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  1. It is such a shame especially when they have made themselves out to be against such behavior yet here they are engaging in it. I was hoping there to be more from them but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. I have already confirmed that O-12 is a disgruntled Ariadnan Commander who is passive aggressively griefing people because he didn't get his way and everyone didn't go with the plan he wanted. Pay him no mind.
  3. Greetings Fellow Commanders of the Human Sphere, We come to you as a Haqqislam High Command committed to the progress of humanity and I have been silent here but no longer. The threat is far to great. On this day, a shadow looms over humanity threatening to take our freedom as a species or face annihilation, there are no other options. This shadow finally has come full force, not as small Boarding teams harassing our forces but as an entire warship with the goal of destroying the Wotan Jumpgate and penetrating further into humans systems. I speak of the alien menace that is the Evolved Intelligence and it's Combined Army, a threat that now stands to break out of the containment we have been fighting to keep these past years. This is why we stand here calling for humanity to unite! Put down our petty squabbles and the temptation to take advantage of those who appear weak because they have answered the call to take the fighting to the Combined Army. Defend your sovereign territories and protect your people but if you need to take an aggressive stance, do not point your guns at your fellow humans or even our allies, the Tohaa. That will only betray weakness to the EI and if the Combined Army wins, we all lose. Your momentary moment of glory will be stolen as the EI takes advantage of us warring with ourselves. This is not the time nor the place to do such a thing. Humanity must unite and face this threat together despite all of our differences and disagreements. Failing to do so either means enslavement or destruction. For our species to survive, this must be done. Gather your navies, your troops and your courage, meet us on the decks of Raxora as a friend and help us send those aliens back to where they came from! We are the Sword of Allah! We will not fail! We will defend humanity! Join us brothers and sisters! Show the EI the strength of the human spirit! High Commander Envihon Sekban Commander
  4. Envihon stood in the lab analyzing samples that had been put on rush, it would seem that the corporate higher ups had no respect for how long it could take to analyze certain samples. He leaned back and sighed, thinking of how long it had been since he had left active duty. Envihon may have yearned for civilian life but now that he was living it...something was missing, he realized that he only felt good when he was serving but the decision was made and now he was stuck on Bourak in one of the corporate environmental testing laboratories as others took his place in the fight for the Human Sphere. He shook his head and got back to work. It would be a couple of hours before a colleague of his came in to interrupt him. "Envihon!" "Yeah?" he answered as he was looking over his latest data runs. "There is a call for you...said it was urgent." Envihon sighed in frustration, annoyed that he was disrupted. He had just got into the grove of working when his co-worker happened upon him. "Who is it? I am busy right now" "Haqqislam High Command" Envihon's head shot up from his work "Shit...yeah, I'll be right there" he remarked as he gathered his things and made his way out of the lab towards the office to take the call. When he got over to the monitor he instantly recognized Major Baris who he served with on Flamia Island. "Good to see you, Envihon. How's civilian life?" "Nice to see you as well, sir and...it could be better, not quite what I thought it would be..." Envihon stammered out. "Well, you have no need worry about that anymore. You are being activated." the Major replied. Envihon grew puzzled "What? Why? How?" "You stayed with a Reserve unit of Sekban, correct?" "Yeah, I couldn't leave, not completely..." "Well, that unit is being activated and I wanted to personally tell you because you will be joining me on the cruiser that will be heading out to a new conflict that has broken out. They are calling it Strikezone: Wotan...don't ask me why, I don't come up with these silly names, High Command does. You game, soldier?" "YES SIR!" Envihon shouted. *************************************************************************************** Envihon stood on the bridge of the Qapu Khalqi ship headed for Strikezone: Wotan in his old Sekban equipment, it had been a while since he donned it and he felt good. Envihon alway felt the best when he was serving and performing his duty for the people of Haqqislam. It was the one thing he was missing in his now civilian life. He hated leaving his family but it right to be within the Sword of Allah once more. We leave our families to protect yours...the old Sekban motto. "Enivhon!" The shout broke Envihon from his reflective trance. "Yes, sir?" "There is a private message for you concerning your duties in Wotan is in your quarters, it will give you your orders for what the Sekban will be responsible for in Wotan. I highly suggest you got read it before we get to the circular." "Yes, sir!" Envihon saluted before walking off the bridge towards his personal quarters. As soon as the door was shut after he had entered, Envihon's monitor kicked on. "Hassassin..." the oily voice of a shadowed figure now pictured on the monitor came. Envihon reached up to a button on his chest armor pressing it which caused the holoprojector field displaying the visage of a Sekban to dissipate. When it dropped it revealed the skull mask and hood that was a signature of one particular unit within the forces of the Hassassin Bahram...the Ayyar. "You are on your way to Wotan I assume?" "Affirmative, I have taken my place in command of the Sekban unit headed to reinforce Haqqislam's stance. From there, I will stand by for any targets that present themselves as enemies to the pursuit of knowledge, something Wotan will give freely." "We may already have some intel on a target you may be interested in..." Envihon's eyes narrowed "Who?" "He is headed for the same conflict and he has not stopped despite your warnings the last time..." Envihon's gloved fist clenched on hearing the news that he would be seeing an old friend quite soon "Gather the Shadows, I will be needing their off-the-books expertise...are there Hassassin forces planted in the regiments here?" "Of course, we wouldn't leave you that alone." "Good, tell the Old Man to consider it done. Over and out."
  5. I can only imagine what he is going to cost with all this...grenade launcher that has smoke, veteran lvl 1 and mines + minelayer...
  6. Well what I had in mind now was taking out the Tuareg sniper, and putting in the Djanbazan sniper but then taking out the Ghulam sniper to put in a Hunzakut sniper or FO, haven't decided which. I have also been contemplating taking out the Ghulam missile launcher in favor of a Hafza Rocket Launcher.
  7. It is utterly awesome right? Oh look I have to go to the bathroom *porta potty explodes* Crap crap crap!
  8. I would have to agree here that my biggest problem with this list is the lack of long range, or at least high burst weaponry like an HMG or Spitefire. Sniper rifles are nice but if used against a link team, it's burst 2 vs burst 2. Rifles have burst 3 but that low damage won't remove heavy armor/high BTS. You have plenty of orders, but you might want to sacrifice a few to get some heavy hitting hunters in there.
  9. The now old Haqqislam starter you just bought is still a good starter because it has a couple of units that you can't get any where else like the Hunzakut sniper. Plus the extra Ghulams as well as Janissary outside the box set. The Naffatun is a personal preference thing. This new vanilla starter is all Caliphate units or what is being dubbed the Rama Task Force (I am guessing we will start to use RTF as an abbreviation?) so if you want stuff from other Sectorials, you have to buy other packs of stuff so it carries a bias.
  10. Wait, this is suppose to be a vanilla starter right? Or is he hinting this being integrated into the actual Sectorial?
  11. I just can't wait until linkable Khawarij because a Fireteam only generate one ARO...go go leaping team of death!
  12. S5 Heavy Armour definitely seems to be a thing they are steering Haqqislam to with the Ariadna following up with the Blackjacks. So just like Nomads get lower tech TAGs with tricks, Haqqislam is now doing that with HI.
  13. That's why I brought the Azra'il with. He is the HMG that roots everyone out but he does lack the visor that the Djanbazan has but he is tougher with an AP HMG to take down high armor units. I want the Azra'il to be this big scary thing that distracts them from all the camo tokens. I also worry that having too many visors will get me shut down in case of albedo and white noise. I like the Hunzakut a lot especially the FO with Deployable repeaters but she is usually the first cut because she brings that irregular order with. Using Saladin might not make that matter of course because his LT order becomes regular but that first list, don't know what I would cut to get the Hunzakut in. Going with the Djanbazan frees up more points but not enough to take anything like a Hunzakut. And taking the Djanbazan reduces that go to 3 camo guys in the first list and 4 in the second. I could ditch the Rafiq or the Engineer but they usually are an auto-include for me just in case I get the classified that favors them.
  14. I tend to not use Tuaregs in an offensive position but more as objective grabbers and support. I have played many games when my opponent thought they were going to press the button only to get a shotgun to the face and my Taureg pressing the button with their WIP 15. They are also useful if someone goes down midfield, the Taureg Doctor coming out of camo and reviving them on an 18 is awesome. That Djanbazan suggestion I like. It would definitely cramp his game but my own problem is that I don't know where his sniper will turn up due to hidden deployment. But if I take two Djanbazans...could cover multiple lanes...hmmm.... I like the Farzan in there right now because I am focusing on an objective list right now so moving to minelayer would put me down a specialist but for a direct action list that isn't bad at all. Which token is the Farzan, which is a mine? I like it!
  15. That would be amazing. The Odalisques set themselves up well to have a named character as well.