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  1. I would rather guess that's a typo than a show off superior PanO engineering who can additionally put a knife into S1 cubicle. No, they pay 0 for WIP13 and PanO pay 0 for WIP10. I would rather inherit 1M dollar (zero cost income) rather than 1k dollars (zero cost income).
  2. Plus one could hope that faction described as "tag specialist" gets same level of improvement as others. And no I don't think that PanO should have WIP20 Crabbot (we are in the end not Aleph, if something like that existed they would get it), but even something so minor as "panO tags reset LOCKED on +3 WIP due to superior wiring/training/whatever" would be nice. Being vanilla doesn't mean being flaworless.
  3. Damn, we just got triplets here!
  4. Considering how well was it's twin brother doing not exactly.
  5. <>
  6. And we all know how well it ended. Oh and btw. Acheron must fall somehow, so breakup in the HS alliance against CA might be a good reason for that (or at least catalisator).
  7. Sory but with your fame it sounded almost like the top important quality/information about those characters which we are missing atm. (or at least I've read it this way) @ad rem: Well from fluff perspecive they can even be a replitian speculo hackers in impersonation ;P
  8. Missed that. Was always looking into pilot/manned rules and never truely checked Ejection System rules (well I thought it's more or less self-explanatory).
  9. Well better bring E/Marats and E/Mitters ... oh wait... At least for 6 months everyone can bring big amount of E/M weaponary for cheap.
  10. That's why when you are active player and using a link you dont want to hug your link members as any FtF shooting you do against someone with template can mean that your buddies will eat shots and you won't be able to do anything about it.
  11. Zomg. So Ejection System manned tags provide orders untill pilot is dead and "normal" manned tags stop providing orders as soon as TAG itself is down ?o0
  12. No, you can use crabbot only from TAG (only TAGs have crabbots). REMs have only remote:presence and they have no "pilot" nor secondary profile.
  13. @Lightbulb That's a really nice list.
  14. So a small recap: If a R:P Tag want to release a drone, player spents an order, declares "dismount" thus remote pilot appears in B2B with a TAG must move short skill and have a secondary support skill up to the player. TAG itself is never activated. In case of mounting remote pilot to TAG must be in B2B with pilot/remote pilot. TAG declares "mount" thus removing pilot/remote pilot from table. TAG must make a movement short skill and it's free to decide what second skill he will use. Pilot/remote pilot is never activated. Do I get it right ?