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  1. Had one move over to a badly deployed Joan, into his 0 range and almost kill her. Got flash pulsed by a tech bee though. Hunza finished the job though. Turn 2 he spec fired a few things dead after surviving lots of heavy fire in reactive and plonked down some mines in the capture zone. Got shot in the back by a Crusader in the second reactive turn. He did a good job . Will definitely use one again. Haven't tried the HRL yet.
  2. If it's really dark tech, maybe something similar to a sepsitor? Or however you spell that. Tactical puppets maybe a bit arco-flagellant? Harris holo 2 link? Viral?
  3. I didn't know Hac Tao could infiltrate. I'm buying one of those I think.
  4. And Muyib. Wonderful, delicious Muyibs.
  5. Thanks, i think i ditched the panzerfaust for NBW, viral ccw and specialist. Makes a good replacement for a kawarij.
  6. Muyib with super jump, mimetism, NBW and either a second panzerfaust or grenades is quite tasty. My army 6 is down so i can't check to see if i got that right. Apologies if it isn't. Haqq have good specialists already, I prefer a big hurry man who knows lots of bad words.
  7. Still not loading Haqq for me on mobile.
  8. I fought one a couple of times. Hard to kill in CC with a Friday. Really annoying to shoot and you can't ignore him. In one game he got Tariq with his pistol, in ARO no less, then missiled the Jannisary doctor who tried to save him. Sad face.
  9. I reckon it makes sense for tech bees to use crabbots as palbots. As in transfer their WIP to the crabbot for capping objectives and use it to fix the tag. Give them WIP 13 and crap everything else.
  10. As an individual I like assaulting TO shotgun guys like croc men, picking apart links made of idiots ie. volunteers and I have named my Ap rifle model "Dances with Geckos". The many flavours of Harris all meet with my approval due to their concentrated application of anger and pain. Haven't used the teams much though, I mostly play vanilla.
  11. I like the breaker. Punchy, reasonably mobile and has a few options. Can engage most targets well and the shock lsg is nice for crowd control. Model is pretty sexy too.
  12. Make switch look like a Daylami in vanilla or HB. Cypher looks useful but Linda redundant. Bit and kiss will be nice against nomads.
  13. Is this still going? Can I put something up?
  14. Yeah I know. Normally a better use of a holo dude can be found. In truth most of the stuff I put above will be discovered pretty quickly. I find that using more than one of the above in tandem makes your opponent more likely to just spot the obvious chicanery, and will often miss the more subtle approaches.
  15. If fielding four or more Saladin models, it is considered good etiquette to paint them up as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Holo 2 Yasbir can look like three Halqas. For added FUN take three more and deploy in two separate clumps. Or two more and deeply in a gunline across the centre line. Sure, your opponent knows that Yasbir is there, but not where. Until he inevitably gets eaten by werewolves of course. When bringing on a Bashi, inform your opponent he has weaponry which would fare badly against his closest troops. You will hopefully be bluffing. Use a HRL hafza to look like a sniper. If your enemy tries to close range and pin him, you can simply out burst him with your assault pistol before laying template flavoured smackdown on your as yet non past tense, extra crispy enemy of choice. Use a hafza Lt to ensure you have zero visible potential Lt models. For example, make him a Ghulam doctor to run along side your KTS fire team. For extra credibility to your ruse, buy him a nasmat he can't use should you happen to have three points spare. Make a hafza look like a Daylami DZ guard to make your enemy assume that it is not in fact a hunzacut hiding out over there, but a much more expensive piece.