seem to remember something about a human farmer or whatever being murdered by an alien drop-trooper for bothering them... Might have been a Tohaa instead of a Fraacta though, I can't for the live of me remember where I read that text...
  9. are you using the 5 Lifepoint "normal" creation system or the 12 lifepoint "custom" one that gives you more specific choices? When you say Überfallkommando, do you mean he's a Chimera? Especially for such a character you could also get Attribute Augmentations (Cybernetic, Biograftet or Silk) to get that body up to speed. Actually I'm thinking about preordering a Silk Attribute Aug for my char as well to be installed after the current mission. I'm not sure if I'd be able to pay for it though Also thinking if I should rather use the "+1 to ALL attributes" variant or the "+4 to one attribute" one... If I take the Silk version I can get a maximum of 3 of those in the end (since they are Full Body Augmentations) or maybe just 2 plus one other Full Body Aug (Like a Bioimmunity Organ. Best way to push the BTS it seems). Thats more long term planning though as those cost an arm and a leg.
  10. converting to/from what?
  11. Hmm you're right, thats an interesting thought. Depending on if Tohaa electronics is developed enough of course
  12. Also Star Wars is NOT in the future but "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away"
  13. Well Assets kind of ARE your savings. normally you can liquify them (expend them) to get your cashflow back up or heal shortfalls ("cashflow wounds" from spending too much) but you can't directly spend them on purchases. It's something you do when you need more money quickly and can't (or don't want to) wait till your cashflow normally replenishes by means of your normal income. Even then, you have to roll for each Asset spent to see how well you did selling it. This is where the confusion comes from: that part tells you to spend assets on purchases while assets normally are not spent on purchases directly.
  14. @Pride of Rodina it may just be how you wrote it but I'd guess the amount of momentum he can build up before actually doing anything should be limited. Didn't I see a rule that you can have max 6 Momemtum or something? also 1 Momentum gets lost at the end of each round if it wasn't spent. How did he even manage to damage a Maghariba Guard with a chair? Did he manage to specifically target some weird vulnerable area? Was it a Tesseum-chair? still: L O L @Agorapocalypse Well... I dont know what to say except... wtf-lol?!