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  1. how can you forget our Hunz. A great mid field specialist with deployable repeaters and mines, or a LGL for that link you were thinking of pushing mid with. She is so easy to trade up with it just feels unfair.
  2. The best use I have found for kasym is to destroy link teams. Smoke the link then assault one member from within the smoke, the rest cant aro as they aren't the target of an attack so sixth sense doesn't kick in. Once you have stomped the first one just leave him in place under the smoke. When its the opponents turn smoke goes away but they are left with eating a chain rifle unless they re-dploy a non link team model to deal with him.
  3. I would argue a modern doctor would be at apothcary level to these doctors. Oh your body is failing, lets hook you up and transfer your conciousness while we fix it, you know, just in case
  4. I still dont like wallace in links. No coc means its risky, not to mention you miss out on the free coordinated order every turn
  5. I mean the unit symbol is an exploding land mine.
  6. Something I have been meaning to play around with is 3 greys by themselves as a core. Turn one move them up to the midfield as a fireteam, then break the fireteam and use wallace free coordinated order to put them all in suppresion. use one command token to form vol fire team. That puts 3 T2 rifles in suppression fire in the midfield and an ap hmg in a 5 man link in the back field for a cost of 1 command token.
  7. Personally i would swap the two barid. Only 5 orders for a killer hacker seems light. If you swapped them you could instead use those 5 orders to lay out a pitcher net, and then use the 10 orders to nuke the enemy hackers. It just gives you one more 10 order attack vector.
  8. So love the model and determined to play him. Right now I am thinking of using his superjump and 6-4 move as a turn 1 midfield clearer and pairing a tuereg doctor with him to keep him going. What are your thoughts on this arabic super soldier
  9. Admittedly I don't have much experiance against aleph but one combination that often gets overlooked as both an active and defensive nwi killer is our simple TR hmg bot hack boosted to marksmanship level 2. Ignore cover and has shock on a 4 burst damage 15 platform.
  10. They really are more applies and oranges than the look. You are brining the azzies to fill a specific neche your list is missing. You bring the fazzies to and some robust jack of all trades to a list that is already specilized. That said getting 2 in a list backed up by 2 doctors is enough to make your opponent worry. Add saladin for a nice supprise when you slap both down after he cant deploy to counter them
  11. My fav unit at the moment is the bashi with ap rifle. 2 orders gets you an ap rifle on a flank in suppression fire on the midline on turn 1, and you have to pick which one of those three is the right one
  12. But following this logic i could do this with any figure, not just one in hidden deployment. By not writing down the location i have made the model immune from any play by the opponent (sniffer) essential creating an industructible model until i decide otherwise. How is this any differnt from me on turn 2 saying, i forgot this ap hmg azrail thats in a position to kill you, sorry i forgot, but now its here you can deal with it.
  13. As the way the rules are written, if he didnt record it, he never deployed it during the deployment phase and thus has chosen to not use it in the game, unless it can arrive by some other means, ie jump in.
  14. Hey, wondering what model is meant for this remote. If it is the chickens any suggestions for proxies?
  15. Do you just reform the link later with a command token if needed? I am still learning but my play style is definatly leaning toward a first turn where I set up the game pace. I pick off what I can and maybe bring in one of my bashi, but I like to hold off on all that till the second turn as that first turn my opponent is all set to hold his deployment zone down. Ideally I have laid some mines and put key units on the objectives forcing my opponent to play for the areas of the table that I have chosen.