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  1. The Haqqislamite Woman at the moment is content to still play Bodyguard, but stay in the rear and try to cleverly be attentive to anything that could be useful to pick up. . . That Her Advanced Sensor Suite would not ping anything suspicious immediatly was not so much a good indication and She was ready to react. . . Not only She was checking the inner parts of the store, but also outside was checked, to see if there were curious, nosy or otherwise suspicious persons gathering in an unfit manner. . . The Vehicle where they left nearby was also important to survey, if they needed the driver. . . . ."Peculiarly Talented" Skillset inside as well. . .!!
  2. [I think that at the moment I will stay and stick with Eddie, as there is no need to abandon, for now, the assumed role of "Odalisque Bodyguard"... I believe that was said to proceed as a whole team, as I fear that mere Verbal Threats would not be enough to make the culprit of something illegal (not necessarily DIRECTLY related to our Investigation) to spill the beans, and so as an entire team, the peculiar strenght of anyone of Us will be played best... There is also the issue that if we run into any kind of opposition, either by Triad Goons, Bosozuke Bikers or the damned Druzes, we need to be at peak efficiency to counter them... But will gladly defer to the group cpnsensus for the final decision......!!!]
  3. [While I'm not particularly fond with this devious tactic, that smack of very nefarious medical malpractice, we are here constrained and in deep "Enemy Territory", and I don't think that I have another skillset able to contribute there (unless We start to shoot them in the head earlier than previewed, but I think this will be a problem when the Druzes start acting weird !!)... I will try to check their Medical Records to assuage if Bo and the other Targets have health issues, telltale signs of costly addictions or a vulnerability to some specific pharmaceutical substance (either proscribed or widely available) that will make them more amenable to Manipulation and Suggestion... There will be the typical Confidentiality Clauses and Hospital Firewalls to stall this tactics, especially in the paranoid Mayasphere of Yu-Jing, so I will probably need to first Observe them from afar, with the help of My advanced sensors, while our dedicated Hacker comb their Virtual Datas, and then try to kitbash together an hasty diagnostic check-up... Not at all easy, but could be potentially useful (even if very distasteful)...] ..... And with this, in the relative security of the Hotel Room, the beautiful Haqqislamite Woman started to instruct Her personal virtual assistant to re-configure for this, while initiating some preliminary checks with the Comlog...
  4. Seeing that the charming, fascinating Nomad Chimera was wrapping up the last issues of the difficult evening, then the gorgeous "Odalisque Bodyguard" followed suit, trying to project an aura of cool confidence and in the meantime striving to sense if someone was paying too undue attention to the "Trysteryon Executive" whereabouts... She tried to subtly synchronize Her hyperadvanced sensor suite to analyze the subtle nuances of expression of peepers somehow just faking the typical "Ennui" boredom of the glitzy socialite glitterati, especially if they were packing Hardware / Software / Biografts far more specialized than the Elite Rich of the Human Sphere was usually employing... This "Social Battlefield" was taxing and exausting for Her relative simple approach to either Life or Death; neither the long experience of Military Field Medic, nor the difficult Special Forces Training regime had prepared the Haqqislamite Woman for all of this... Her specialties lied in far different fields of competence, where She hoped would shine should the need arise.....!!!
  5. While Eddie approach again the aloof Hyper-Elite entourage, then dutifully Amyah follows suit, standing at the appropriate distance and keeping heightened attention to everything happening nearby... All the while She instructed the personalized "Ushabti Geist" to check on the current gossip scale around the local Mayanet about Petty Crime scandals, even if not hoping to found overmuch in a strict Yu-Jing state-controlled digital environment... She also typed a quick info-dump in the Tactical Secure Net... ..... [That is good to know to cut away unnecessary waste of time, but also very worrysome on a planning prospect of our operational discretion... The Druze are infamous for their careless and brash attitude towards Collateral Damage, and if they are in cahoots with Local Crime, either Zongghuo Triads or Nihonjin Bosozuke, they have a lot of cheap manpower, also very mobile in the peculiar structure of the Island, to reach everywhere in a timely fashion... I could not imagine a similar scenario in which the Imperial Secret Service will not be actively monitoring and be able to brutally intervene if they do something outside that Merc Outfit rather limited proscribed allowance... Maybe it is so that they secured the "hidden patronage" of the Silk Lord, to have some latitude and leverage to eventually use should the unforgiving Yu-Jing Law Enforcement becomes rather pissed off... We are in the same Army Training Scenario of a small, unassuming Scout Patrol happening on the site of two Rival Armoured Battalions squaring off to face; we are somehow protected by our own relative lack of importance against those "Heavy Hitters", almost as if fuctionally hidden by a "Social Stealth Camouflage", but we could be squashed like annoying flies if we do the wrong move... I propose to be even more proactive in our Investigations, but doubling, or even tripling, our cautious awareness.....!!! ]
  6. It helps to check also the "Outrage" Official Manga in this regard... I don't believe that ANYONE interested has not yet procured and read that awesome comic, but just in case..... SPOILER ALERT !!! The protagonist of the story, the Ex-Panoceanian Elite Sniper named Knauf, finally, at the end of the Comic, defeat and kill His nemesis, Jethro, an illegal Cube Backup Copy of its own (!) put in a cybered-up Clone Body... It then abscond with the explanted Cube of Jethro, as He fear that anyone other who will end up as "New Jethro" will be an insane murderer psychopath like the last one... There is a close-up image of Jethro neck cut open on the side, with a wound more or less 10 / 15 cm. long and reaching the Spinal Cord (some sort of Spine-Plugs are shown in the image !!)... The the very last image of the Manga is Knauf wandering a Savannah-like Planet with Jethro Cube dangling on a cord on His neck; it seems a sort of rectangular thin box not more dissimilar than a sort of rather large, antiquade pen-case... It seems not very heavy / difficult to remove and carry around ..... It could be some sort of Artistic License from the Authors, but I believe is safe to consider it Official Material of the Infinity Background.....!!!
  7. Check the Bouboutique Subforum Section... @Solodice is hosting / gamemastering there a Detective / Investigation Story (named "Sunz Never Rest"), based on the Basic Manual of Modiphius Ruleset (Pdf version for Backers), in which I'm participating that started this Late Summer... At the moment the pace slowed considerably due to various R.W. issues of anyone involved and I don't think it is still open to add / subtract newer Players, but You can ask Him with a P.M. anyway... Maybe it will be good for Him to consider Co-Mastering to share the burden of creativity... It was discussed by various Forumites to start others Infinity R.P.G. with different ambientations, but at the moment it was only purely speculation... Maybe You can start also to open a Recruitment Thread into which someone could try-out the Free Sample Characters in an expanded version or something similar.....
  8. [Secure Tac-Net Comms... Excellent results, alse We here are slowly accruing some potentially useful contacts; the Ariadna Biker responded surprisingly well to the ouvertures of our charismatic "Corporate Leader" and even if is perhaps the copious amount of Alcoholics that She has partaken, seems even quite flirtatious towards both Mr. Lawrence and Me... If also from Your side it seems that Her Tech-Support Team is pristinely clean perhaps We should consider to be on the side of this "Coca Cola Team" more thoroughly and with all the considerable, diversified Skillset we own... After all they are backed by our real Client and so trying to even the odds, or even attempt to correct an almost impossible win, would be still working seriously in His favour; also doing correct scouting for the Trysteryon, being Close Allies of our employers of the Sunz Agency... I have also another avenue of approach to follow; while not a proper Disinformation Operative, in Bourak I followed some Asymmetrical Psychological Warfare course, aimed to sow dissent and confusion amongst enemy rank before a Surgical Strike... Those Druzes seems quite a dastardly bunch, and the fact that their Techies are now meeting the seedier underbelly of this Island Biker Subculture is another evidence towards being quite shady in their business, and also between the more probable culprits... Will see if is at all possible to start some rumors against them, maybe just as murking waters to get our desired "Prize Fish"...] ..... @Solodice... Was re-reading again the Psychowar Rules in the Manual, and being the Druze Team probably only feared and not well loved, maybe there is the possibility to pre-emptively score some desired "Metanoia Effect" against them (just to level some potential opposition, or in the case they are likely involved in a direct manner)... On My character's sheet the only useful immediate Skill will be a meager Psychology Level, but maybe I could cross-reference it with something more robust of My slightly more widespread Pool of Medical Talents (by spiking the Drinks of potential people to sway with wierd Pharmacological Stuff...??)... Let Me know if it is possible to do something useful while awaiting Eddie to reviewing the contents of the Datachip (perhaps some scouting for slander and suspected blackmail material in Maya / Arachne with My Comlog) and what Rolls could be useful... Will also re-read again the Psywar Rules now, to check on whatever strategies and negative results could be inflicted on our prospective foes.....
  9. The rumor grapevine of the various Biografts Maniacs that tried to gravitate around the Red Ankh Headquarters (hoping selfishly to profit from their generous distribution of Anti-Reject Nanotech and Silk-Based Therapies, often granted almost at no cost to volunteers for testing newer, radical experiments) started to hint that all of these weird characters related to the atypical O.N.G. were investigated by the "Boogeyman" of the Chimera Subculture... It was quicklys said that either Akh-Sekhmet, Shoujo Tora and also the relatively newcomer Doctor Amyah Bubastys Hamunaptrah were targeted by a lethal and mysterious enforcer that specifically targeted Biograft-enhanced Persons with Zoanthropic Gene-Modding... ..... The rightly feared (but still difficult to claim even existing) nightmare of any user of unsanctioned Biotech Implants, especially the more radical, illegal ones found amongst the Praxis Black Labs... The "Chimera Hunter", Bellerophon...!! Bellerophon is rumored to be a remnant leftover of the "Violent Intermission", the lethal pogrom-styled staged by A.L.E.P.H. to board and destroy the Nomad Mothership of Bakunin; supposedly was a sort of A.I.-Shard hosted in multiple Posthuman Bodies, rather than a single Recreation Lhost named after the mythological Greek Hero... Apparently the various legends about it (whatever was its real shape and function, if ever at all) was to conduct a personal "Campaign of Terrorism" against the more visible and charismatic of the Gene-Modded Chimera V.I.P. aboard the various Submodules dedicated to Animal Gene-Splicing; not only the Body (Bodies...??) of Bellerophon were state-of-the-art Military Cybernetics in custimized Lhosts, but were personalized for lethal "Asymmetric Warfare Subroutines" that adapted cleverly to any of the original and devious tactics often employed by Morlock Gang Leaders, Uberfallkommando Agents and Chimera Gladiators... Even when the whole of the "Violent Intermission" was successfully repelled it is rumored that Bellerophon was purposefully left behind to sow terror, uncertainity and dissent amongts the various Gene-Splicers Subcultures of Bakunin... When a succesfully Chimera myseriously vanish and is found dead and dismembered (often with the Cube irremediably destroyed by molten metals poured down the throat, a scary reminder of the tactic employed by the Hellenic Hero of Legend againts the Legendary Monster) there is always some crackpot tinheaded plot-theorist that scoff at the more probable culprit and claims "The Hunter Has Taken Another Trophy"... Obviously there are as many theories that dismiss how an Undercover Mind-Shard / A.I. Splinter of A.L.E.P.H. could possibly survive and thrive, right in the middle of a Nomad Mothership, building in secret spare Android Bodies in some abandoned Black Lab and constinuously donwloading its Artificial Consciousness after being destroyed is a ludicrous story, often employed as cheap newscast coverage by unscupolous Nomads Virtual Tabloids... Like the 20th Century sighting of the "Yeti / Sasquathc" randomly and periodically rumors of "Another Attack by the Chimera Hunter" resurfaces on ethe darkest recess of the Arachne Servers of Bakunin, and are given the same kind of coverage... ..... Nonetheless the leaders of the Red Ankh were warned soon by reliable Street Contacts that y their Bodyshop Free Clinics and their Headquarters was often seen nearby a mysterious Bounty Hunter that claimed to be specialized in capture of the most heinous Criminals amongst the Chimera Subculture (the so-called "Cannibals", crazed and serialistic Chimera that hunted young naives to surgically explants their shiny, brand-new Biografts to add to their own monstruous bodies.....!!!)... Apparently a gorgeous, but muscular and athletic Young Woman, with clearly an artificial Combat-Grade Lhost Body, hiding milspec hardware under an armoured trench raincoat and driving an A.I.-Assisted Cyberbike was asking more and more untoward, suspicious questions... What was alarming is that the Bike was christened "Pegasus" (as with the mythological winged horse of the Hellenic Hero of legendary yore) and that the Bounty Huntress claimed to be named "Belle" (as in "Southern Belle" or "Belle & The Beast", but also as a contraction of "Belle-Rophon" !!!).....
  10. As was due for a proficient bodyguard, then Amyah moved slightly some paces to keep up apparences to be ready to cover for Eddie's "Business Comlog Conference-Call", but tried to be still fully visible to the winking Ariadnan Biker... She did not mind whatever flirtatious advances were done by the inebriated Native of Planet Dawn, but at the moment ANY kind of opening was priceless to further advance the lagging investigation... Trying to appear focused and un-bored, but still relatively approachable if it was needed, she discretly surveyed that no one was trying to interlope on the Chimera... All the while She surreptitiously checked Her com-log, the relative absence of useful leads from the other half of the struggling "Merry Band of Detectives" was troublesome... .... [Trying to stay relatively nearby to Eddie to still give Him the Observation Bonus of the Advanced Sensor Suite (but still granting the necessary privacy), just in case... Shall I have some Rolls to do to be dutifully on Bodyguard Detail in an effective manner...??]
  11. It was refreshingly surprising for the "Haqqislamite Bodyguard" see that the Ariadnan Cowgirl was unarmed and in a relatively talkative good mood; not that the suave Nomad Chimera would have too much problems, but this would provide a far easier work for all... She politely ignored any other further issue with a "Kaffir Woman" drinking fermented beverages like fresh water and concentrated on trying to sense any interlopers lurking in the nearby parts of that debauched kermesse of Hyper-Elites and Parasytic Attendees... That kind of environment was totally off for Her, but a Special Forces Medic from Bourak is good at improvising and adapt to unforeseen circumstances and questionable intel and so She continued to trudge onwards in those "Unknow Waters"... A quick check to the Comlog signaled to the bronze-skinned exotic beauty that there were no further replies from the other tor wo team-members... Evidently even they were a little swamped by that difficult, alien environment... She patiently continued to stalk and lie in wait, like a Predator Cat hidden in the bush, with practices considered sacred by both Egyptian Lion-Headed Gods, the ferocious, cruel Hanur and the fierce, graceful Sekhmet.....
  12. Work still undergoing at a snail pace, because My new Digital Graphic Tablet has many unnecessary "Smartphone Apps" that are seriousl interfering with programs like Photoshop / Gimp / Mangastudio and so I'm continuosly shearing away unnecessary complicate interactions... Is very annoying that, after having expended so much money to go Full-Digital, still have to draw om Paper and then Scan the sheets... Unfortunately I have ready access only to a very subpar Technical Support, that at least is not very expensive.....!!!
  13. Work still undergoing at a snail pace, because My new Digital Graphic Tablet has many unnecessary "Smartphone Apps" that are seriousl interfering with programs like Photoshop / Gimp / Mangastudio and so I'm continuosly shearing away unnecessary complicate interactions... Is very annoying that, after having expended so much money to go Full-Digital, still have to draw om Paper and then Scan the sheets... Unfortunately I have ready access only to a very subpar Technical Support, that at least is not very expensive.....!!!
  14. Are those Sunrise "Gundam Z" images and references...?? Pretty good stuff for Inspirational Material, but still I will stay more as Conceptuals go towards the works of Masamune Shirow (both Appleseed and Ghost-In-The-Shell as previously said) and even more obscure, older stuff like Kya Asamya's "Madox Suit" (that are now a strong inspiration for the Ariadnan Blackjacks) and even Kenichi Sonoda's "Bubblegum Crisis" (for the Military Exoskeletons turned to Anti-Cyborg S.W.A.T. Squads, not the silly Main Characters with impossibly high heeled Powersuits, that are nonetheless a powerful starting image for the Nomads Riot Grrls)... Work still undergoing at a snail pace, because My new Digital Graphic Tablet has many unnecessary "Smartphone Apps" that are seriousl interfering with programs like Photoshop / Gimp / Mangastudio and so I'm continuosly shearing away unnecessary complicate interactions... Is very annoying that, after having expended so much money to go Full-Digital, still have to draw om Paper and then Scan the sheets... Unfortunately I have ready access only to a very subpar Technical Support, that at least is not very expensive.....!!!
  15. The gold-skinned woman with bronze-hued tanning made all efforts to stay cool and remain unperturbed by everything happening, but something was not right with those "Odalisques"... Usually the Bodyguard Battledancers of Bourak were trained to be the utmost of gentle courtesy and graceful poise at all times, Specially when menacing someone who harassed their appointed charge; those instead acted as crude, unrefined Street Thugs with a thug attitude that would have been not out of place on the infamous Module of the "Feminist / Terrorist" group of the Riot Grrls of Bakunin (whose bad temperament could easily be ascribed to be "If You Are Male, You Are Enemy; If You Are Female And Not One Of Us, You Are An Useless Idiot".....!!!) that She had the misfortune of meeting often during Her tenure in that Mothership... Perhaps they were of a particularly crude batch of "Specimens" (maybe hailing from Kum stock !!) or were simply belligerent babes that were filled with Milspec Grade Biografts and merely masqueraded as Odalisques; there was definitely something odd and menacing from all that weird bunch... As soon as the beautiful Chimera that She was safeguarding disentangled from the vulgar band, the attention of the Runihura Medic was focused on the Ariadnan Pilot chugging down literal liters of whatever toxic stuff those Primitives favoured... A little, scientifically detached part of Her mind was intent on analizing at purely visual levels that fascinating throwback to the earliest days of the Human Race pioneering extrasolary colonization (it was almost the "Polar Opposite" of the Haqqislamite Special Force Soldier, that had the first corrective Gene-Therapy even before Natural Birth, in the womb of Her Mother, that wanted to raise a perfect child with the best Eugenics available at the moment) but it was Her military istincts that were mostly at alert... If that Cowgirl was aggressively drunk and antagonistic towards the "P.R. Corp Exec" even a powerful, well-trained Cybergladiator like the Nomad could be at risk if facing an oversized Revolver Handcannon or even worse, one of those lethal Teseum-Edged "Bowie Knives"; those left particularly jagged cuts even on the best Subdermal Armours....a fact that the Army Medic had often fatigued to solve during some Black Ops went particularly awry... If was at all possible and the situation warranted it, then the Fake Odalisque would send a quick pinged Data-Infodump at the oter half of the Investigative Party... ..... [Secure Tac-Net Comms... Nathan, Chi Lin, everything good on Your parts...?? At the moment the Silk Lord and its Entourage of Pseudo-Odalisques are a dead end, apart from their insufferable Hyper-Elite brand of Rich Snobbiness... Our Boss is initiating Preliminary Contact Protocols with the Ariadnan Pilot of Team Coca-Cola; maybe if You are able to case Her Technical Support Team, it could be useful to cross-reference infos.....That is, if You two have not better leads down there... Let Us know when needed.....] ..... @Solodice Is possible for Amyah to size-up a little the Ariadnan Biker; maybe just to see if is dangerously inebriated or if is just a ruse...?? Let Me know if I have to do generic Observation Tests, some more in-depth, professional Medicine ones (like the ones done to Emre Tulki and its Babes' Gang, but maybe more difficult for the telltale Genetic Differences of Humans from Dawn !!) or even something different altogether... .....