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  1. Whats your inventory look like, im interested in buying. Seriously though I dont think you will find anyone who thinks tohaa arnt getting changes with our first sectoral.
  2. Just give me phenoware level 2 already
  3. Just think how op the magic appearing suppression fire trick would be if you could duplicate symios with it
  4. First masking medium is perminant, check you have making fluid. Second no thinning down, that causes it to become perminant. There is a finite time before it becomes perminant, work quick after dry. Finally use a pencil eraser to lift it.
  5. You dont swap lists untill deployment is done, as it contains information that is not public until your reserve has been placed. Unless you want your reserve blown before you place it, then hand it over before you have even rolled initiative.
  6. The taraos is easy, just cut grooves, this is the jenga of the infinty range
  7. Given we were the 4th most played faction, can we still claim the underdog title?
  8. I would drop hatail for a tukeul officer and the kaauri with boarding for a chaska baggage. Use the cordinated orders to move them with the kauri mid. Use the chaska to reload symbio bugs.
  9. @Dasaan you are Awsome. Just reading through im like, i want to see that model, and that model, ect
  10. Table dependant but 4 daylami with panzerfaust can do wonders. Dont bother with infiltration, put these guys in pairs where his snipers are. Yes your odds are low but he will have to slice the pie or split his shots, either case 16 points is tieing up a much more expensive unit. No one wants to risk the faust hitting and forcing 3 saves. I prefer the big boys for dealing with this, azrail and fazid can comfortable hunt withh little fear of dieing. I have run the ayyar sniper and dont like him, to gimmiky with only the surprise shot to help.
  11. Id like to see a mirror to ITS: The 'Infinity Legends System' 1. Set up the exact same way as ITS, profiles can be cross linked. 2. There would be a legends season that runs the same time as the ITS season, Wotan would be an example of an event within this season 3. You have a ranking based on your win/loss: 3a. You receive points based on what you got in game, not who won. 8/2 is still 2 for you. 3b. There are scaling values based on relative ranking of the players involved, the bigger the difference up, the more credit, the bigger the difference down, the less credit. 3c. There is a bonus scaling for high quality batreps, as achived through upvoting/downvoting ratio. 4. There are a number of Achievements that can be achieved, ie x number of batreps, recieve 10 upvotes on a vid batrep, themed terrain to story ect. 5. Let players register and run there own narrative events. 6. Appoint narritive commanders- These are the 'warcor' of the legends season. They provide the story for the faction and progress it throughout the season. Note that this doesnt have to be lore changing, its a big sphere and a lot can happen that is outside of the official narritive. Just my 2 cents. I didn't actually play because the time commitment is to great and the community to toxic, and it seems far more a competition than a narrative.
  12. What would have been the better play here would be to move both into LOF within flame range then wait for his aros. If he idles you now get a free discover, if he shoots you now get to shoot back with a FTF roll from both units. This can also be done by dancing on the corner if its close enough.
  13. I agree. You bring her for the 5 man. She really isn't any more survival and can be hacked. She is basically a toolbox ghulam
  14. Given that one of the best counters to REM is forcing them to dodge, this actually makes our chaska more difficult to hard counter.
  15. You dont know what Tariks stat line will be when this drops