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  1. read mine today, loved it, hopefully there is more to come. I think it gives a great view of what infinity is all about
  2. any news on the ITS Set?
  3. got mine today after 3 failed delivery attempts, hope to read it over the weekend
  4. mine is missing part of the instructions, can I download them somewhere?
  5. I ordered with bandua and mine shipped today
  6. looking forward to that game 😀 and pretty exited for the new community
  7. can't seem to find the bundle on your store, what's the price for all that? is it Prepainted?
  8. of course we will trust the real hyperpower to do so, Yu Jing won't let us down 😀
  9. as is said above already, things depend on what mission you play, and your play style. most its events let you bring two lists to choose from for every battle. Since you have (and this is a very big generalisation) two kinds of missions, push buttons (the once you need specialists for) and kill the enemy (preferably till his troops die from it). To learn the game, the second type of mission is a bit less complicated (in my humble opinion) and the list building is simpler. play as much as you can and try lots of things proxy models is the magic word (s)
  10. Hey everyone, does someone have an idea on how to put the baggage packs on their bikes? I Can't figure it out Thanks
  11. and yesterday the parts arived.
  12. Got my first mispack last week, pangguling remotes missing the ziplock bags with pieces, should get the parts in the mail pretty soon
  13. The Male zanshi had a bit of the Same problem, but indeed nog as severe as the ghulam or tuareg don't think I Have had as much trouble assembling any other infinity mini