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  1. We had one touranment were the smaller ones were S2 height and the rest were infinite height. Figure out what works best for the board and it should be determined before the game.
  2. You shouldn't be looking up the troop profiles in army or the books during game. Points, SWC, LTs, Chain of Command are all closed information and by looking those up you are specifically trying to find information that is not supposed to be available in game. The ITS rules on cover what you are supposed to share for information: SPORTSMANSHIP All participants in an event, whether Organizers, Players, or guests, are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and considerate manner at all times. If a participant disrupts the good atmosphere of an event, the Organizer may penalize them or altogether remove them from play. Minimum player etiquette includes giving the opponent time to clearly see the results on your dice before picking them up, sharing with the opponent all open information from your army list and clarifying it as often as requested, waiting for the opponent to declare ARO whenever you spend an Order, etc. Also note the Open/Private info from the rulebook: OPEN AND PRIVATE INFORMATION Information in an Infinity game can be either Open or Private. Consider any piece of information on a player’s Army List that is not explicitly Private as Open and knowable to all. You must share Open Information about your Army List while you deploy your models during the Deployment Phase, and also any time your opponent asks during the game. Private Information is information you can keep to yourself that your opponent cannot ask about. Your Private Information remains secret until a specific game event forces you to disclose it. You are required to write down all Private Information before the game starts to show your opponent if necessary. These pieces of information are Private in Infinity: » Your troopers’ Cost and SWC. » The identity of your Lieutenant, whether the one originally fielded as such or one appointed in-game. » The presence of Hidden Deployment troopers. » The presence of Airborne Deployment troopers. » The presence of troopers disguised by Holoprojector (see Infinity. Human Sphere). » The contents of your Camouflage and TO Camouflage Markers. » The contents of your Impersonation Markers. » Any Special Skill, weapon or piece of Equipment possessing the Private Information Label. Private Information about a trooper becomes Open Information when that trooper falls Dead and is removed from play as a casualty ----------------------------------------------------------- Going down the what can and can't be a LT is a slippery slope. If you say what that a camo token could be a LT that really limits what it might be and in some cases gives it away completely. If you were to point at two camo tokens and one Grunt for instance and tell me those are the three that could be LTs all it would take is a quick glance at what else is on the table to guess the SWC since most of the camo LTs are two SWC. Another scenario, a Holo Projected Hafza LT is pretending to be Daylami Infantry which has no LT option, do you now have to tell the enemy that something that can't be an LT might be an LT? At that point if you have Holo as an option just point to all size 2 and say any of these could be an LT. Looking up the information on troop profile during the game explicitly goes against the rule about private information.
  3. No, I was just pointing out that recently the ladder/stairs were debated and what the result was.
  4. From the last time ladders were argued out you can climb them prone. It's because it's not climbing (no climb skill is used) and is treated as normal movement.
  5. The edge doesn't matter. Here is the actual rule. Prone troopers that are the target of a BS Attack declared by an enemy from a lower position than them will benefit from Partial Cover MODs against that attack. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Prone
  6. ** Warning, do not watch while drunk, or if you have epilepsy, or if you value your sanity.....
  7. I would say no but it doesn't stop you from creating a link out of them after they drop.
  8. I had to go out and get dinner so had some time to do nothing but think about this. I live in the middle of nowhere so running out to get food is at least a half hour process. ----------------------------------------------------- I think part of the problem with this is there are really three types of players, narrative players, meta campaign players, and those that don't care either way. The third group is just going to play so any changes don't really impact them (except front end changes). That leaves the disagreement between the narrative and meta players. This campaign by design rewards the meta campaign players over the narrative play. Constant and consistent battle reports push the narrative more with the ebb and flow of the battles. However the design means that a 3 point win posted when it happens is worth less than a 3 point bundled win. If we use the example today I believe that was 12 or 13 posted wins in one location. So a 36-39 point swing done by one person who is meta gaming and accounted for over 10% of the wins. The reason I say the bundled win is worth more is that rather than struggle back and forth, fight for locations, is that you no longer have the attack and counter attack. It actually makes more sense from a campaign perspective for every single person to hold their reports for the end of the phase. Another example is are the stars on the reports. Players are giving high stars to their factions (along with comments) and judging by the speed at which people are posting the comments they are just jumping from one to the next to get XP and not actually reading the batreps. To me it seems like the word "narrative" could be removed from the campaign since the campaign revolves more around meta gaming.
  9. It boils down to this, the campaign and Infinity are two very different games. Infinity is usually a friendly game, working through it with your opponent. Wotan is a game of "gotcha".
  10. What about a daily bonus? For example the faction that gets the most good reports in a location gets and extra X points there, second less than X, etc. Like everything else it could still be gamed but it's something that gives bonuses for getting the reports in each day consistently.
  11. Everything on the courtesy list is public knowledge. Same info becomes public when drop troops or camo troops show up.
  12. If this is the one I'm thinking of reporting 23 wins in a few hours and using the same EXACT pictures for different games just with different lines on it. You can even see the opponent's hand in exactly the same spot...
  13. Looking good.
  14. Never got fully resolved. He shows up as an opponent in matches but can't be found in the rankings.
  15. I'm fairly certain they don't lock until they are linked so as long as you put the scores in before the linking you won't have a problem.