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  1. We have a ton of new product from Bandua now in stock fresh from Spain and ready to ship! http://infinityharbour.com/index.php/2016/03/15/new-bandua-products-now-in-stock/
  2. Bandua has some more fantastic releases that we will shortly have in stock! They are a set of oil tanks, an industrial crane which is perfect for your train yard, and some great building signs. These are a super clean, uncluttered designs that will look and work great on your tables! Check out the full details at Infinity Harbour! http://infinityharbour.com/index.php/2016/03/01/new-bandua-oil-tanks-crane-and-signs/
  3. Thanks for the feedback on the slot size. Bandua now tells me they are going to make it 3mm it work with more diverse terrain options! How's that for customer service from Bandua! James
  4. I just spoke with Bandua and they said the slot for attaching to a building is currently 2.5mm which is optimal for their products. I pointed out that ideally these should work with other common manufacturers as well. They are currently thinking about whether to make it a bit wider or leave it as is. It wouldn't take much more than a couple seconds with some sandpaper or a micro flat file to open these up if need be. I'll let you know what I hear back about the final slot width. James
  5. Bandua gave us a peek at some really excellent building signs they have coming out the end of this month. They are very clean and simple and require no assembly. They will be sold as a complete set and we will have them in stock soon! See more pictures on our site!http://infinityharbour.com/index.php/2016/01/18/new-bandua-building-street-signs/
  6. I received some previews of several prototypes and works in progress from Bandua for new products that I have permission to share. I thought you all might like to see them! The crate and consoles look to be great objective markers and the new barrier has a ton of flexibility on the table. I'm a sucker for anything with acrylic cutouts. These will be super handy and look better on the table for street scenes instead of piles of cargo containers. We are looking forward to seeing these once they are done! What do you think?
  7. I also throw my vote in for playing vanilla built around the basic Haqq starter and adding the Naffatuns and maybe a Djanbazan HMG. James
  8. Wow, those look great! I hope they get released soon... James
  9. Congrats to Ben Cunningham for winning the generous prize box donated by Bandua for our opening! This in addition to the rest of his order means he should have a pretty great table to play on. I say we all meet for a game at Ben's place! James R. Coplin
  10. If you are in the US, we have them in stock: http://infinityharbour.com/index.php/product-category/micro-art-studio/bases/ James R. Coplin
  11. You only have until the end of this month to get in on the drawing! Since we've gone online, everyone we price matched against has lowered their prices. We want to be your source for Bandua in North America so we've lowered our prices even further *and* we actually have product in stock! All you have to do is purchase $100 worth of Bandua product before October 31 to be entered in the drawing. You can even place it across multiple orders and we'll enter you! Don't miss out on this chance to win a whole table full of Bandua terrain! James R. Coplin
  12. They are the same price as the other containers which FRP has listed at $24 so I'm not sure why they have these marked down more than those. James R. Coplin
  13. Honestly, I'm not sure where they have pulled that number from. I price things the same across the board in terms of my price, shipping, customs etc. so every item has the same margin etc. We simply have too many items in stock to "game" each item separately in most cases. I think we are competitive across the market but there are a couple items that others for whatever reason have priced substantially less. The containers are marked the same as the rest of the MAS we carry (which is competitive with FRP) yet for whatever reason FRP has them at a significantly larger discount than the rest of the line they carry. I will say, FRP has items listed as "restock soon" that have been out of stock long enough to not really be considered a stocked item at all. I'm not sure what a steep discount on an unavailable product is worth. All I can say is that I have the containers, in stock, now. We are trying to be as competitive as possible but our primary goal is high availability of product which so far, we have been able to do. I've received two stock shipments from Micro Arts while FRP and others are still showing 0 stock with a restock "soon." Our stocks of Bandua and Plast Craft are also full across every product line at the moment. I am aware that certain items like the mats are a pricing problem for us due to the shipping costs to customers and we are looking for solutions to that at the moment. It costs us more to ship a mat to a US customer than it did to have it shipped from Poland - about 4 times more. If FRP does in fact get these in at this price point and maintains them at that price with stock, we will of course have to reconsider our pricing. James R. Coplin
  14. We have them in stock. http://infinityharbour.com/index.php/product/tech-containers-4/ James
  15. Just got a full restock so if we were out of something from Micro Art Studio you wanted, it's back now. James