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  1. Thanks for a link))) Fantastic job, you`ve given mi inspiration to finish my APC project. After ~70% done I`ve got bored with fine details and now I`m eager to finish)
  2. I would say that Stealth doesn`t allow Hexa ARO-free re-camo because: STEALTH AUTOMATIC SKILL A trooper with Stealth that declares a Short Movement Skill or Cautious Movement within the Zone of Control of one or more enemies but outside their LoF does not grant AROs to those enemies, even if he reaches base contact with them. However, if the second Short Skill of the Order is any non-Movement Skill, then those enemies can react normally in ARO. TO Camouflaged Activation During their Active Turn, troopers with CH: TO Camouflage may revert to the TO Camouflaged state by expending one Entire Order while outside enemy LoF Reverting to TO Camo is neither Short Movement skill nor Cautious movement, so Stealth doesn`t protect poor Hexa from hacking ARO.
  3. So, Combined are the first ones who got Minelayer+Dep. Repeater combo in hands of Bit. Chances on same combo on Spektr loadout are going up!
  4. Upgraded oldschool Alguacil with spare HMG left from Taskmaster conversion, complete with ammobox backpack and belt feed.
  5. Best conversion ever))) Now I`m inspired to do some chilling cheerleaders because that`s what they do.
  6. I`d say that <<This Damage 12 can never be altered by bonuses or Modifiers (MODs) from Special Skill>> definitely covers <<MOD of +1 to the Damage value>> provided by Fatality, because Fatality doesn`t mention any overwrite over K1 rule. So DAM 12 on Xeodrones.
  7. As for Tohaa as far as I know both CA and Tohaa have limited amount of mercenaries available because they are, you know, aliens, so only some specific ones are working for them.
  8. Wow, that`s nice one.
  9. Nope. That was the Kriza before it`s redesign to S5 HI.
  10. In my playing group progress is important. Maybe some player doesn`t have all minis painted but he does make an effort and slowly moving to full coverage. Encouragement is a big deal.
  11. My bad. I guess some stacked skills keep being elusive from my memory (( I usually only care about camo hacker being camo hacker, so in my personal opinion, ninja is better.
  12. I`m comparing Tacbow to BSG profile and I value both pretty even as Tacbow KHD is the most efficient profile for TO Camo infiltrator. Cheapest with Stealth and KHD. Spekts suffer a lot because of Stealth absence. It is possible that I haven`t get some idiom but it`s not a joke. Ninja is better at infiltrator role because he`s cheaper and so, more disposable. I`m having a hard time to fit Spektr because of cost. But anyway, sorry for deviating from Teutonic theme.
  13. Cheapest Spektr costs 30, cheapest Ninja costs 26. Ooooook 26 is two steps above 30, sure.
  14. This kind of question at tournament will lead to answer "I don`t remember" so That Guy could open any other source to get info on how much basic Wildcat costs. But, if he spends too much time on info gathering instead of playing the game, I`ll probably accuse him on stalling the game to gain unfair advantage.
  15. Keep in mind that who is datatracker is public information because players are obliged to declare them not nominate.