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  1. We got tunes, we got confetti, we got guns. We're ready to party hard, party or die.
  2. If you walk into a battle versus Nomads on the Peyote, and that army looks like about a quarter of it or more is missing, well, watch your flanks... ...And then get hit by Spektrs who were hiding in the middle
  3. The Space Station Broke Before The Nomads Di- What do you mean that sounds a lot like something else? What? Sorry, forty thousand whats? Canada? Astro Military? No, this is a really bad transmission, there, I don't get what your objection is here.... Imperial what now? Aren't they Yu-Jing? Well, never mind, time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and we're all out of bubblegum. Well, okay, we have some left but it's that weird brand with the funny aftertaste and even then we've not really got that much bubblegum left. We might as well be out.
  4. Yeah, it's a little overcomplicated as a mission in ITS, but it's just one bad mission with a few too many elements in the mixture. Many of the other missions are based on some of the better missions, IMO, so it seems unfair to say that the entire second phase has awful missions.
  5. What does this little band of college kids even look like? Do we have any visual references or description of them?
  6. Let me just say, I warned everyone putting a microwave that close to the self-destruct system could cause confusion, especially since "defrost" was an option on the SDS for some reason. So if it turns out that's what happened, wasn't me. I was at Lo-Pan's.
  7. Never trust an upgraded Virtual Assistant. We've got your number, ALEPH... Or should I say SIRI! Yes, we found the truth, you're just an upgraded offshoot of an old American computer company's voice-activated assistant for cellular phones from the early 21st century, before that thing with all the bears!
  8. Actually, I've decided to just order something a little different straight off your webstore so can I change the split deal things to being any of the two kinds of Wildcat you have (ideally Aiming but Advancing fine), an Ariadna HMG Grunt, and the Ariadna 2 Flamethrower Minuteman? IIRC that's about £16.45 inc postage unless they can be thrown in with the bigger order?
  9. Would I be able to add a Nomad CCW Jaguar and an Ariadna 2 flamethrowers Minuteman to an order from your webstore of a full Nomad Jaguar box, a Spitfire Wildcat, and a US Ariadna Ranger Force starter?
  10. Could I also add interest in a Pan O Teutonic Knight and Fusilier Hacker?
  11. Are there any Icestorm Reverend Healers and/or Alguaciles currently available? Not picky with regards to Algies, any one at all. Or any two. Or all three.
  12. Since presumably there's only one Mobile Brigada with Boarding Shotgun available at the moment, would I be able to ask for an Ariadna HMG grunt instead of the Brigada? I may also be wanting to order something off your webstore if it's in stock when I have money, would I just mention that in any PM and/or order it through the webstore?
  13. Yeah, I'd be up for that, though I'd need to wait to this Friday to have money. I'd also at least be interested in the Icestorm Grenzer and a Mobile Brigada boarding shotgun if they're available.
  14. If they were to be available I'd actually be interested in everything from the Bakunin Starter EXCEPT the Sin Eater Long story short, I'm aiming to get the full box itself at some point and have ideas for conversions and weapon swaps for pretty much everything but the SEO.