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  1. That`s photobucket, it doesn`t show pictures on other sites for free anymore.
  2. Guys, do you ever use Multi-rifle Grrl? Single, part of a link, in vanilla, anywhere. I`m planning to convert multi-rifle one from old box to ML or universal stun grenade + knife and I don`t want to waste useful loadout.
  3. I have my Marlene mini but I`ve not yet painted her. I`m using Malifaux Oiran with scratchbuilt aerocam in my games.
  4. I fully support different gender armor patterns, boob plates and combat heels because of fanservice aesthetics. Could only hope that other people will not take it too serious and in offensive way.
  5. Let`s change it to TO+AD:2 Let`s change it to TO+AD:2
  6. Linked Cutter now!
  7. ... as well as price of these going up. Apparently Bolts are undercosted.
  8. This is starting to get stupid. I don't know what designers and testers are doing but giving so much power to PanOc HIs is completely wrong. Just hoping this rule doesn't make the final cut in the same way Swiss Guard deserve a well needed nerf.
  9. It`s all a matter of perspective. Moira link is awful weak against any DTW, so Grrls are just more forgiving because of 2W and HD1. And guys, if you want start holywar because of grass being greener on the other side of fence, it`s perfectly ok. Just be aware that this will be more then one-direction thing. Let`s discuss too cheap warbands because of impetious discount. It synergies too well with their CQ weaponry. Let`s discuss too cheap impersonation skill, let`s discuss 2W troops that are twice cheaper then lesser effective 1W troops. Let`s either discuss a log in each faction eye or not discuss only one particular, ok?
  10. I appreciate complexity and variety of Infinity rules. And I think CB is doing a good job of making rules more refined and easy to use. I know what I`m talking, I`ve played PanO in 1st edition. There are nothing wrong to have a lot (really a lot) of exotic equipment and ammo when there are only a few units that use it. This allows players to make tactics from unexpected edge and prevents situation of everlasting meta reign. Only think I`m not impressed is CC tables. Since I`m using CC almost none, I don`t remember it at all. Buuuut, i f I`ll use it, I guess I`ll print it and keep near, as I`m doing with hacking programs now. Maybe it`ll be good enhancement for Army to include CC tables as well as Metachemistry and Booty. I strongly disagree on putting FtF roll mods on amo, because you`re usually looking at ammo AFTER F2F is made. And it could lead to unpleasant backtracking.
  11. Nice concept, but it looks too Onix. I hope CB won`t make Nomads collaborators to CA. I`ve sculpted taskmaster tail before this concept)))))
  12. I`m doing these antennas in two steps: 1) Sandpaper surface that will be covered by glue. I mostly use needle file for small joints. 2) Use some gel superglue, I`ve finished with regular superglue years ago. It`s usually enough.
  13. This make sense. You know, that`s first time I`ve ever encountered keyword "employ" in meaning of "use". Maybe that`s because I`m not English native speaker, because I`ve always read Order requirements as "Trooper is able to use" or "Trooper possess". Such a fancy word. It would be great if anywhere else will be mentioned that there are some declaration that locks suppressive fire to one weapon or that declaration is limited to one weapon. After all that`s first precedent.
  14. Yeah, that`s RAI. As RAW it looks like "I have some weapon with Suppression Fire trait and declare Suppression Fire". There is implication that trooper should change the weapon (the weapon means only one) to SF mode but it`s not stated explicitly that this bullet should be applied only once. I don`t recall any other profile with two weapons eligible to be used in Suppression Fire.
  15. Raised Suppression Fire question at