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  1. Well this is kinda standard team for Montesa, but biggest problem is table. If he is in too much open position he might die horribly to WB. If the position in secure enough it might be too order heavy to move him out of it to engage targets ;/
  2. Oh yes just like Orcs do!.... ... oh wait.....
  3. Well we are in PanO forums so obviously we cannot have anything along those lines.
  4. I like this middle finger to WB templates, for full dlavor it need chest mines.
  5. You know that would be better and cheaper than 5 man OS link team ? (1 pts cheaper while having LSG, doctir and specialsit)
  6. I would call CC23 no MA great CC...... (especially with no options to deliver him into CC) Well he used to be quite unique with his ARM5 BTS9, now there's quite a few such units. Spitfire being only usefull, if you take specialist you are stuck with combi (for 50 or almost 50 points). ML although existing is kinda strange on such platform and extremaly situational (mayby have use if you take Joan and want to make some coordinated strikes, but when not to take a Teuton for that (with his panzerfaust, you won't probably coordinate more than 2 shots)). BSG is decent that's true. Honorable mention to at leaast a breaker pistol he gets (but if you want to shoot pistol then you are almost that close for optional CC). So you take HD in order to make offensive hacks ? Or are you taking it to enable drones, put support programs and hope not to die horribly to all those nice enemy KHD ? As funny as it sounds I would say that MO is also suffering due to it being such "poster boy".
  7. Techbee from gameplay is quite good unit. It's easy to fit 5 points and if you are specialist starved that the cheapest option. Can be used as sudo delegate and in time of need could be turned regular but usually PanO plays (with some exception in NCA) 1 main combat group while 2nd is rather low on orders (you usually keep there only ARO pieces which doesn't require that many orders). But back to point. She's bad for game health as her "buff" is quite expensive for what it does (+1 WIP for 5 pts if you go for that), does not explain why all PanO crapbots are only WIP10. She's bad as a design due to outlook, irregular soldier in PanO. She's bad because she buff Joan even more, and Joan never needed a buff in a first place (she's amazing, there's no reason why you should buff her even more). She's not a 2nd engineer option for PanO (;P) She gives a "table wide buff", something kinda new in mechanic (with exception to EVO, but this one is more generic and available to all except those who couldn't use it - Ariadna/Tohaa). Direct "buffing" other units by stat increase is a dangerous practive in game development and can very quickly became cancerous. Wasn't it also that CB changed her rules last second due to players feedback ?
  8. So much this ;( Already taken by Yu-Jing (on a side not you aware that Techbee is a unit bad for faction and game health?) And what exactly does it change ? (or read: while complete redesign of rather niche unit with no sectorial should not be possible ? mind that one of 2 most useful profiles just got axed) Yes but this is exactly the point (?), they are workable but there's nothing that special about them (or except for this possible crazy MSR). Again why not giving them BSG with option of Stun ammo OR something in the lines of ADHL/Emitter ?
  9. Ok so we found out that for some reason PH is as expensive as BS and us very often used to bloat the costs of a unit without giving it any "table" power (or very limited).
  10. Kamael calculations might be off due to whole Triad thing. And sorry as I genue didn't catch initially what you wanted to say.
  11. Where have you found Line Kazak with Combi ?
  12. Caledonian Volunteers versus Fusilier or Line Kazak versus Fusilier ? Bashi Bazauk Line Kazak gets +1 PH and +1 WIP over fusilier while he has rifle and costs 1 pts less than Fusilier (while having -1 BS).
  13. .... were interesting, PanOwasnt PanO and general PanO was getting something nice. So let us tune a bit into power of magic and belive something new and interesting! Obviously this topic has no sense as CB released the Kamau stats and nothing out of it will make any presence in reality (well obviously mayby some other faction will get new toys based on following discussion). But for now let us belive in magic! Kamau Aquantic Division [Believe in Magic section] Regular, Not Impetuous MOV4-4 CC13 BS13 PH11 WIP13 ARM1 BTS6 S2 W1 AVA:3 (TOTAL in Varuna) Special Skills: Negotiator • Aquatic Terrain [Friendship is magic subsection, can link] Kamau Combi, Pistol Knife (0 | 16) Kamau HMG, Pistol Knife (1 | 24) Kamau MSR, Pistol Knife (1.5 | 24) Kamau Paramedic Combi, Pistol Knife (0 | 18) Kamau HD Combi, Pistol Knife (0 | 24) Kamau Boarding Shotgun (Stun+Nanotech ammo), D-charges, Pistol Knife (0 | 18) (-1 for BSG, +1 for Stun, +1 Nanotech, +1 D-Charges) (first thing to axe is nanotech, but hey we can only deam about Pulzars....) Kamau Forward Observer Combi, Pistol Knife (0 | 17) Kamau Specialist Operative Combi, ADHL Mines, Pistol Knife (0 | 19) (well let say that those mines will cost +2 pts) Kamau Haris ADHL, Combi , Pistol Knife (0.5 | 19) (+1 for Haris, +2 for ADHL) eventaul option would be to remove ADHL and give them Stun Pistol Kamau HRL, SMG , Pistol Knife (1.5 | 19) Kamau Lieutenant Combi / Pistol Knife, AP CCW. (0| 16) [Loniness is sad subsection, can't link] Kamau (CH: Limited Camouflage, Forward Deployment Lv2, MSV2 )Marksman Rifle / Pistol Knife. (0 | 32) (+3 for rifle over combi, +6 for FD2 with CH:LI, +2 for MM1 quite unsure about pricing here, +5 for MSV2 usual love price for PanO) Kamau (CH: Ambush Camo, Forward Deployment Lv2, Cicadas skill, Sensor ) Combi, Deactivator / Pistol Knife. (0.5 | 24) (+6 for FD2 with CH:LI, +1 Cicada, +1 Deactivator) **Negotatior** - you get +3 WIP to any synchronise civilian skills (believe in funny quirky skills!) **Cicada skills** - [Optional] you count as moving in Difficult Terrain but you do not trigger mines, or perimeter weapons, (believe in magic - PanO can now also do not care about particular set of rules, we noaw rules exceptions). Yes I know what cicada really do that's intentional "joke". Obviously last 2 profiles are kinda powerful but Limited Camo with MSV 2 is not that powerful when you have interventor in game. Ambush camo is kinda neccesary for a Camo Unit without any friends to create mind games (assumption that this will be only camo in Varuna).
  14. So again whole unit must pay for single profile ? (as if they didn't knew how to inflate single profile like Hexa MSR)
  15. Ho ho, ha ha ... bezbek.