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  1. Been eyeing this theme up for a while, time to get started. First up the rough shape of the eagle warrior gao-tarsos helmet
  2. But that effectivly makes the ectros 3 wounds for the opponent to get the kill that counts for scoring. I personally found it odd that the symbiomate doesn't have the support phenoware skills. I think get rid of its silly rule now then split the phenoware with support for the mate and damage for the bomb
  3. Im actually not a fan of her in vanilla. Cybermask is a full order and while its nice its not the be all end all many people make it out to be. Her high wip is nice, and she isnt a bad unit, I just dont find her synergies as strong in vanilla compared with some of the other combinations you can run.
  4. Is there a chart somewhere that says what all the little symbols next to the names mean?
  5. Awesome batrep as usual although i do have one concern. While im sure this was not the intent at all i dont know how i would feel my opponent was picking specific dice for certain rolls. It didn't seem to make much of a difference but seems odd to me
  6. Smoke isnt as reliable thanks to 6th sense lvl2. I personally swear by kusym beg, i hold him back and if the opponent moves out i let him lose. Trick is smoke yourself next to them, maybe cc one of them then do nothing. His turn he has to move something else over to deal with you or he wastes orders trying to dodge a chain rifle every time he wants to use them
  7. Any chance of some Tohaa? an Igao or Neema would be really cool. This was just so fun to flip through. I feel like your work should be in a fan art coffee table book or something.
  8. Just awsome. You really know how to assemble the color contrast.
  9. So I ran him at twinfinity and had a blast. Highlights were him lobbing 5 grenaded conseculativly to clear an aleph quadrant in safe zone, only to be brought down by a failed engage roll. Him bashing on the yuging cat transformer thinging for 6 orders and failing to do anything. Yes i could have shooted but thats not how taric rolls.
  10. You forgot the response when aro is not so much to kill the enemy but to force the opponent to spend orders and survive till your turn and you can stack the mods in your favor. The humble reset: Face to Face Roll Ninjas vs. Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen - Reset Active Player 32.01% Ninjas inflicts 1 or more wounds on Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen (1 W) 5.48% Ninjas inflicts 2 or more wounds on Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen (Unconscious) 0.38% Ninjas inflicts 3 or more wounds on Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen (Dead) Failures 29.54% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 38.44% Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen Resets vs. Ninjas That means that even once the orders are spent to just get fersen within hacking range its going to cost you at least 3-4 orders to put him down. Thats half a pool not doing objectives. Meanwhile the opponent cannot move any hi or tags for fear of fersen locking them up/possesing them. Finally why was defersen unsupported to let the kh get close enough to take shots without spending orders to maneuver into position. Even to camo was a lucky guess as to if you put them in the right spot to get to him.
  11. You could just use the search menu to limit the results:
  12. looks good, nice and clean
  13. I only see one linkteam, the ghulams. You can only form a haris with the sekban if you bring the harris model.
  14. @GrantC those things are pretty easy to make. I dont have tutorials typed up but if you know one you want let me know and I can walk you through it.