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  1. But why ? In vanilla he still "have" to suffer from frenzy. In MO he at least has an option to link and "nullify" frenzy disadvantages. And I really do not think that they are too cheap in MO. Srsly as much as MO is blocked from having cheap order generators (looking at you Kuang Shi), Hospitallers are ok (powerfull but not that broken). And let be honest, if you link Hospitaller you are already going to invest ~100-150 pts into this link (or go completly alone and "suffer" frenzy).
  2. When I start playing Tohaa and decide to lose some friends I will field this list.
  3. I want to point out that you cannot directly compare a Harris to a Core link. MO has only CORE (and Santiago Duo). Hospitallers take only core slot, while in ASA/NCA you can still make a normal core of Regulars/Fusiliers/Bag-Marhi/Bolts.
  4. You know that in Zero-G Tables Flip You (also) ?
  5. Ok I have no problem with that, I'm just looking for exact rule which well, explains the situation.
  6. Well I'm just about to finally finish paiting mine Magister so yeah, resculp can be imminent ;P
  7. But you cannot draw it due to no visibility zone. Allows the user to respond with a Face to Face Roll to Attacks (and only Attacks) directed at him by an enemy inside his Zone of Control, even without LoF to the attacker and regardless the facing of the user.
  8. So 5 man link team is all in smoke and being attacked by the intuitive attack with chain rifle. Can every member of link team make a F2F roll against the attacker although some members of the link have additionally LoF blocked by their mates (so 1st of all there's a smoke, but due to SS2 they can respond with shooting) ? Does the SS2 work if your LoF is also blocked by your own troopers ?
  9. Thanks, did you do texture yourself or is it some bought resin base?
  10. @LaughinGod How did you do this base (or where did you bought it)?
  11. Buy Magister box (as there are no rumors of soon resculp). Buy Santiago box as they are still lookiing superb although they are old. Wait for a new general release Joan and Hospitaller box (should be released somewhere this year).
  12. Np. MO has one of the most complicated firetam composition rules (most exceptions and special rules).
  13. Check Fersen rules in army "Fersen counts as Knight Hospitaller for Fireteam composition" "Fireteam:Core (Hospitallers)"