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  1. Probably But I'm just speaking about "general" rule
  2. And eat double shotgun with -3 to dodge ? No thank you. Which is zero value added as only vialable profile is spitfire (srsly who want's to pay 51 pts for plain combi with nothing more added) ?
  3. I think that Joan shouldn't be afraid of Fidays at all (she really shouldn't take more than 2 wounds). Speculo is again a problem but it's usuall monofilament roullete. Al Djabel has a marginal advantage over Joan after first attack (obviously suprise attack is big advantage). I think that Joan is good defense on herself (as usually Haqq/CA players won't go for this high risk/high reward play), and investing another 56 pts in her defence (just for defence sake) is kinda overkill and list gimping. And I miss time in MO when you could take 5 Joans plus 5 man HI link team ;(
  4. Then read tournaments rules. If you have more than 1 identical model in link (so 3 Bolt Spitfire/Paramedics) you only have to have 1 "full legal" model and rest can be other ordinary Bolts. But still if you want "legally" play bolt paramedic on tournament you have to buy Icestorm Expansion/find lone bolt paramedic.
  5. I explicitly wrote about Holo2. Using only Holo1 is obviously vialable but again, you are willingly downgrading plus losing an order if you want to go kill something with KotHS.
  6. Pffffff, you know the change which had had happened to Holo2 in HSN3 ? On a start of your active turn you have to tell opponent that you have holo2 (place marker in b2b with one of holoechos). Yea, and you have 3 unlinked fusiliers in 8'' for no reason ? The only thing which goes for KotHS is that he is so rarely used that some people forgot that he even exist (and that MO can actually have Holo2).
  7. You could argue that the old bug in ARMY6 still allows of legal play of Kamau LGL And dont forget that those 2 player who use bolts in tournaments also have to buy expansion as Bolt Paramedic is now an official model
  8. So as long as enemy A can chose a point where your active trooper is outside of smoke and visible to him you won't get a dodge against his ARO and he will be able to (probably shoot) attack you unopposed. Smoke can result in dodge to several AROs but only those which will be totally blocked by smoke cloud during whole path when they had LoF to your active piece.
  9. Excuse me but you are wrong. BS can easily go above 20 (for example Atalanta shooting at TARGETED enemy without cover will hit on BS23), Hospitaller Knight with BSG shooting at coverless target while being in 5 man link team can hit on BS23 (BS26 if target is TARGETED). Compare him to KotHS and he seems quite equal in general capabilites even without FAT2..... (not to mention cheaper) Well last time I've looked into rules Tarik did not get price increase when getting FAT2.... (didn't he receive something like point decrease ?) Funny enough Tarik has better chances of wounding hard targets (for example like Gecko in cover) than Seraph which does cost 30 pts more (who has big lists of additional weakneses). Heck even KotHS with surprise shoot is worse at wounding Kriza in cover than Tarik (hilariously Tarik is also better than him in CC, and doesn't give a damn about repeaters ^^). Everyone can ignore rules/stats like armor/BTS thus I support removing ARM/BTS completly as redundant rule ^^
  10. Which is extremly niche (actually it's most usefull in mission like Grid due to big amount of static targets).
  11. What does Pathfinder do in this comparison ? So how about MA giving Assault 1 and some people having Assault 2 for no penalty to their CC ? Assault with Electric Pulse would be pretty broken imho ;/ (like Assault 10' on most drones, or Assault 12" on Fugazi ^^)
  12. Currently it's -3 penalty Yes, I'm aware that this "rework idea" is kinda bit complicated mechanicly (as there is currently nothing similar to it). That's quite a downside (new mechanic to learn for all players).
  13. Another example of Jammer needing it's own rule to streamline rules
  14. So... I'm not a fan of current Assault skill (obviously), LoF requirement makes it quite hard to use, as it forces you to enter at least one shooting F2F with a target which usually is bad for you (if it wasn't bad why do you ever bother with trying to get into CC?o0). It has built in diadvantage of giving you further -3 to CC, when the enemy will usually try to perform BS attack which is done when assaulting piece cannot claim cover (another bonus for defender). So mayby Assault could use following addition/rework: Target of an Assault attack must first pass WIP roll (similar to guts roll) before being allowed a declaration of ARO. In case of WIP roll the target/victim of Assault cannot declare an ARO/can declare ARO with -X modifier (-6 ? -9 ?) Some units with Courage, Religious, Veteran could give you another way of immunity (auto pass) to this check (as those troopers should not be scared by some crazy maniac sprinting at them with rather big sword/axe/tentacle). Thoghts/comments/insults ? (obviously I think best would be to kick out LoF requirement from Assault, but I feel that could be a bit too much, and make this skill extreme "snowball" option if some CC monster gets into cheerleaders in DZ ...)
  15. Why so many hackers ?