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  1. Isnt every year a year of Yu-Jing?
  2. Well if it was the frikking only way to get order sergeants I'm not suprised at all. (yes it was said that they might not want to resculp MO starter as it still sells well, which makes me sad ;( )
  3. Well actually MO could use some few less swordy sculps. Knights are ok (although thank almighty God that Santiago spitifire is 360 degree so it is at least sometimes possible to fit him). Black friar is an good example to minitature which really doesn't need that sword....
  4. " slightly superior Willpower Attribute " if +3 WIP is slight improvment what is a mighty PanO +1BS in comparison ?;P
  5. Unfortunetaly 2nd TAGLINE article doesn't spoil information about TechBee profile
  6. Oh, sory then missed rumors about Minuteman. Is this thing long overdue for USAF ? (except for highly hyped Blackjacks)
  7. I think we are in wild speculation mod atm.
  8. @HellLois No 2nd part of TAG pilot article this week ?:(
  9. @Interplanetario Can we update once sent form ? (for example by sending it again)
  10. Nah, just a casual Friday ;P
  11. Aquila model has something which he should never have, Seraph is rumored to get his increase in Sillete (S6-S7) by a whoopsie of sculptor not being informed/not informed well about size requirements and puf we have S7 Seraph Not putting too much importance into that (except the fact that Aquila really could have some shoulder thingy ;P), just wondering Well wouldn't count that as mess up ;P (moiras anyone ?:P) Caskuda was removed because of game balance reasons or others ?
  12. As we are on this topic, did other factions have as much luck as PanO to have models messed up (Seraph and Aquila makes score of 2 for PanO) ?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't French always (at least in N3) had an access to Anaconda ? Another funny part of infinity is that S5 (big units) power armor guys (named Heavy Infrantry in Infinity) are more menacing that some more powerful S2 (standard size) heavier armored/upgunned guys.
  14. Oh wait so Ariadna has no Scarface/Anaconda ?
  15. Any news about TechBee profile will be released probably tomorrow.