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  1. That`s TOUGH COOKIE CLUB miniature from SodaPop Takoashi University. There are plenty of great schoolgirl miniatures in that range)
  2. Two more conversions from me - "universal" female Bandit with CCW and old school Alguacil with missile launcher.
  3. Small update from this month painting pledge: Tsyklon with magnetized spitfire/feuerbach and Warcor with aerocam.
  4. Such a lovely pineapples))) I`ve finished both Tsyklon and Warcor More shots under spoiler Enough with bots for now, next I pledge a bunch of minis (left to right): universal female Bandit, Alguacil with missile launcher, mecha pilot/HVT and two Jaguars.
  5. I like your style))
  6. Zoe`s Upgrade: Stop! is missing from list of hacking programs in case of list where she co-exists with HD+ Interventor. KwBgjAPgzCIRYBsBSALCA7MsqAcxkBCAJmLTCm1QE5dkABRoA===
  7. I`m planning to use Clockmaker`s head in Batou conversion and put Spekter helmet instead to complete Daft Punk look))) Also I`ve used some other models as zondbots because I`m not a fan of original ones. Photos will be soon.
  8. Hm. Then I don`t know. My pinned modes fall apart only after falling from table, often braking in new not pinned points.
  9. Have you ever tried pin it? It helps a lot with unreliable joints.
  10. Right. some tau visor + sm backpack vents
  11. Tachikoma is from Jigabash kit indeed))) Geisha is from Malifaux Oiran models, most sci-fi one. Aerocam and weapons are scratch built.
  12. This month I`ll start painting as soon as I`ll finish my Ten Thunders gang, but let`s pledge at least something))) So let`s start with geisha WarCor with aerocam and Tachikoma Tsyklon with feuerbach/spitfire.
  13. Thank for your answer, it`s really vital question, especially in Nomads vs Nomads games))
  14. So..... I think we`ve driven a bit away from the question. Should Marker within ZoC prevent CrazyKoala deployment because this Marker could contain a Trooper? I need some solid answer to pass it to my community.
  15. Hmmmmm, I`m not sure about that precedent, is it appliable or not, it`s quite clear and totally different wording. During their Active Turn, troopers with CH:Camouflage may revert to the Camouflaged state by expending one Entire Order while outside enemy LoF. The Line of Fire (LoF) is an imaginary straight line that joins any point of the volume of a model or Marker to any point of the volume of another. In that case rules refer to LoF and Lof refers to Model or Marker. In our case rule refers to Trooper, neither not Marker or Model. Any thoughts? Maybe there was some discussion about it I`ve missed. Added lately: If that precedent is about "CAMOUFLAGE EXAMPLE: REGAINING CAMOUFLAGE VS HIDDEN DEPLOYMENT", it`s no use too because you can`t do ARO on enemy deployment, so you can`t cancel Camouflage as a reaction on enemy model placement.