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  1. Hello all. Was wondering if you could give a few pointers on the proper use of a Jag core. I know you should include Deadpool but haven't really found a good composition that doesn't just get shot off the table. Thanks in advance
  2. Dear CB, For book drop I would like: A pheonix regiment. HI with a doctor, an engineer and a chain of command profile, multi rifle and DTW Zuyong spec ops, A credible sniper, A CC beefcake with NBW (up yours Galwegians) and MA 3 or better, Mid tier medium infantry, And a heavy drop troop that has a pulzar. Yours in hope, Preach xx
  3. I'm working on Muyibs, Barids and KTS, but I'm a chef in a tourist village on a certain island in Scotland and am therefore getting humped into oblivion at work every day. I'm aiming to have something useful up in September as I might have time to play then. KTS will be up first. I just want a few more games with the sniper and other non specialist profiles.
  4. Thanks gents, glad to hear I'm not crackers. Take care 🙂
  5. I know it's theory crafting, but I'd like two cents from anyone who uses these guys in this role. Is there a way to make it work well? I was thinking double missile launcher, molotok and one of each FO, use the launchers as direct ARO pieces and move the rest up for objectives on turn 2. I know CHA can field a lot of stuff with the points left over, and that the SWC investment wouldn't be crippling. Thoughts please?
  6. Hafza are great. As a hidden lieutenant (make him look like a Ghulam FO or something else that can't be an Lt, Janissary HMG if you feel ballsy), a hidden specialist in an Odalesque Haris, making a Janissary link cheaper, hidden Spitfire in a Ghulam link. For extra funsies use arms foldy man to be an HRL and make him look like an exposed Ghulam, then SURPRISEMOMMALOVERFIRETEMPLATE. Ghulam are a good buy and one of the most cost effective specialist bunker links in the game, I'll always recommend them. Your KTS are vicious but might want the fifth Spitfire dude in there. Djanbazan links, or even individuals are great counters to camo and smoke. Yuan Yuan are great little pieces (chainrifle only mind) that can show up in very inconvenient places and pack decent CC and smoke, adding synergy with Djanbazan troops. Bashi Bazouks are a giggle too and have nice weapon options as another mayhem piece. Janissarys and Azrail are good line HI and tank hunters respectively. Your Ackbar doctor can buy a basmati to park behind your AP HMG dude to keep him rockin' whilst also being a very able combat specialist. Al Hawwa are good specialists too, with lots of utility. Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps dude. The best thing to do in this game is practice and figure it out for yourself. Have fun dude.
  7. Welcome to the game dude. I would recommend getting both of the sectoral starters. They give you a plethora of options, and you can use almost all of them in every list (one Hafza will have to sit out). Two of our best snipers, two spitfires, a Friday, a great camo specialist, an elite drop troop, a pair of irregulars and two more decoy models with holo projectors. Saladin is great and we'll worth buying. Ghazis too. I'd invest in a second hmg too. The support box is also an excellent choice. Ditto with the Hassassin Barid. In this game, you want options. Having the same list twice in a row isn't a good thing. Having the starter kits gives you multiple options in a 300 list cost effectively. Hope you find this useful. Have fun out there.
  8. I really like the red fury. My first faction is Haqq so Pheasants are quite close to what I know any way. Good all round combat specialist in vanilla, haven't tried ISS yet. Want to try the BSG but don't know if stun grenades are worth it with pHs 10.
  9. I play Haqq and have just started YJ. You won't have any 60ish point beefcakes to do the heavy lifting and you will miss ninjas and kuang Shi. What you gain are excellent, though slightly more expensive line infantry, great specialist options across the board, Hafzas, and lots of multi purpose units. Misdirection and the striving to pick your fights on your terms as opposed to most fights already being on your terms are the big changes. Haqq are a fun, versatile and powerful faction to play, and some of the more elite troops will make your opponents weep. Naffatun and Ghilim are outstanding for what you pay, and many of the pricier units can really punch about their weight. There aren't really any dead profiles in Haqq, everyone has a use and you have a bit of everything as opposed to a speciality. Plus, fantastic irregular troops. You'll have you live without lots of visors, TO and sensor. Our remotes are a bit pants. After you play Haqq for a bit you'll appreciate Pheasants and zanshi a bit more too. I really can't recommend Haqq enough. When I started playing, it was a toss up between them and YJ. Haqq won because of versatility and the Red Veil happened so I ran out of excuses to not have samurai in power armour. Hope this helps dude, God bless.
  10. Had one move over to a badly deployed Joan, into his 0 range and almost kill her. Got flash pulsed by a tech bee though. Hunza finished the job though. Turn 2 he spec fired a few things dead after surviving lots of heavy fire in reactive and plonked down some mines in the capture zone. Got shot in the back by a Crusader in the second reactive turn. He did a good job . Will definitely use one again. Haven't tried the HRL yet.
  11. If it's really dark tech, maybe something similar to a sepsitor? Or however you spell that. Tactical puppets maybe a bit arco-flagellant? Harris holo 2 link? Viral?
  12. I didn't know Hac Tao could infiltrate. I'm buying one of those I think.
  13. And Muyib. Wonderful, delicious Muyibs.