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  1. For hackers I usually take the Interventor LT, Zoe, and the Zero KHD, with a Securitate, Pi-Well, Moran, and occasionally a Transductor Zond for repeater backup. I have never been out-hacked by anyone, including Aleph or Haqqislam (although I am somewhat regularly out-gunned and thus have to rely on other sneaky tactics to catch up). On the occasions where I use AD troops, the DepRep Hellcat often comes in handy for removing pesky HI guarding the backline or fellow hackers that are all bunkered up.
  2. To take full advantage of the Intruder, you kind of need some smoke coverage. Even a single Jaguar would put you at a serious advantage over most opponents, especially in a 200 pt game. Also, it might be my Vanilla Nomad tendencies speaking, but you seem pretty light on specialists for both lists.
  3. This is exactly what I was thinking, although I'd go with a more Ron Cobb type of look if you want a specifically astronautical look for the whole army. I'm not sure how many drawings he did specifically of space suits, but he's definitely done quite a bit of concept art for ships. P.S. This blog has had me wanting to do a Moebius/Greg Tocchini-inspired QK army for close to a year now.
  4. Plus, once you've nailed the idea of blocking in colors and doing basic highlights/shading, you can start to experiment with zenithal highlighting from the black primer, which makes your models look even more realistic and interesting.
  5. I use the Aleph starter set Asura and Dakini as Zoe and Pi-Well, respectively. That being said, I'm not entirely satisfied with the Asura as Zoe, as I think she lacks some character. Instead, I'm considering using Isobel, a heavily converted Ghulam Doctor, or even a MRRF Metro. My current Zoe is below:
  6. I'm pretty sure we already talked about this towards the beginning of the thread, but I wonder which units from other sectorials (or factions) will end up Tunguska. I'm expecting Alguaciles, Clockmakers, Daktari, and maybe Druze, but what else do you guys think will make it? Hellcats? Tomcats?
  7. Securitate HMG - say what you will about Securitate, mine always pull through Moran FO Zero KHD/FO/minelayer - all of which are fantastic Moderator with a Spitfire - my spirit animal, and the cheapest Spitfire in the game Interventor HD+
  8. Finished painting a basic conversion that I made in June.
  9. That's not necessarily true. The spearhead of the Coordinated Order only gets 2 burst, while all others in the CO only get 1. Meanwhile, your opponent gets full burst in ARO (albeit only against 1 active piece). I'm sure that the odds of success are a little bit higher with a CO, but each of these flubbed shots could largely be a product of bad MODs and unlucky rolls.
  10. I love the idea of having Scarface and Cordelia in the same list as Zoe and Pi-Well. Cordelia and Zoe play different enough roles (frontline specialist and backline hacker/engineer, respectively) for each one to warrant a place in the list despite the tiny bit of engineer redundancy. Meanwhile, Pi-Well can pull his nasty tricks and Scarface can do some proper stomping. Oh, what a happy family this will be... Dammit, CB, stop giving me reasons to throw money at you.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this old brute. The sculpt could definitely use a hand. Have you decided which details you want to keep?
  12. Man, I wish I had thought of this first.
  13. Fantastic! You've absolutely nailed the paint scheme and brushwork. The only thing that I'd change is the basing. I'd make the ground itself a more neutral grey and possibly tone down the rim just a little bit, although you could probably get away with keeping the rim as it is.
  14. As smiler said, the Grenzer FO might be the best option for an all-around anti-camo specialist, but Pi-well is another good choice, especially with Ariadna's lack of solid hacking coverage. While he can't take a hit quite like the Grenzer can, he's significantly faster and has ODD, which means that most Ariadna units have to out-shoot him pretty heavily in order to take him on. In Bakunin, Riot Grrls seem like the natural choice for a link team when fighting camo-spam, since they have 2 wounds and MSV1.
  15. Lieutenant "options?" I think you mean Interventor with Fast Panda or Interventor without Fast Panda. There are no other options. Period. All jokes aside, Nomads in general are pretty strapped for good lieutenant options. The most popular choices seem to be the Interventor (as you already noted) and the Reverend Custodier. In Corregidor, the Wildcat seems to be a reasonably common choice, meanwhile Bakunin sometimes features Kusanagi or a Moderator Lt. In previous editions, the Securitate were also used on a regular basis, although their utility as a whole has declined severely since the end of N2. I almost exclusively take the bare-bones Interventor as my lieutenant, but it's up to you to find your preference. For those who like to use their lieutenants as combat pieces, the MB seems popular enough since it has a multi-rifle, which is a solid armament. Just be cautious if you do so, since we have no access to CoC without Spec-Ops.