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  1. Montesa Knight with combi LGL and a chain colt, tried to copy the dossier as much as possible. Just need to do some green stuff clean up on the combi LGL for gaps
  2. The difference is that MMLX requires B2 after MODs are calculated to use. Suppressive fire only requires B3 at the declaration stage, there is no restriction on the suppressive fire rules about using suppression at B2 after MODs are calculated. MMLX specifically calls out that restriction, suppressive fire does not. Thats why you can use suppressive fire through a saturation zone, because to suppress you only need a B3/suppressive trait weapon at point of declaration and it is allowed to be affected by burst mods. MMLX however will not allow you to use it if the burst mods affect it to go below B2.
  3. You're getting the sequence order mixed up about when the burst requirements are checked and applied. You are saying that you check the burst requirements and apply the burst reduction from B2 > B1 at the declaration step before saturation kicks in, so your sequence looks like this. Declare > B2 requirement check > Apply mods/saturation > MMLX shot That isn't what the MMLX rules say. The sequence for MMLX is declare first, then skills/AROs, then MODs check (incl saturation) then the requirements check. So according to the rules it looks like this: Declare > Apply mods/saturation > B2 requirement check > MMLX fail > Idle/null REQUIREMENTS The user may only benefit from this Special Skill when he declares a BS Attack. (Step 3 or 5 of order sequence) The user must be using a BS Weapon with a Bvalue of 2 or more after applying Modifiers. (Step 7 of order sequence)
  4. This is incorrect and not written in the MMLX rules or Order Expenditure sequence rules. I don't really understand the confusion here, RAW seems quite clear. The requirements of MMLX require a burst 2 weapon AFTER applying mods in step 7 of the order sequence, so this step is after all short skill and ARO declarations. The requirements of MMLX are checked at the MODs stage in step 7. (Requirements being 1) declaring a BS attack and 2) having B2 AFTER MODs are calculated) 7. Resolution: Players take measurements, determine MODs, and make Rolls. If you are shooting into a nimbus zone that is going to apply a -1 burst mod, meaning you no longer fulfil the requirements of MMLX at step 7. When that happens your skill becomes null and nothing happens, but you still generate an ARO. IMPORTANT! A Skill declaration is not valid if the Requirements for their execution are not met. For example, a CC Attackcannot be performed against a figure that is not in base to base contact with the attacker. If the Player declares a Skill and, when he applies its Effects, he realizes the Requirements are not met, then the Skill is considered null. However, the trooper who declared it still generates ARO, as if he has declared an Idle, and loses the ammunition or equipment used, if he declared the use of a Disposable weapon or piece of Equipment. So sure you can declare an MMLX shot through a nimbus zone on your first or second short skill, but when you come to calculate mods your BS attack becomes null because you would not meet the requirements of a MMLX BS attack that you declared. In other words, don't be silly and declare MMLX through nimbus zone - it will be a null skill and not work because the saturation zone makes MMLX fail to meet it's requirements. Btw if you are declaring MMLX you can't split your burst and declare MMLX at the same time. You either declare you using MMLX BS attack against one target or declare a normal B2 BS attack between two targets. Anything else is just looking for a loophole and exploitation
  5. Even in those examples when it's on the tabletop I think most of us would still use B2 because of how swingy 1v1 FTF rolls can be. If it's against a non TO Camo in cover unit how many of you would take 1 on an 18 over 2 on 12s? Or if it is a TO Camo unit in cover 1 on a 9 vs 2 on 3s? If LX was able to be used in the reactive turn like other marksmanship levels it would be really useful but alas they restrict it to active
  6. I agree, played a Kanren long enough to know the value of holo2. A holo2 HI like the KotHS is highly underrated, he's like the Daofei of PanO in terms of being a special snowflake HI
  7. True, I'm a little biased as I quite enjoy using the Haris anyway since it ticks a few boxes like Chain of command, specialist, MSV2 and sniper in a nice little team.
  8. I think she'll be much more effective in vanilla shell games with the plethora of camo markers available there. In ISS a camo marker in DZ will obviously be Lunah and no one is going to drop their AVA 1 Ninja to camo to try and shell game that. So now vanilla Yu Jing has access to a PanO esque sniper and Haqq sniper, interesting times. YJ is fast becoming the powerhouse faction for versatility with the additional units it is receiving.
  9. Marksmanship LX? Meh...not worth wasting your burst 2 on when revealing out of limited camo that one time. It's a super niche situation skill and only useful when you are doing something crazy like trying to shoot your sniper at something with TO Camo/ODD within 8" in cover etc, or if your target has ridiculously high BS and yours is super low. Otherwise B2 is always better. She's okay I guess. If I'm looking for a sniper in my ISS lists though I think I'd rather put it on Haris Bao sniper. For that SWC cost I prefer the MSR over the viral sniper as it is more toolboxy as a weapon. Even in vanilla I'd probably sooner choose a Guilang or Knauf. My biggest disappointment is her BS 12, I thought that gyroscope on her shoulder would have made her a crack shot BS 13 or 14 with the price to match. The gyroscopes were mentioned by Bostria as enhancing aim like on PanO units.
  10. This is true there's too many 'ifs' to make the DEP trick happen reliably which is it's downfall
  11. The only cool thing you can do with DEP is try to force a normal roll using holo2 but there's alot of variables to make it happen reliably. The trick would be to see if your opponent shoots the wrong holoecho and then get a normal roll DEP shot on them, if they guess right use the combi. But you'd only get one chance to shoot the DEP and you'd better hope that it hits. It's a one a trick pony. The one time it does happen will be amazeballs but I doubt it would be every game. So the all the combi Sepulchre can do is run around bullying lighter infantry with his combi and then try to do a holo2 normal roll DEP trick on anything as tough as he is. I prefer the surprise shotting holo2 raw damage spitfire over that though. Would be funny to blast your friends HI with a normal roll DEP that one time though.
  12. Yeah the new spitfires are too big because of the HI they are on. At the moment when I'm not using her as a hacker I use her as the Spec sergeant with Auxbot as her pose makes her look like she's controlling the Auxbot haha
  13. The OS hacker would be the perfect base for an MSV2 spitfire conversion since her hacking visor looks like the MSV2 visor on the current spitfire model
  14. Scale wise they are pretty much spot on. I've got all of the order sergeants now both old and new and they all scale together great, including with Konstantinos. I just need to paint the spitfire
  15. Decap yes, but firefight doesn't. You get points for more Lt kills in firefight but it doesn't mark them out so that can be a nice defense against alpha strikes/assassinations and order sink if they choose the wrong one. But even in just general missions or games disguising your Lt is a big deal for MO. Then there are the mind games you can play by holoing as higher points models to plug the gap of your TO order sergeants. That and all the other goodies holo2 brings. The spitfire profile is definitely where it's at.