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  1. Do you find that paint doesn't stick to the hot glue? Or are you using some sort of super secret tech hot glie?
  2. I fit the requested OP. I have very little time and am very expensive. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  3. Armitage III was one of my favorites of that time period. Bubble Gum Chrisis also has some neat duture tech in it.
  4. Hey Red, I LIKE a clean workspace. I just never seem to keep it clean. Or I get distracted by a cool project halfway through cleaning... SQUIRL! As for the design, since this is supposed to be Paradiso in the elevated jungles it seemed to me that the bridges would probably be dropshipped in flat. As such there would have to be a quick way to assemble them and the like. Thus the flat screwdriver motif. Well that and that type of design is FUTURE! (I don't really get it to be honest. It's a horrible way to apply a screwing force on an object... But there are a ton of mecha and the like that use the motif. Go figure)
  5. Possibly. There is an issue with the design though. I made all the tabs and slots for 1/16" thickness material and the lexan is 1.5mm. As such the bridges don't fit together perfectly. It was my first design for laser cutting though so I am willing to cut myself a small amount of slack. I intend to make a longer bridge design and when I do that I'll modify this one. I'll probably post the actual files then.
  6. Red is the man to do it if anyone is. The challenge with that image is the progressively smaller hexes and how they mesh up seamlessly. That is a challenging undertaking to be sure.
  7. Thanks! I'm not using a mold. The process is as follows: I mix up some plaster of paris with about 75% PVA glue and 25% water. I go for a rather thick paste consistency. I then apply the mix to the pink foam substrate and let it set for a bit. Once it begins to harden I start cutting in the major strata with a dowel I sharpened to a pint on one end and a chisel point on the other. (I previously used a flat head screwdriver and a scribe. The dowel works better.) As the plaster continues to set up I cut in finer and finer detail. The whole process takes about 15 minutes from mix to the point where the plaster is too hard to work. I have vague plans to record the process to show you all. It may or may not happen. The swamp table with the chicken hut I made on commission for Wyrd games for the launch of their second book for Malifaux. I had talked to the writers during the production of the first book about the Baba Yaga based character Zoraida and how she would travel around the swamps in her mechanical chicken hut. Since that bit made it into the book I decided to make the hut. Amusingly enough, the hut took about three times as long as the rest of the board to produce.
  8. Super brief update because it's late. Just some paint on one of the 25 bridges: Some progress is better than none I suppose. Please ignore the massive clutter on the desks. I work in a chaotic environment! ^^
  9. I agree Build your own.
  10. The custom laser cut stuff came in today. Here is the result of a quick cobble together and two more buttes that you haven't seen yet. So a total of 16 parts per bridge. The bridges look pretty good I think.
  11. I don't recall you mentioning trying to make canyons. However, this thread is better than a year old. It might be in there somewhere I think you have the canyon feel well in hand. Now you need to make some sandstone buttes to finish it all off. They are stupid simple to make. Cover extruded polystyrene in wall joint compound and then scrub it with a large wire brush. It will rapidly create the weathered sandstone strata. All that you need to do to complete it is to seal it with a hot water and wood glue wash. Then paint.
  12. I'm vaguely thinking something along the lines of the Moghariba Guard (spelling probably totally bunged up) At least I don't intend to have a glass cockpit. We shall see.
  13. Woo. Update on the VTOL It's starting to actually look like something. Too bad that actually smoothing out all the compound curves are such a pain. (Yes Red, I was hoping to use it on this. Ahh well) Anyway, Pics: More slow progress with the landing pad too. Not enough to show though.
  14. And what's wrong with that? I'm reasonable certain that Red can handle it. And if not? More off topic posts NOW!!!
  15. Meh. Sleep is something that is hated but necessary. I never would if my body didn't make it absolutly necessary.