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  1. I fear that 15mm miniatures line could affect main line and cause all sorts of delays and so on. A! is manifectured separately, except of deluxe metal minis, 15mm would be completely different animal.
  2. Turn time will expand exponentially but give it a try)
  3. That`s because I don`t swear in public, my English teacher keeps saying that`s common customs. Thanks for proving statement BTW. This statement was on topic, not for you. It`s really interesting thing on logistics. Were Blackjacks so popular so it went out of stock? Or expectations were so low so it lead to underorder from supplier? I`ll keep some of your eternal wisdom for future use, it`s the great honor to be on receiving end of so deep and insightful preaches.
  4. Said Warstore errant. You know, I have pretty solid evidence that they pay you for badmouthing others, in form of vinyl record. +===========================================================================================================+ Sometimes first world problems are so amusing))) My "local" store doesn`t yet have even button to preorder new Szalamandra and have some Blackjacks in stock.
  5. Sorry to intrude into your discussion but you haven`t provided any evidence at all, only some mumbling in form of your forum post. So because we haven`t seen signed agreement it`s not proven that Warstore has such with CB, GW, Microsoft or Hasbro. Or in less polite words:
  6. What I`ve got from this discussion. Warstore are errorproof paladins in shining armor and can`t fail anything by themselves. It`s always great to learn some new solid facts.
  7. Stop giving mercs only to ISS!
  8. New question/problem: I can`t edit name of topic I`ve started. I want to keep topic progress in name and when it will be done change name to permanent one.
  9. Also: is there any way to change displayed color palette?
  10. That`s number one for me, Rules of Engagement is the biggest and only source of right answers. If we lost it, we`ll fall into a pit of stupid and uncertain questions.
  11. Nice yellow tone.
  12. I put Tachikoma on hold because I`m out of black shade for a moment. Spektrs and Beba done)) Now my Szalamandra has a pilot))
  13. So, Druze follow Kamau trail of loadout re-design. Pretty sweet, especially HMG and Marksman rifle ones. Interesting, what profiles will keep their trademark X-Visors? Overall, great month: Druze and Szalamandra.
  14. I ordered some 25mm bases lasercut from 3mm HDF board, printed markers, then applied scotch tape on top of print, cut and glued markers to both sides of HDF bases.