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  1. Well, looks like I’m starting MO!
  2. I just want simple things... an Ohio paramedic, Grunt Molotok, Airborne Ranger Engineer. But really what I want is: Unknown + Grunts core (even just the Molotok version), Ohio Duo/Haris, Maverick Duo, Blackjack Duo (Or Haris with some other unit, like 1-2 Ohio + Blackjack). Overall I find the profiles good, but the links could use some more variety.
  3. I'm wrapping up the USAriadna unit analysis on my blog, I'll be doing Combined next, but that's just one man's opinion.
  4. Maybe we can get @HellLois to fix it, while he's fixing up the other stuff. Found his old response here:
  5. Here is a question, is the bonus in Supplies supposed to also apply to Paramedics? The title says Doctor and Paramedic bonus, but the rule only applies to doctors.
  6. You're going to have a hard time doing any of that without targeting them... their rules explicitly say you cannot target them on turn 1, designating, FO, d-charges, all require a target.
  7. The D-charge skill has the CC Attack label, regardless of which mode you are using, so cannot be used against the Antennas until turn 2.
  8. Caledonia still has the Anaconda listed as well.
  9. It's time to announce the Rose City Raid! Next summer we will be hosting a 32-player ITS tournament in Portland Oregon. Held at Lucky Labrador brew hall, there will be plenty of good games and great drinks. If you live in the area, or were looking for yet another excuse to check out Portland, come prepared with your Infinity army and walk away with some fabulous prizes! Our sponsors include Muse on Minis, Frontline Gaming, Every Little War, Plast Craft Games, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Systema Gaming, Customeeple, and more on the way! More info can be found at
  10. It must come down to play style, but I've never found MAF to be a difficult army to play. Despite being a "no-tricks" army, they can still pull off MSV2 + smoke, spec fire grenades like nobodies business, and cover the table in direct templates, including some dirt cheap, 6-6 climbing plus, dogged ones! Overall vanilla CA attracted me to being with because it is a massively diverse faction. Between Morats, Shasvastii, and all the power house units like aspects and umbra, you will never really get sick of them.
  11. As a fervent Combined player, I agree 100% with @ToadChild.
  12. USAriadna actually does a few interesting things very well, but not all of them are obvious at first sight. Like any Sectorial, a big part of their strength comes from linked teams, and while USA has the fewest linked teams of any "updated" sectorial, all of their linked teams are quite handy. Grunts are dirt cheap, you can take 4 snipers and a paramedic for a mere 84/2.0 points. Marauders are good all-round troops, bringing solid mid-short range weaponry, and a bit of extra deployment help get in range, and dogged makes them an extra pain. Finally Ohio are the brutes of the army, carrying the hardest hitting weapons like missile launchers and AP HMG, who doesn't love a B5 BS16 AP HMG?! They don't have very diverse specialists, most are going to be Forward Observers, but as mentioned Foxtrots do the job and are incredibly points efficient. Ultimately though USAriadna is the Ariadna faction that really carries the big stick. Fire ammunition everywhere, on one of their bikes, and in every one of their links. Fire ammunition is incredibly important because it can potentially kill nearly every model in the game in a single hit, I've many times killed two-wound HI with a well placed heavy flamethrower. Devil Dogs and Desperados are both amazing warbands, both are incredibly fast and carry gobs of smoke. Devil Dogs truly are brutes though, multiple wounds and total immunity means they can take a missile to the face and laugh it off half the time, leveraging super jump with a heavy shotgun to slice the pie on two dimensions, letting you snipe out unsuspecting models is incredibly powerful. Overall, USAriadna is a much less subtle faction than vanilla, you aren't going to spam camo the way vanilla does, but you do pack a hell of a wallop. I've written a lot of articles on my blog, talking about the various USAriadna units, list building strategies, and other tactics that may interest you:
  13. @Barakiel actually wrote an article on my blog that you may be interested in:
  14. My first event has it, but mostly because we are playing the TAG missions and I didn't want to invalidate anyone who wanted to bring Scarface. I honestly will probably run it about as often as Spec Ops, so maybe 1/3 of the time. The bigger issue is with proxies really, people will be reluctant to go out and buy models they can't use whenever they want, and I frankly am not a huge fan of proxies (though I do love me some thoughtful conversions).
  15. Haha thanks, I tried to find if you answered it elsewhere.