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  1. Nah, BTS 9 is a space/hazard suit, for me she will better pose as Moderator hacker or rather Bandit.
  2. I`m perfectly ok with Outrage box being just for minis. Almost all of them could be utilized under other profiles, at least in Nomads army. Emily - Bandit/Zero/Spektr Uhahu - not sure Domovoi - not sure Nakadai - Saito replacement, I really don`t like original mini Jethro - another look for Knauf Beba - most wanted model from box, along with Emily, any non-Iguana TAG pilot
  3. @Beasts of War - Warren You`re doing a good job, keep doing it)))
  4. This. Can`t say it better.
  5. Same thing. I`ve done a ton of photos and got struck unable to submit report((( Wrote an email to Warconsole, let`s see what they can do.
  6. Sneak peek on what`s going on: Crawler/APC.
  7. I had this discussion sometime ago at Rules of Engagement and there was no clear answer because of wordings but to be safe it`s better not deploy Koalas in ZOC of camo markers.
  8. I think I`ll skip this month in favor of sculpting, conversions and some terrain building.
  9. Just to begin simple Clockmaker headswap to gather head for next mini in the line and get DaftPunk look: Then my version of Batou (combi+LFT intruder) And as a cherry on a top, pure Bakunin madness, Morlock with CR inspired by wolf-head character from Heat Guy J:
  10. By the way, how to use FO Grenzer? I have two starter ones and I`m planning to cut one to FO but I don`t have an idea how to use it. Place on some roof in DZ? Slow advance on ground level?
  11. I suggest write "Avatar" at front of model base. I do such things with my bizarre models and so far any misunderstandings vanish on first look.
  12. Turret concept could work as a combination of existing tools. 0-0 MOV already exists, as well as unable to dodge, so: Sentry turret irregular 0-0 MOV with Mechanized deployment, neurocinetics and SMG/Assault pistol/Light shotgun/Chain kolt/Chain rifle, Electric pulse. Node turret irregular 0-0 MOV with Mechanized deployment, Repeater ,Sensor, Electric pulse, possible Flashpulse too. I think turrets should be irregular because I don`t see them as order sources at all, only ARO pieces, equipment platforms and occasionally order burners. Also I disagree on adding repeater to sentry turret. It would be more interesting to use separate almost unarmed profile to carry it. It could go as deployables but not enough good as separate profiles with all attributes. And of course turrets will take valuable space in combat groups. Limited insertion emphasize on limited time window of operation, so you should decide either you want to deploy expendable turret or expendable soldier))))))
  13. I`ve done with four of five miniatures from this month second pledge. I think I`ll do last one next month in addition to new pledge.
  14. Realistically I hope/expect four things: - CSU because they are useful and I could do all these cool-looking models; - Druzes, it`s quite logical; - Spektrs with Minelayer and Deployable Repeater, it adds brand new playstyle vector; - Kriza Borak, shiny S5 HI, it`s confirmed. Idealistically I want more of course: - Heavy battle REM (heavier then ARM3 BTS6 we have now), maybe without Climbing Plus because of its weight; - some Holo2 infiltrator, maybe it became too common but still cool; - new support programs exclusive for Tunguska hackers to get unique buffs and drive faction difference deeper; - some sentry S1 REMs, irregular, very cheap, with Forward/Mechanized Deployment and unable to move; - some S1 scout REMs, like Aerocam but not just 360 visor, something like G:Servants ot G:Sync with FO and attacked to fragile LI; - some scientific nightmares from Black Labs, horrific but unstable, not OP but fun to use.
  15. That`s TOUGH COOKIE CLUB miniature from SodaPop Takoashi University. There are plenty of great schoolgirl miniatures in that range)