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  1. Hey guys! We've got a new style to our painting campaign! Come check it out!
  2. Sorry I'm late. Here's the article he's referring to.
  3. In case y'all haven't seen it yet, we released the sister article to the last. Bostria's Challenge Red Veil Yu Jing
  4. Unless she's got some crazy level of Holoprojector, Shinobu is up towards the mid right.
  5. I've been trying to figure it out and I can't think who the silver haired woman at the bottom of the slide is...
  6. Hey guys! Sorry we've been lax on updating this thread! Here's our most recent article: Bostria's Challenge: Red Veil Haqqislam Stay tuned later for our take on the Yu Jing side as well as some exciting stuff for the 20x20 system!
  7. YES! This is better than I expected it would be! (have the say my favorite detail might be the Netrod, but why isn't anyone playing with Kusanagi?)
  8. Thanks! It was surprisingly easy.
  9. Now that the contest and results are over, here was my entry to the Mayacast Masterglass 2016 Quarter 2: Takeshi 'Neko' Oyama ver. NERV (better resolution and quality here: Oyama_06_Sol by Bryant V, on Flickr Oyama_23_Sol by Bryant V, on Flickr Oyama_15_Sol by Bryant V, on Flickr
  10. Whereabouts in Dallas? I know of a few places they play. Texas Toy Soldier Madness Games Full Spectrum Here's their facebook page: Let 'em know I sent you and have fun! They're a good group of fellas and should treat you well.
  11. As Daylen says, I've got an article up on Data-Sphere with general tips and tricks for them. You'll have the most trouble with deployment. That's just the nature of them. You'll also likely have trouble with knowing when to throw all in and rush out into the middle of the open and blast away at what matters, going down in a blaze of glory. Vroom vroom.
  12. You're missing the most important bikes. Just saying.
  13. (emphasis mine) Sorry, 9, but that isn't always the case. As a general guideline, it works. There are a lot of cases though where it doesn't follow. For example, if your Aragoto Spitfire can draw a beat on a far away target or one on a different level that Yojimbo can't access and that is overwatching a less... aware target. Or another example: Your opponent is carrying one of the boxes in Supplies or is synch'd to a civilian in Rescue. Yojimbo is not in sufficiently close range to reach the target on the impetuous order. An Aragoto hacker though, can approach within ZoC without generating a LoF ARO. You can now use the Hacker to Spotlight the target. This can be multipurpose. Say the classified (or even the hacking related classified)? Perhaps Yojimbo is the only model that can reach the target, as well, and you NEED to get that B1 Contender to work. I think you get the idea. Careful with absolutes. Unless that absolute is that you should always run 6 bikes. That's just gospel, really.
  14. I feel no remorse. It's a fairly old story by now and I think it's pretty much given away by episode 3 in all iterations.
  15. I used the Angel Giraldez method for painting NMM. A gloss (floor polish) varnish was used, but then matte over top. So the final version has no gloss on it (except this one spot that just won't matte down and I don't know why).