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  1. He's got a lot of browns and greens on that pallete. MARAUDERS PLEEEEEEAAASSSE
  2. The new minis are the october release this is the November board. Usually, until we get any news from the month in question the board is either off topic shenanigans or discussions and arguments about possible upcoming minis.
  3. "Straight" isn't the first word that comes to mind when I think of Bakunin I
  4. Low viz does not block line of sight it just adds a -3 modifier (as IJW pointed out we're not talking about zero viz zones). So if the other grunts can see the sniper then they get to shoot back and the Marauders' MSV1's ignore the modifier all together
  5. Your list was going to suffer on this table regardless of your deployment zone. I love the Blackjacks but knowing the terrain I would have taken a Marauder Haris with HRL and sniper rifle. MSV 1 see's through low viz zones and camo just fine. Also that enemy dz SCREAMS for Van Zant or Airborne Rangers. Lots of nooks and cranies to hide deployment. Otherwise Grunts with snipers in a link ignore suprise shot because of 6th sense, have an additional +3 to shoot in the link and force your opponent to actively split his fire. And because of the saturation zones his snipers will only be able to target a single grunt leaving the other one a free shot.
  6. I could totally see speculo killers instigating a civil war on Ariadna!
  7. Marauders or we riot, and then subsequently get violently supressed by forces of Rodina
  8. With Merovignia's involvement on Paradiso I wouldnt be surprised if they ignite a secret space race with the Kazaks.
  9. @McClendon I think the only practical purpose of a spaceport is to legitimize Ariadna in the eyes of the human sphere. It also serves as the LZ for any official and or legal business between Ariadna and the sphere (ie a diplomatic delegation isn't going to want to land in Antipode country). Since MATR is the official seat of Ariadnan power it's the only place the expense makes sense. The other Ariadnan regions could make due with hard packed earth in a remote locale.
  10. The Southern states might be more isolationist but the Northern ones probably not. The cities of Fairview (being a tech hub with a huge airport) and Riverside (being the center of political intrigue and government contracts) in particular would likely see the benefits of clandestine contact with the sphere
  11. I'm actually wondering how easy it'd be to put the shotgun arms on the other body type to get the same effect as the molotok one
  12. Hey so that Arizona Armageddon video in the october speculation showed more pics of the individual Marauders, including the Shotgun guy.
  13. According to Mayacast they will not be an October release...
  14. That picture was from the RPG so I have no idea, though I'm sure all armies on Dawn contribute forces to the Federal Ariadnan army (representing Vanilla Ariadna). The fluff also states that the US cooperates with The Kazaks when confronted with the rest of the sphere so there's that. In the USARF fluff though most of the US forces are tasked with protecting the East, including the AEZ which is pretty far from the Kazak border, at which point all convoys on that side are USAr property.