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  1. In this case, you can steal my solution to it as found in 20x20 Save the Scientists.
  2. my solution to the problem with casevac was that shooting an enemy who is in casevac with one of your guys is essentially like shooting into close combat, risking the death of your own.
  3. How did the casevac of enemy soldiers go? I remember creating a ton of problems with that when I wrote "Save the Scientists". Would you hate me if your "leave no trace" idea would one day end up in a 20x20 Commando Edition? It is very tempting to steal it from you.
  4. I am currently working on missions that simulate more realistic commando operations where elite troopers attack a position of regular troopers who are taken by surprise. These ideas are a bit of a step away from regular infinity and I am not sure about the balance. I really like your exfiltrate idea. Just seems difficult considering that dead troopers would still be a piece of evidence and it seems to be virtually impossible to caseevac the corpses and the wounded. So please tell me, how many rounds were played in your scenario? The attacker seems to have to do a lot, and may have needed more than 3 or 4 rounds.
  5. another idea I had was to declare the central line to be a fence of infinite height that can be shot through, but not walked through. It should be possible to destroy the fence with antimateriel weapons creating narrow gates. You could still keep the checkpoints that way. I am surprised that the attacker had such an easy time, especially with the exfiltrating. I liked the exfiltrating idea, but it seemed to be hard to accomplish. This is only me talking from the perspective of my imagination, mind you.
  6. The narrative sounds interesting. Scenarios like this one make me feel much more immersed into the world of infinity. Since you are asking for feedback, I will give you the following points to consider: 1) if your idea is to have your narrative event as a day long tournament-like event with multiple games being played throughout the day, this scenario seems a bit complicated. If you invite about 16 people to play this mission and others which are similar, chances are that the players have not thoroughly read and understood your scenarios. Maybe you can scale down on the complexity a bit. If you want to play this as a part of a campaign, where everyone plays this once in one evening, it should be fine. 2) Attacker-Defender scenarios are interesting, but much harder to balance. You'd have to play this scenario multiple times before unleashing it on the players. specifics to your scenario: 1) I guess you mean it is possible to casevac enemy troopers who are unconscious. 2) Is there a wall between the gates? If yes, thats problematic because it would be easy to cover the gates. If no, what is the point of the gates? 3) So far, this scenario seems to favour the defender. How many rounds are being played?
  7. what were the secret objectives? I don't even know about mine. Is it ok to share them now?
  8. Congratulations, you found a flaw in the game design. There should not be a Total Availability. I guess the maximal Avalability should be 8. You are right, these lists should wreck anyone's face. On a different note, if I would come up against someone playing such a list at a tournament, I would play strict and insist that all the models are the correct ones,
  9. will we have to fight a campaign once every year from now on?!? will we have to fight a campaign once every year from now on?!?
  10. When you look at the table of fireteams in HS, you will spot that Antipode links are not unique. This could mean they will be Ava 2 in the Kazak sectorial. Getting a haris team of MI infantry as well looks a bit OTT for me. So I don t think Kazaks need to get MI troops. A haris option for the Vets would be cool, but maybe not on the cards. I can imagine Spetsnaz or Vet Kazaks getting access to molotoks, but not Scouts. Skirmishers rarely have heavy weapons. I hope the spetsnaz will get a specialist.
  11. Maybe I would have considered buying the starter if it would have a volunteer with chain rifle. I might buy the swc set of volunteers if it has 2 chainrifle volunteers. But if I would buy new volunteers, they d probably look weird next to my old ones.
  12. yeah, guessed so. Unfortunately, I don't have the models for a Brigada link. They would be useful for that mission.
  13. Can S6 models enter the 8x8" Objective Room? I need to know because I will play the Wotan Kill Cage mission with my Workers of Corregidor. I would like to bring Geckos. But it says the Armory have narrow Gate width. So I guess that should mean no, but usually there are two larger gates on the room. Also: Q: Can any trooper pass through a Narrow Gate in a Prone State? A: Yes, because prone troopers have a Silhouette value of 0, so they fulfil the Requirements to pass through the Narrow Gate. Does this mean that the Geckos can get in, but they need to crawl through them? Can TAGs go prone? I am not so sure.
  14. ah ok still I find this to be a bit of a waste of time.
  15. Seriously?!? I would have little patience with an opponent who wastes precious time doing that. Guessing probabilities is as much part of the game as guessing ranges. I sometimes wish people would accept that guessing lines of sight and angles is also part of the game. That would certainly make me an even weaker player, but it would speed up the game considerably.