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  1. I understand that, but having a unique identifier built into the system wouldn't be that hard. Then you could just get the ID/Code from the participating company.
  2. They really should have just linked it to the ITS Pin. You could still create more but it would be a lot more work and discourage some of the people doing it.
  3. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the quick answer. If it is not to much to ask, and so I can explain it to the group better then "WargameHub" said so, could you show me the rules on that? Here is the thread, hopefully it works as I'm stuck on Tapatalk at the moment and it's being argumentative. Took 20 minutes just to find the thing. some important questions about the pilot rule https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=45624&share_tid=47181&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Einfinitytheforums%2Ecom%2Fforum%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F47181-some-important-questions-about-the-pilot-rule&share_type=t
  5. 1: it's the pilot or remote pilot activating not the TAG so AROs are only against the pilot. You just appear behind the TAG. 2: No, you can't make them get out.
  6. @Spectre Senence If you get the chance check out the "Infinity - New England" Facebook group. A lot more regionally are active there, it's a really good community and even the tournaments are pretty laid back. I also added both the locations you play at to the map which is linked on pinned post of the Facebook group.
  7. My application and a few others were approved a few weeks ago. I think those were mostly or all older ones.
  8. I've used it and it works well. Also just having the Unknown Ranger makes them even more nervous about Van Zant whether you have him or not.
  9. Didn't, I called him out in it and walked out of the game. Problem is he cost us a couple of players with his attitude. Nowadays anyone pulls that they get to have a conversation with me, plus any rules disputes have a couple of minutes max, after that roll the dice for high/low and I'll look it up later. Then it's try to head of future disputes so I try to keep track of contentious rules.
  10. Delaying against Camo doesn't become an idle, you just lose your right to ARO so there isn't anything to roll. When Dodge has been announced the ARO has gone off so you should roll it even if you aren't being shot at, the only real change is it's now unopposed. All requirements for dodge have been met if you can select it as an ARO. There isn't anything about being shot at in the requirements. REQUIREMENTS The user must be able to draw LoF to the attacker.
  11. You have no idea. Ever dealt with a rules lawyer that was an actual lawyer? It's miserable... Did teach me that I need to be able to prove a ruling though which up to this point I've been able to do as Infinity is usually pretty specific. the fireteam calls it a bonus and then specifies bonuses or mods when it comes to the +1. This has been fascinating, while I will rule if it comes up that it's burst 2 max (and haven't been arguing it) nothing here truly proves it as assumptions need to be made and those get people into trouble. The closest language I could find seems to be Tinbot C and Marksmanship LX. The former states it's a marker state and the latter is very specific in how it operates. After a couple hours of rereading through rules it pretty consistent and almost always states "MOD" in it. Seems like it just needs a line calling it a bonus or modifier to shut down potential arguements. This could get interesting if Yan Huo Invincibles get a link team down the road. It's a marker state that modifies the profile to give full burst in ARO (by adding Neurocinetics). The example given says it gets full burst and can use the dual weapon. Oh well, to the other type of Mods (moderators) I think this one is done, the question has been answered to the best ability within the rules as written.
  12. That's not an answer to my question but thank you. As it stands the Fireteam language specifically calls on bonuses or MODS so I need to know where it lists the Enhanced Reaction and Overclock as Bonuses/MODs. I've spent a lot of time dealing with rules lawyers (and real ones) and just need that specific piece of information to prove it's burst 2 only.
  13. Question: Do Enhanced Reaction and Overclock count as bonuses or modifiers and if so where does it state that? Reason: this came up in a Facebook discussion where someone asked about interactions with a link team. The majority basically stated that a Unidron link with Enhanced Reaction was burst 2 in ARO. I conceded that this made sense even though I was taught differently and in the future will rule against burst 3. However in trying to prove it so that I can show anyone who has run the Unidron with both I'm unable to do so. Problem: Fireteam bonuses say: In the Reactive Turn, this +1 Burst bonus is not stackable with other bonuses or Burst MODs provided by other rules, Special Skills, Equipment, or Hacking Programs, except for those who specifically state otherwise. Modifier is defined as: In most cases, the circumstances of an action apply Modifiers (MODs) to the relevant Attribute before a roll is made. MODs, by increasing or decreasing the numeric value of an Attribute, denote the difficulty of the Skill at hand. A positive MOD applies when the Skill performed is easier than usual, and a negative MOD represents that the Skill is harder than usual. Enhanced Reaction says: Enhanced Reaction grants the target REM a Burst value of 2 in ARO. The issue is that nowhere in the ER rules does it say it is a bonus or MOD as it does in most other places. The closest I can come up with is the overview of hacking in the core rulebook where it says Supportware gives bonuses. Supportware. These programs are designed to aid allies in the fight, granting them certain combat bonuses. It may seem nit picky but I really like to be able to prove something I may have to rule on as a TO so I just needed to be pointed to where it says they are a bonus or MOD.
  14. Good luck, hardest part of the league is tracking everything. I built out a full spreadsheet for mine.
  15. MERCman same here. I have an escalation league going at the moment as part of our Infinity Monday's at the local store plus quarterly tournaments.