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  1. I prefer Achilles as Liutenant. When he'll go on frenzy, you'll got 3 orders for him (regular, impetuous and his personal Lt order). Yes, in the most regular scenario, he'll die. But if you pick Achilles you shouldn't expect to keep him backwards, especially with Patroclus at his flank. And 3 orders make him a more dangerous threat. That's why i suggest you to pick a Myrmidon Officer with Chain-Of-Command. When your hero will fall, you can keep your regular training and continue the carnage with Patroculs Beyond this, my two cents: when fielding a piece like Achilles, you must consider not only when all things go as planned, but how to keep fighting when all things goes wrong. You have only 9 regular orders, of wich 2 are netrods. In the worst scenario you could start first (and losing 2 orders by opponent command token) and lose one or two netrods with a bad deployment rolls. Your game ends here (unless you roll only critical hits). Achilles is like a chess queen: you can do everything with him. But if you lose him, he must leave a victory as legacy. And, overall, wars are won on the shoulders of grunt: Thorakitai and Myrmidons. I don't see much of them in your list, too many main vocalist.
  2. A question: can i toss grenades on models in camo-marker state with speculative fire? I think not (grenades haven't targetless trait like smoke) but i'm unsure about that.I've always knew that i must discover a camo-marker first, before tossing him a grenade.. but i might be wrong
  3. You right, but it's your duty to keep him alive and send him against the right targets. His bolstered armor gives him higher chance to remedy at bad CC rolls. For everything else, there are Eudoros and Ajax
  4. My two cents: They are two version for two different task; V1 is for killing stuff mainly via shooting, V2 is for killing stuff via close-combat. When Achilles is engaged, the ODD modifier is not considered and the armor bonus could make the difference (especially versus AP and/or Exp ccw) In both version i prefer the Spitfire, because 4 shots with BS15-18 are really dangerous for everything. If there's something under 8" you can use the Nanopulser and (especially) engage in close-combat (MOV6-4 and M.A.L4 leave poor chance to escape).
  5. If you fear particulary the Aquila, then pick the Overdron. For 2 turn the Albedo will be a pain in the ass for the watcher of Pan'O. Alternatively make a fireteam with Legate Hacker and unidrons, then launch White Noise Zone + Markmaship L2 on plasma sniper. So you can enlist the Sphinx too.
  6. Swiss Guard can be roasted by hacking attack, guided weapons (T-Drones) or even with targeting. If you can "sense" her through sniffer and/or sensor area, you can make a Sat-Lock attempt. With targeting bonus it's more simple to take her out (but this doesn't mean easy..), even without MSV. But, all this attempt could be order-expensive. If you feel yourself more bold, once you have discover the Swiss Guard, send her an Umbra (Legate or Samaritan) for a friendly arguing
  7. Maybe an intensive use of our drones: M-Drone and R-Drone. More cheaper, faster and no SWC cost included. If u go first u can spam sniffer along your half part of the table and then activate Sensor skill. No one can hide from your army. In addition, R-Drone are repeater too, so u can react with appropriate hacking AROs. My two cent: in a vanilla CA there's only one camo-hunter: the Charontids. In comparison to him, Maakreps/Yaogats are little "hunter-wannabe" But they work well with him for sure.
  8. I've wrongly wrote overclock while i was thinking to enhanced reaction for them (unidrons) lol Never mind! My brain can't sustain a multitasking argument
  9. We start from this: i really like Sogarat as models. Badass behemoths with big guns and a really bad attitude I often use them for proxing Charontids (same Silhouette). Imho the Feuerbach loadout isn't so good as ARO piece. Mind you: In MAF, when he can be linked in a Fireteam, he can be really a pain in the ass to deal with. But taken as a single ARO piece he suffer greatly the negative MODs at his BS, especially when targeted by several shots through zero-v zone and cover (snipers with MSVL2). Not to mention to hacking attacks that could shut him down (Suryats with Firewall are more reliable from this point of view). It still a good active piece against heavily armored targets. If i think to Sogarats as ARO pieces, my first thoughts go to the APHMG loadout. He can be really good as "interdictor": place him in a good covered spot and in suppressive fire. To be honest, vanilla CA have more reliable ARO pieces, not only the noctifer with ML: R-Drones, Q-Drones, Ikadrons, HMG Rodocks, Unidrons, Maakrep, Yaogat, Malignos, Charontids, Avatar (lol).. Almost all our REM's can be overclocked for enhanced ARO (R-Drones, Ikadrons and Unidrons), while Maakrep and Yaogat needs not explanations. Little tip: if you're afraid by the classic combo "smoke&shot" for your Q-Drones, try to keep them in a white noise zone (Umbra Legate with HD+).
  10. Another little tricks: A Noctifer and/or a linked Plasma Sniper Unidron (with Assisted Fire activated) in White Noise Range of an Umbra Hacker? First up: activating supportware; second launch white noise, and at least fire at will
  11. "Solo" Samaritan didn't convince me.. too much "roll dependant" for his cost. But in a Rodoks link, with the breaker weapon, he totally worth it. With an HMG there's no need of another high burst weapon with standard rounds like spitfire, and the breaker ammo could be a pain in the ass to deal with.
  12. In a vanilla army i always prefer Morat Vanguard instead of Unidrons (except for fluffy question). Same price, but a lot of advantages with enraged monkeys (cautious movement, prone, dodge without malus). If i need more smoke to cover the Avatar, then i go with Daturazi (and maybe a Rasyat if i don't field the Umbra hacker).
  13. I think we have just two "average" hackers: Rodocks and E-Drone (they work great together imho). An hacker without any BTS value and a "not so good" WIP is to risky. Rodocks and E-Drone have BTS3: nothing special but it could save the day (i guess..) Zerat might be a good forward harasser with mines. Actually i think that the FO profile is the most viable for her: pushing buttons, mining key points and so on. If only she was stealth..
  14. Imho Zerat should have Stealth as a default special skill, just like Marauders. An infiltrator without stealth is a nonsense for me. How can i infiltrate somewhere if i can't move without making noise? My favoured combo is a Rodocks core team flanked by an Haris of Yaogats for long range support. Then some Daturazi and Rasyat for cutting lines. That's what i mean with "aggressive armed imposition detachment"
  15. You must consider that you might face factions with strong MSVL2/3 units (Yujing, Pan'O, CA, Aleph). Those factions would break your "smoke&shoot" trick with ease. I don't like Speculo-Killer as a smoke-thrower piece, bear in mind that she lose the Imp-marker if she lob a smoke somewhere. That means more orders to keep her safe (and she probably die anyway). Daturazi are great smoke-thrower but don't rely on them too much. They could die in the second game round. What you suppose to do with the Umbra hacker? He's a great piece but even an expensive one. You probably can do the same things with another cheaper hacker. To be honest: not enough firepower and a lots of expensive units that needs more orders than they provide.