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  1. Short answer ? No, it is not. Its handy to have all scenarios (although outdated) in one place, but it is something which can also be solved by every printer and 5 additional minutes of time. New classified cards are kinda also low value as art-work on them is kinda meh (quality is good, the way they are cutted in is extra meh) and not connected with objective.
  2. Humanity realising that Tohaa blown up their first sudo space colony ?
  3. Which still kinda sucks against ARM8 ....
  4. Well Fiday has at least rather weak PH, and still have to get through few STR points. Needing one roll to score 4 objective points after one failed ARM is something else
  5. Again pitchers exist and are great threat to models costing many points (in comparison where anti personal mines are not mortal threat to HI/TAGs, more of a nuisance), but already you have mentioned it You mean Heavy Drop Bear Launcher dropping them on 32" ?;P
  6. I think that's one of the reasons why mono has no "anti-material" tag. Some missions would just be too easy for some factions.
  7. Aren't Wu Ming benefiting from chain rifles and SMG profiles ? (I've only faced them once) There's only 1 discounted profile on MO being 1.5 SWC for Spitfire Santiago (further reduced to 1 SWC but for Lt option). There's technicly also 1.5 SWC FK ML but well, I don't think it's very popular profile even with this discount (except for some quirky Joan CO schaneningas). I really need to start bringing it shop and just beat stick everyone who has some doubts around Aleph (just remember only to beat veterans as that would surerly discourage newer players from actually playing this amazing game). Well there a running argument that Asura is "undergunned", and as much as it might sligtly hold water (although MSV3 specialist and MR is bit much to ask) there is similar if not bigger problem of KotHS who don't even have option of being a specialist. (asura has almost best single HI anti-hacking defence HI can get, MSV3 to reliably kill any skirmishers and specialist& 2.5W to secure and hold mid-field objectives)
  8. No problem Remember, if something seems fun it's probably not a PanO toy ;P My problem would be that it actually is hard to compare with Speculetive Fire. I value mostly speculetive fire because it can get to places where my troopers cannot (as there is only 1 climbing+ and 1 superjump unit in PanO), rooftops etc. to dig out those pesky infiltrators/snipers/ARO. Dropbear range of 8 usually means that I might only place it in postition where I will be "shortly" (although for MI it means at least 2 orders, and yes I understand an advantage of ability to move in other direction while shooting it somewhere else). Mayby my understand of Drop Bears is lacking and instead of are denial, blocking, roadblock equipment I should treat it as "win harder", or force multiplyer instead. Damn I need to make BF/OS MO link soon. Btw. I have to dig a bit but I wonder how it's price relate to Crazy Koalas, as I've a feeling they are cheaper while being superior to dropbears.
  9. I would agree that Frenzy discount on link teams (Magisters, Hosp, Santiagos, Haramaki, Domaru, Rriot) is kinda iffy, but in current state of game it would be almost death sentence to take it away from those links (as HI already have many disadvantages, soft and hard counters) thus making 5 man HI links really expensive and uwieldy ;/ Without those discounts suddenly you have a core ORCs link (somehow more expensive and in theory better stats) which is taking about ~200 pts (so almost like Doom Link, while being severly weaker than it without option to fallback on Inspiring Leadership for cheap orders).
  10. Dear user please do not mistake Drop Bears with Crazy Koalas ;P
  11. Yes I know, I just wanted to be extra sure as it's kinda rare occasion when it is beneficiar (for someone trying to disengage from the drone).
  12. So quite a niche situation, but was wondering if it really works this way. Let assume we have a trooper in a stunned state engaged with an drone (how this poor fella got into this situation is left to the reader's imagination). Poor fella wants to get out of the range of cold, metal and electric probes of said drone, and drone tries to peacefully subdue human overlord with it's electric discharge. We know that Electric Pulse disallows use of any modifiers to CC or PH. Does it mean that in this rare occasions our poor fella while declaring dodge is actually benefiting from a fact that drone tries to attack him with electric pulse as his "stunned" modifier (-3 to all rolls) is actually cancelled ?:) tldr; stunned guy tries to perform dodge against drone's electric pulse, is this beneficiar for stunned guy due to electric pulse cancelling harmful stunned modifier ?
  13. It's not me advocating some units should be cheaper basing on availability/equipment of other units. Over and out bro.