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  1. If I may draw another observation, maybe they just dont gel with your play style. I typically take the bare minimum long range shooters, I like things that run up and play the midfield, and rely on controlling that area to win me the game. Could you post some lists you are running so we can see what he is being played with.
  2. If this is what you are doing then nothing in infinity can do this and live long, not even maggie. HI just means that you are hard to kill in the wall hugging world directly, not that you can start running out into the middle of the road and dropping things like rambo.
  3. I would argue if the board is set up such that all objectives are denied and there is no way to counter a long range aro, its a very poorly set up board
  4. Am i the only one that thinks those virals look a lot like the tohaa ones, even though they are supposedly developed independently
  5. I really want to see the zhayedan fleshed out both model and rule wise. Right now they are in an awkward place where there always seems to be something better.
  6. Im really liking knauff. Hes a strong platform and the multi sniper gives us options and threats we wouldn't normally have
  7. Im telling you tariq is where its at if you want to learn to khawarji. 2 wounds, 3 armor, with a superjump of 10, yes thats 10 inch. Like all midfielders you should play carful with him untill the board opens up in 2 and 3, then run around an murder everything as you use the jump to flank everything.
  8. Could you elaborate more on the mutan. Conventional wisdom says they are basically garbage compared with the surdas. Did your experiance match this?
  9. To fill this out look what happens when you dont have those CC skills Face to Face Roll Shaolin Warrior Monks - AP CCW vs. Swiss Guard - AP CCW Active Player 59.12% Shaolin Warrior Monks inflicts 1 or more wounds on Swiss Guard (1 W) Failures 34.94% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 5.94% Swiss Guard inflicts 1 or more wounds on Shaolin Warrior Monks (Unconscious) Those 'bloated' points just improved your survival by 20% against the warband. Now admittedly the opponent will still suicide the Shaolin for the chance to hurt you, but I would say a 20% bump against a dedicated CC troop is not some small improvement.
  10. Im my defence i am a newer player and it has only come up once. My point still stands that its a tool, flexibility forces your opponent to make choices that can pin them into a corner.
  11. Joining this topic from a haqq taric perspective. Cc is just another tool, and one your opponent doesnt often figure into his calculation. Your to marker state is gone once i get into b2b, and most people dont factor in that my second order will be to charge you, chosing to nor aro believing it will be a discover or somethimg similar.
  12. I guess we are just playing to different styles. All of that only matters IF you have the first turn, can move into position without taking long range aros, and then the opponent engages you within 24. Personally I take TR HMG for when I don't go first, to force the opponent to pause mid field to clear him from a fire lane thus wasting orders. I could see the sniper sentinel in this roll as well thus: 16-24 inch: Active Player 62.19% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 1 or more wounds on Chaksa Auxiliars (Unconscious) 29.41% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 2 or more wounds on Chaksa Auxiliars (Dead) Failures 20.87% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 16.93% Chaksa Auxiliars inflicts 1 or more wounds on Hexas, Strategic Security Division (Unconscious) 1.68% Chaksa Auxiliars inflicts 2 or more wounds on Hexas, Strategic Security Division (Dead) compared with: Active Player 72.56% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 1 or more wounds on Kaauri Sentinels (Unconscious) 35.34% Hexas, Strategic Security Division inflicts 2 or more wounds on Kaauri Sentinels (Dead) Failures 21.25% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 6.19% Kaauri Sentinels inflicts 2 or more wounds on Hexas, Strategic Security Division (Dead) So if you are taking a unit to help for going second, the chaska is much better.
  13. He jumps on the head like a tinfoil hat and explodes from the effort.
  14. Can you elaborate how an smg kaauri fills in better against these targets, is there something I am missing?
  15. Take this with a pound of salt as im still dipping my toes into the faction but heres my opinion anyway. I feel the hmg still stands out as it fills a differnt niche compared to the others. With 360 visor and burst 4 aro against one target he is going to lick down your dz and not let any ad shennangans happen anywhere without being punished. The nikoul and armand are really meant to lock down a single fire lane. The nikouls mine stops someone creeping to close but doesnt stop flank shots from range. The sentinals feel more like a support unit, by themselves they are just meh, but pair them as a backup to a power hitter and they are very useful.