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  1. I kinda doubt it. Otherwise, the biker gang looking Desperado most likely would've had ape bars instead of normal handlebars.
  2. The reason I call this "mediocre" is because I'm having a really hard time paint NMM well, so I went with traditional metallic paints. I also can never paint eyes correctly to save my life; most of the time they end up looking derpy and wall-eyed.
  3. Click for gallery link I'm waiting on some additional bases from Warsenal and a few more models to pick up (hurry up and release the Desperados already!) and I should be set.
  4. Well, maybe not today. We're currently getting the last bit of our 6 inches of annual rainfall, so it's a bit damp at the moment. Normally it's much drier here. Anyway, just taught I'd pop in and say hi. I'm the tabletop wargaming writer for TechRaptor, an up and coming tech and gaming site. I'm still very new to Infinity, only recently having picked up Operation: Icestorm and the USAriadna starter box (which I'm currently one model shy of having fully painted). I'm using the O:I models to help teach my step-daughter and I the ins and outs of the game, and things seem to be working out fairly well so far. Expect to see some painted pics (after Christmas most likely) along with quite a few newbie questions in the near future.