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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135237601 One of the best I've seen. Alternately, check out Sorastro
  2. You make a very good point. The central ideas in Heinlein's book would be very difficult to translate into film: what makes a citizen? And a lot of that was worked out inside Juan Rico's head... I guess it could be done with extensive voice overs, but would that really make a good movie to watch?
  3. Starship Troopers is the one that immediately springs to my mind. I would love to see that book made as a movie, instead of what was done: splashing the name of an unrelated sci fi classic on an inferior script to sell the movie.
  4. As with all movies, it's a sad fact that everything is better developed in the book. Even the murkier aspects of the CW movies made more sense in print. Maybe the bits that link it all together ended up on the ditigal age's equivalent of the cutting room floor. We'll have to wait for the inevitable extended release and see. Catalyst made Jyn make a lot more sense, too. I highly recommend reading that. And I for one am glad they didn't give us an excess of flash-backs to try and explain it all.
  5. A lot going on in this thread. First, I really enjoy most of your posts, @n-sphere. But I think you may be expecting more than we are ever going to see from SW. Star Wars always has been Low Art, not High Art. Proof? George Lucas has repeatedly said he want to do an homage to the serials he saw in the theater in his youth. The "fan service" has always been part of the franchise, an admittedly Low Art feature. There is nothing even remotely War & Peace about SW. Further, George's attempts at High Art have all stunk like Taun Taun guts, even when served up on mountain of Hoth ice. Expecting High Art from the franchise will only lead to disappointment. As @lothlanathorian mentions the ret-conning goes back a long way. To at least 1978 / 79. When Mr. Lucas had Splinter of the Minds Eye written -- and then promptly discarded it. George was extremely adept at extracting our money from our wallets. If it served his commercial interests, he ret-conned. The current LucasFilm Story Group appears to honestly love the setting. They are clearly trying to clean up the mess Mr. Lucas made over the years. On a related point, as much as anyone may hate hate Disney, it's their cash infusion giving us all this cool new SW stuff. Compare the latest 2 movies with the Clone Wars messes, please. Frankly, sorry I sold my Disney stocks (years ago). Wish I still owned those. ( @chromedog does a very good job pointing out this a LFL process, and cannot be pinned on Disney.) I am not a big Disney fan. I have visited the Star Wars attraction at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. It is well and tastefully done. As far as the quality of Roque 1 goes, it was fun to watch and will be fun to re-watch. The only thing I hated was the (relatively) crappy soundtrack. Mr Giacchino is clearly talented. BUT in comparison to John Williams? No. He isn't even in the same league.
  6. Agreed. Am trying to get everyone I know to watch. Sadly, this very good novel series and show is getting a very lukewarm a response in my city.
  7. Mind telling us what the pack is made from pls?
  8. Spot on. Their target market / strategy has long been new sales to pre-driving age males. Screw customer retention. This decision leads to their focus on hyping new product, i/e high flash, low sizzle.
  9. ... and I totally forgot Lucasfilm's ret-conning of the entire EU. And then slowly, selectively un-retconning small parts of it after the die-hard fans went nerdily berserk.
  10. The problem with GW is that they view 40K as a "mature product." In marketing terms, they believe the game is past its prime in terms of gaining new appeal. That assumption dictates they milk the fan boys for all they are worth. What they should be doing -- instead -- is looking for ways to bring in new fans, and keep them. GW has an amazing track record at gaining new fans, then chafing us when they pull some bone-headed move that retcons a part of their universe. Squats demise, Tau as warp immune, the Reborn Emperor (wait! no he wasn't...), etc. This lack of internal consistency breaks frame. It points out that this is all just make believe. It further points out that the back story is meaningless to GW, except as a lever to open our wallets. That jars us out of our escapism. These are the sort of mistakes the Infinity team (so far) has avoided. Which is why this is both relevant and interesting to me. For a company to suceed, it needs to provide a product the consumer values. When the company's primary product is fiction, internal consistency is a must. Look at the companies that do this well: Disney and Lucasfilms. Disney has generated decades of Princess films. Different settings, eras, etc. But they repeatedly reinterpret old fables, set to music, and get teen and pre-teen gals to watch. Arguably, their biggest mistake was the Black Hole. Fun film, but way outside the Mouse wheel house. Lucasfilm: Star Wars, love it or hate it, a huge monetary success. BUT, yu zon vong, mitichlorians, etc. Generally, SW is space fantasy/opera: it's fun when taken at face value, but it ain't hard sci-fi. Whenever they've tried to 'splain the Force in technical terms, it comes off as Farce. These companies need to play to their strengths. They do well ss long as they do. When they don't understand their appeal and then try to redefine their product, it doesn't fly.
  11. IIRC, they did new Custodes and Sisters of Silence art - about the time HH novels started coming out. I agree: this looks very dated and very similar to already existing models.
  12. Are there links to the new Sisters please?
  13. I'm with @drunkcorsair on the bit about preference. Though I do notice a difference in the spray output. I also don't like working on Iwata airbrushes -- I find H&S much easier to disassemble, clean and maintain.
  14. Bad service -- as in the above and Cho's "Orange Cow" -- are so much the rule that the following requires mentioning. Recently received my brand spanking new H&S Infinity airbrush, 2 in 1. Straight out of the pack, the 15 needle had a bent tip. Nope, not dropped. Didn't stab my finger, the table, or the cat. After cussing -- a lot -- I contacted the vendor. Even though the damaged needle arrived in a factory sealed pack, He Personally Apologized -- not once, but TWICE. And replaced it, before asking me to return the damaged needle. All expedited freight at his expense... God's honest truth, yup, it really happened. Thought I was going to have a stroke, I was so surprised. SIr Cho, I believe I would slap someone with that incinerated beef-steak. Is bashing someone in the face with a charcoal briquette considered "Assault with a deadly X," over there?
  15. I am suprised at her unfairness. Tearing off your arms, and beating you to death with those would be much more appropriate.