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  1. All I want for new years is a BSG or Emitter Rasyat pppwweez
  2. I feel like we are losing the varied design. The new aspects are alot alike other things in CA, Avatar is a roided up Overdron which is a roided up Xeodron. Chrontid is part lowly rem drone and Ikadron with gorilla arms that look out of proportion to the legs n stuff. Which if they want stuff to be more homogeneous they are doing a good job but I think its losing some flavour.
  3. Ya I think Nomads did win this one. And completely random but I liked the smashing glass someone did a pretty good job on that
  4. Im thinking they flipped the CSU into the red veil cuz Icestorm came with one. Only thing I could come up with...
  5. Bostria said it wouldnt be released until the end of the year : (
  6. I guess this is the real deal Sorry everyone
  7. Eh Stormy sounds like a good week, I feel like I could use a good dose of nature around now lol. Your coca-cola scheme looks good on your mock up. I cant take credit for the silver surfers, I heard a local guy say it and well I dug it too haha. After 2 previous fails I was thinking of throwing my hat into the ring too. Third times the charm right, but Im suffering from Analysis Paralysis. Was thinking some CA but my skills wouldnt do them the justice they deserve ...hmmmm decisions...
  8. They are supposed to be doin a bunch of Caledonia stuff but I cant think of anything really specific. Its usually a surprise what they choose to resculpt
  9. Thought I would try n keep the ball rolling... So post your pics of your unpainted/primed model Paint and post some more pics And we will whittle down our pile of silver surfers Happy Painting all
  10. I think the tactical junk looks kinda like Shas armour. Thought I remembered a render with it, but couldnt find it when I looked. Actually thought it was Ayyar but its not
  11. The old crane agent seems to be female too, and it probably is why we get combat heels and boob plate armour... They just took the guessing out of it for us. What can ya do
  12. I usually fail at these things but I really need to get some stuff done. So I will start with some old YJ dudes