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  1. that would be awesome!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. What missions would need a better balancing?
  3. I have just started to play ITS Version 9 and I can say that I really like it. The system emphasises the need to bring certain troopers to certain missions. There are so many specifics that need to be met: You need a sturdy datatracker, a sufficient amount of specialists, a TAG, troopers with antimateriel ammo. I have not been to an ITS9 tournament yet, but I can imagine that it will be tough to write lists. Yes, the complexity of some ITS missions has increased, and it is certainly not a good idea to read the mission description 3 minutes before you start a game. The background stories of Infinity still do not come to life very much in the ITS scenarios. But on the whole, ITS 9 is good. So is there still need for a system like 20x20? I seriously asked myself the question and I have come to the conclusion that the answer is yes, but only if it does something different to ITS. So what could 20x20 possibly do that ITS does not? ITS requires players to bring specifically tailored lists, which I like. Still, I believe this is the part where 20x20 can be different. 20x20 should be a system that can be played in a more casual manner, with lists that have undergone less scrutiny when being made. I still like the idea of encouraging people to play with different lists, but my approach to do this should differ from ITS. Where ITS works with exclusiveness (a trooper can only achieve something if it has certain specifics) 20x20 should work on the principle of giving advantages to certain troopers. Every trooper can do mission-specific tasks, but certain troopers can do it better. Of course, 20x20 should also be a system that reflects the background a bit more than ITS. And yes, I believe that it is easier to read and understand a 20x20 mission than an ITS mission. I will work on improving that aspect, if possible. What do you think? Is 20x20 obsolete? How can it be different from ITS in a positive way? What should be changed about 20x20?
  4. I could not find ammo type "antimateriel" for some reason. I guess that is because it is a trait, not a type. Infinity is so complicated. I don't think I would want to rely on my specialist troopers to first go to the panoply to get a d-charge and then destroy the AC2 with it. It is also important to note that you need 2 at least 2 orders to destroy it with a d-charge because the cc version of d-charge use is not antimateriel.
  5. my mobile Army builder has not done an update yet. Still no Cube Jaeger for example. Do I have to install again? On my PC it is looking for updates every time I start it. The message still is that there is no update.
  6. .That is not a concern of balance, but of enjoyment. I find it not so enjoyable to have to cram things into my list. the other question which arises is: Does the mission make sense below 300 points? Thank you very much for your feedback. I will factor it in as I am working on version 4 atm. I don't want to give you an indepth answer here, as it would be off topic. Suffice to say that in this mission I could not resist to put in a random table to add flavour, even though I felt it is conceptually wrong. Glad you liked it.
  7. I am a bit disappointed to see that Scarface is gone for some factions. The people who bought the model will be pissed off right now. Also, being deprived of options to score points makes me feel disadvantaged as an Ariadna player. More to the point of my original post, what about smaller games? It is hard to fit a TAG into a 200 pts list.
  8. Which one is that? If you refer to making WIP rolls for scoring objectives, that is within the norm of Infinity and allows to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the factions.
  9. I think the loot and sabotage mission looks interesting. Getting d-charges from the panoply and using it on the AC2 is very likely to be pretty difficult to pull off, you willl have to admit. I disagree to an extend that it does not matter what bonus item you get out of the panoply. It is very situational, but it is possible to get an item that by fluke completely turns the tide of the game due to a random table roll. On the other hand, yes, most often those items from the panoply do not get used.
  10. Ok I have to admit here that I have not studied the ITS9 missions as well as you have. Good to hear the plus side. Still have to check out how many missions need the specialists and how badly. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea that Infinity demands different troopers for different missions. 20x20 has aspects of that. I guess i have to admit here that I was a bit shocked about the antimateriel CC weapon requirement before you guys made me realise that d-charges and DA does the trick. Still not so sure whether that is so cool considering all armies in terms of balance. My approach with 20x20 is encouragement rather than enforcement. I remember a BOW batrep where Carlos said about the panoplies that this is a casual mission and ITS does not have those random element. Seems to me that ITS9 has them more than ever before, and I am not a fan of that at all. The same applies to the cursed classified deck.
  11. ok great answers so far. I wish the army builder would remind us that DA and EXP CC weapons are also antimateriel. How about the enjoyment factor of ITS9 missions? One of the reasons I invented 20x20 was that I (and many others) didn't enjoy having to restrict my list options as much as ITS demanded. ITS 9 seems to restrict the good options even more. How do you feel about that? At the moment, I feel like I am getting back to the days that I was so disgruntled with ITS that I invented 20x20. The past two seasons I liked ITS, but atm I am not so sure anymore. I hope I will get over that feeling, which may be unfounded because I have not even tried it yet. I like the kidnapping mission for example and maybe I also like the data tracker. I just don't think that antimateriel should be a requirement and that TAGS need to be pushed that far.
  12. I just took a first deeper look at ITS 8 missions. I want to play with someone who does not want to play 20x20 on Thursday, so I get to pick an ITS mission. We only want to play 200 points so we both can go to bed early. What strikes me is how often in those missions you get more points for using a TAG. This seems to be a bit wrong to me, considering that e.g. Ariadna only has limited access to TAGs and putting a TAG into a 200 pts force is not necessarily something everybody wants to do. I would like to play Looting and Sabotaging on Thursday (sounds like a nice rip-off from my "Destroy Beacon" scenario, lol). But fitting a TAG into my 200 point list? I haven't figured out yet how I can see which other troopers have antimateriel CC weapons. How do I do that with ease? The filter of Army builder did not give me that option for some reason. A second thing that struck me was that Veteran and Elite are the ones to kidnap HVTs. No problem with that per se, but I remember removing references to troop classifications from 20x20 because they don't appear on the army builder. I don't see this having changed. Can anyone please share their experience with ITS 9 in those regards? Forgive me for being a bit cranky. I have not played Infinity for three weeks!
  13. In this case, you can steal my solution to it as found in 20x20 Save the Scientists.
  14. my solution to the problem with casevac was that shooting an enemy who is in casevac with one of your guys is essentially like shooting into close combat, risking the death of your own.
  15. How did the casevac of enemy soldiers go? I remember creating a ton of problems with that when I wrote "Save the Scientists". Would you hate me if your "leave no trace" idea would one day end up in a 20x20 Commando Edition? It is very tempting to steal it from you.