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  1. I was 4-5 years ago. And it was sweet 4-5 years ago. I haven't played them competitively ever so I can't really sell you on them, but that might help your conclusion. Wallace as an LT is the only thing unique they bring the to table, but that can be as much as a liability as a benefit. Linked team of wulvers with wallace is nasty in terms of firepower, but lacking for being able to do objectives. I'd only consider them in an objective light tournament, and even then would probably still just play vanilla. So I'd be forcing myself to play them really, and therefore it'd be because of aesthetics and theme like you said.
  2. I'm not really saying what is the best way to go about it, and I still don't even really know. My point was more that it is at least possible to play those missions without maxing out two groups because winning 1-0 is now an option whereas that would be worse than a loss in many cases previously, and therefore you would literally not have a chance at winning the tournament without the appropriate list.
  3. 5 pts, baggage, steal netrods
  4. I wasn't talking about your post; you even said the rules lack a statement about a default. I think the safe bet is just not allowing either option for either player. But I still wonder if there is an official stance.
  5. It's also cheating to not announce that you are choosing to use it as the Classified. Where is this "stay as classified" that people keep saying? It's not in the rules. It doesn't stay as anything. You draw a card. That card can either be INTELCOM or a Classified Objective. You MUST announce which it is at the beginning of the game. What I'm asking about is what happens when BOTH players "cheat" by not announcing?
  6. I don't think you can choose to fail the roll, but I can't imagine your opponent would be upset with you if you did. In my opinion it would be no where near worth it. For one, there are other WIP 14 Lts in Vet Kazaks and Voronin. I can't imagine the non-Lt version of Voronin is worth it just to hide your Lt but the option is there if you want to try it. Additionally, based on your list, knowing that the Tankhunter is the Lt is not even that useful. You have a Spetsnaz which is two other camo markers in the DZ which could be it, you could throw the hardcase ambush marker in the DZ as well, or put a foxtrot back there. So they know one of the several camo markers is your Lt, but they have to still get to it and discover it and hope its the right one. After all that with 4 command tokens you can heavily mitigate the damage losing your Lt does. Take your initiative (or deployment if the table is skewed enough), and don't worry about the tankhunter too much. Just don't put him next to any non-camo marker that they can just flame or chain rifle and hit him too.
  7. This seems to be everyone's initial response and I think it stems from the fact that Intelcom didn't used to exist and classifieds did. In my opinion, in the new ITS where winning is more important than total OPs, Intelcom is the clearly superior choice a vast majority of the time. I took a classified that I couldn't even do intending to use it as the Intelcom, but deployment took awhile and both me and my opponent forgot to announce. I was told that classified is the default if you don't say anything, which I don't think is supported by the rules. Since the step is mandatory and required by both players I feel like the best solution would punish both players equally rather than randomly benefit one of them based on what they had intended to choose, which a default would do. Maybe the solution is as simple as "remember stupid," or the TO announcing it, but it's happened to me multiple times now so I felt like I couldn't be the only one. Maybe other people who forgot have still not remembered and therefore haven't realized that it might be an issue. Don't get to do what? Either? As far as the WIP roll is concerned that doesn't happen. How could that happen? Your opponent will immediately ask you if you failed or not.
  8. Before the beginning of the game, but after choosing the Classified Objective, each player must decide if that card will be his Classified Objective or his INTELCOM Card, announcing his decision to his adversary. Each player rolls a die and the one who gets the highest score must make their decision first and inform their adversary. The content of the card, whether the mission or the card numeric value, is considered Private Information, no matter which use the player has chosen for it. Each player must decide whether the card will be his Classified Objective or his INTELCOM Card. This is not optional, and there is no default, i.e. it does not say you must decide if it will be your INTELCOM card and if not it is a Classified Objective. So what happens if both players forget to do this mandatory step? Do they get neither the Classified Objective or the INTELCOM card? Is there a default? Can they just choose what they intended to choose whenever they discover that they've forgotten?
  9. They added a couple that are good for 1 combat group. I'm a fan of decapitate or whatever the kill the LT one is. The biggest thing is that you just have to win the game which means that denying your opponent points is now an option. In my opinion that opens up play a whole lot and even some of the missions where you would always take two groups before you know have a little leeway in.
  10. AD says don't deploy the model, so it is different from Hidden Deployment in that aspect with regard to choosing it as a reserve because you never deploy the model (unless you aren't using AD obviously). I don't remember a game where I hadn't already made the choice where the parachutist was going to land based on objective reasons for it to make a difference, but the only restriction on choosing the side is during deployment so as long as you choose during deployment you meet it, i.e. the last moment of the deployment phase is also during deployment. I'd say it ends when both players are ready to move to the next phase, but saying "give me a minute" at the very end might give you away. As for the Airborne Ranger I'm sad that there's no reason to take him in vanilla, like many others have said.
  11. BLOODGOD basically explained it. They call it Elo, but it is not actually that system (nowhere near as dynamic). A little more in depth here:
  12. No it is not true. Shock does not kill models with Symbiont Armor.