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  1. Woah, HellLois! Thanks man, this made my day!
  2. I'd just like to point out that the vast majority of his criticisms are on the basis of expecting CB to solve problems that only exist in his mind. I'm not sure what negative posting across this and other forums does to promote the game or the community other than perhaps convince the odd person to give Infinity a miss.
  3. Please don't change the forums, you have it spot on. Every other wargaming forum I can think of is sterile, overly moderated and treats its members like children. You can't even swear, for fuck's sake . The Spanish vibe is right up my street.
  4. Less packaging, better for the environment.
  5. ...I'm actually really happy with the ORC reboxing as I wanted these two to make a haris. Anyone have any experience of using an ORC haris? I've used them once in a tournament and it was semi-successful, although apparently tactical bows are more effective at short range than shotguns #stillsalty
  6. In order to be a warcor you have to give up your opinion. And your soul...
  7. What... the actual... fuck. I don't get paid to be a warcor, and, even if I did, I would still say that GW were a shit company that produced shit games. Except for the ones they don't produce anymore. You prove that it is entirely possible to be angry at everything and nothing at the same time.
  8. Mate, change the record. No-one cares except you.
  9. Nothing to do with reducing invalidated stock at RRP, it's all about the customer with GW. They have a long and proud history of making decisions that are clearly in the best interest of the community. Shame on me for suggesting otherwise.
  10. I just love how they try to market the invalidation of their entire range of codexes as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Get them while they're not useless!
  11. While we're moaning about tactical junk... Last chance to buy 40k codexes! Thank goodness I sold off all my 40K stuff years ago and jumped into this awesome game. Nice work past self!
  12. As someone who hates assembling models I actually prefer having only one way of putting them together. I give mine variation by painting them.
  13. Stop baiting me - if it doesn't have gangs it ain't Necromunda!
  14. Why can't we just be happy that we don't have to put up with debacles such as Shadow War: Ican'tgetone?
  15. Boxing up miniatures is becoming increasingly common, both to support retailers and customers. CB have been moving to it with the starters and faction boxes. Other companies such as CMoN are currently reboxing all of their Dark Age stuff as it was really unwieldy. Doesn't bother me either way, there's Shae Konnit for splits and a healthy Facebook re-sale group to get rid of unwanted minis. In regards to re-sculpts, given the size of CB they probably can't afford to just throw away stock. Also, lots of people really like some of the older sculpts. A friend of mine has been after the old Shaolin Monk models for ages. I'm seriously considering getting the Caskuda just to paint as I love that sculpt. What I am sure of is that CB didn't do it to deliberately piss off their customers, no matter how badly some want to believe that is the case.