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  1. I have to check my Outrage copy back at home, maybe there were some shots of Arslan at manga pages?
  2. I think that absence of HI in Druze sectorial is actually a good things because it makes sectorial different and not omnitool like ISS (and Corregidor at some extension). Also I still wishlist beefy REM for Tunguska, leave it there)))))
  3. @PsychoticStorm just want to say, you`re good moderator. I`ve seen a lot of forum wars on other wargames forums and I`m still amazed how your "please be civil" makes wonders here.
  4. Thanks for the tips, my local store claims that it got Szally stocked, at last. Are slave arms good enough to pin them?
  5. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood your statement. I 100% agree with this.
  6. Because it would be identification, is this camo marker trooper or not. And according to your post in IJW Wartrader: "However it's almost guaranteed that you will need to avoid enemy Camo/TO Camo markers during Deployment, whether they represent Troopers or Deployable Weapons, because that's private information." So at CrazyKoala deployment I can`t ask is a trooper under marker, but asking what Combat Group of a camo marker at the time is legal. Looks like I can place CrazyKoala in ZoC of CamoMarker if it doesn`t belong to any Combat Group because it`s not a trooper. What a wonderful loophole!
  7. 2 cents about " Combat Groups are explicitly composed of troopers ". There is no way to check is a trooper under marker or not without revealing its contents. And these contents are, of course, private info. So whole thing is particular camo marker a trooper or not is kind of a grey area. Only thing we could do without breaking the rules at some point - treat all camo markers as troopers until it`s proven in any way because they could be.
  8. I fear that 15mm miniatures line could affect main line and cause all sorts of delays and so on. A! is manifectured separately, except of deluxe metal minis, 15mm would be completely different animal.
  9. Turn time will expand exponentially but give it a try)
  10. That`s because I don`t swear in public, my English teacher keeps saying that`s common customs. Thanks for proving statement BTW. This statement was on topic, not for you. It`s really interesting thing on logistics. Were Blackjacks so popular so it went out of stock? Or expectations were so low so it lead to underorder from supplier? I`ll keep some of your eternal wisdom for future use, it`s the great honor to be on receiving end of so deep and insightful preaches.
  11. Said Warstore errant. You know, I have pretty solid evidence that they pay you for badmouthing others, in form of vinyl record. +===========================================================================================================+ Sometimes first world problems are so amusing))) My "local" store doesn`t yet have even button to preorder new Szalamandra and have some Blackjacks in stock.
  12. Sorry to intrude into your discussion but you haven`t provided any evidence at all, only some mumbling in form of your forum post. So because we haven`t seen signed agreement it`s not proven that Warstore has such with CB, GW, Microsoft or Hasbro. Or in less polite words:
  13. What I`ve got from this discussion. Warstore are errorproof paladins in shining armor and can`t fail anything by themselves. It`s always great to learn some new solid facts.
  14. Stop giving mercs only to ISS!