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  1. Something wonderful has happened... No. 5 is alive. https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/tyrannosaurus-vs-arahain_-1500213099
  2. Awesome video; the comparison between the manga and the models reinforces how well they were realised. Definitely getting these just to paint.
  3. Why not just have all of the different sections of the forum removed and have one long thread for everything Infinity related? I'm happy either way, would just appreciate some consistency.
  4. This. Would be nice not to have to trawl across two pages of responses to an entirely fatuous and completely off-topic argument from the usual suspect to find out that there is no new speculation or news. Please, just use the 'ignore' function. It worked for me.
  5. Could also be a Merc box I suppose, with Beba's Anaconda as the limited edition and the Manga characters given profiles. Druze as line troops and/or Alguaciles. Although, including a TAG would be a first, and might make it prohibitively expensive. Tunguska would be cool too, although Nomads never really appealed to me for some reason.
  6. Can't think what it would be if it is a big army box. Safe to say it's very unlikely to be Aleph, as they just got a box, or Combined, as the Onyx box came out a little while ago. Can anyone with a better memory than me remember if we saw renders of the USA box before GenCon?
  7. One day we will have a speculation thread that doesn't turn into a moanfest. Today is not that day. Any speculation anyone?
  8. Here's the true version of events https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/tyrannosaurus-vs-arahain_-1498593143
  9. I have a dream that one day little talking panda children will be holding hands with little werewolf children, free from the shackles of disbelief at their very existence.
  10. You're okay with werewolves but not talking pandas?
  11. I would go for no on the hacking as it doesn't explicitly say they can be hacked. We played it that the reactive player gets to decide targets, for example when a link team activates providing multiple targets. In terms of camo, we played it that models in camo state don't generate AROs from the remotes as it made it simpler with the whole Discover or Delay thing. Loved this mission, although deployment was a pain, and would be great to see it in the next ITS pack, with the rules for the remotes cleaned up.
  12. Question that came up when we played this is how the remotes interact with Impetuous. Do they count as the nearest enemy model? Also, when a link team activates, who does the remote shoot at? Closest, link team leader, other player decides? Finally, didn't even consider that they might be hackable until I saw the most recent GMG video. As they don't explicitly say they are hackable I would play it as no, although I can see the other side of the argument, as they are security remotes. Would love to see this mission in the next ITS pack as it was a lot of fun, however the rules for the remotes require a lot of clarification.
  13. @Golem2God thanks man! I play Qapu Khalqi, Onyx, and have just bought a Shasvaasti sectorial - love those little frog-men I'm not into double figures with my Onyx yet so I'm going to wait until I get more games under my belt with them before sharing my thoughts, and I did a QK article a couple of years ago back when they were my main faction. I'm hoping that some of my buddies, a couple of whom are hardened tournament players, can pitch in on the next few. Thanks again for the positive feedback Just went over to your painting thread and damn! Some beautiful Pan O dude. Which of those archetypes do you tend to run?
  14. Strange, I think that CB absolutely smashed it out of the park with those Outrage sculpts; they look like they just walked off the page. Can also confirm that they were 3D sculpted.