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  1. ChoK - I don't recall seeing a reply regarding the latest Ayyar in the Haqq Starter box, Is there a price and a waiting list I could consider please?
  2. Hey Cho, how much are you doing the new Haqq Starter's Ayyar please?
  3. The balance looks skewed from my viewpoint. I'd like to see that shoulder mounted monstrosity moved elsewhere, like under the left arm, stored on the pack board, or just dropped onto the base as wreckage. Why didn't they do the mounting point somewhat further up the body of the rifle to give it counterbalance? I think an SMG unit on both arms would go a little way in helping balance out the model.
  4. First I've seen of this update! I have to be honest, I need to go find in the original thread who's supposed to be the Riot Grrl because I can't see it - even the moderator male has more armour than the rest put together! I'm happily surprised that despite the copy-paste dossier they decided to go for two very different poses with the Morlock and Sin Eater - well done! Shame they then duplicated two styles of pose across the other four. Hopefully a better image will do them justice.
  5. If you dislike the Moran models like many, just proxy with a Nomad Spec Ops guy who can temporarily double up for any other sculpt you might be missing during list creation.
  6. With regards to the Druze duo additional model (not the Ltd Ed female Hacker), might I recommend getting the Haqqislam Spec Ops guy instead of one of the Druze models ? He comes with a few additional weapons which you can use for customising any other miniature in the future, plus the model itself is sold with the idea that it can be used as a proxy. I sorta hope they will re-make the Druze on par with the female hacker sculpt and using the Spec Ops for now might be safer if they were to do so.
  7. From my inexperience, I recommend re-reading all the rules to go with your camo troops. You need to make sure that you're aware of all their potential for deployment, movement, modifiers for discovery and shooting etc, and re-camo'ing. Last thing you want is to deploy at your starting zone only to read half way through the game that you had infiltration! If you wanted more information on Van "Z"ant, then there's plenty of stuff via the search option Good luck!
  8. Devil Dogs have AVA of 3 in USARF and AVA of only 1 in Vanilla.
  9. If they had given the Anaconda to USARF, I'd have one on my order list Probably a lot of opportunities missed if they truly wanted to sell old TAG's.
  10. Read around the forum - it's part of the TAGLINE event thing that's going on for Season 8 ITS It's not just Haqq Vanilla who get Scarface!
  11. Yeah, painting the TAG's tabard white would help to blend it in more for sure. I would also say something around the wrist area wouldn't go amiss to break up the large dark areas (from that rear shot of back/legs/arms). If you didn't want to do that, perhaps a few more highlights around the weapon's handle area to show the wear from being used etc, maybe the feet too if you plan to put them on a dark floor. I really like how you've done your fusiliers with a nice soft blend of colours and that popping beret, great job painting the whites - tough colour to make smooth and solid
  12. I wish there were places in the UK who did 40% off stuff - that would be a miracle in and of itself ! Mind if I ask if that's an online retailer or some local store ?
  13. Now that's a good looking (and efficient) use of the starter pack and additions - thank you! The Spec Ops is definitely a valid inclusion for purchases - I'd think that with the Auxbot from the Peacemaker you could easily re-use them together for the Guarda De Assalto as an example.
  14. You could limit your collection requirements if you wanted to opt for a Limited Insertion style list (single group so approx 10 models). Best options here is to run a Vanilla list giving you access to almost everything - but would require you to run the slightly costlier models in terms of points. You could then pick up some of the nice individual purchases like the new Spetsnaz models, Tankhunter, Col Voronin, Van Zant, Unknown Ranger, Scout etc. Then later on choose whichever sectorial starter you want and add in models appropriately building your Vanilla options and your sectorial beginnings. I've ended up starting a USARF collection but really want to grab some Wulvers, Uxia and the Kazak's I've listed - so spoilt for choices I like that I'll end up mixing them together for a Vanilla list. The downside would be trying to learn the game the hard way with an elite list and limited options, maybe not so advisable
  15. @Stiopa I think you sorta hit the nail there. I appreciate fully where you're coming from and know that down the line my OCD in collecting will probably see me buying most things to allow flexibility. But since I'm already in the middle of that problem with other Sectorials, I've been trying hard to limit myself to minimum and 'wise' purchases Glad to hear that I wouldn't be too out of sorts if using the Father Knight as a proxy until a second Montesa is released. @Lazarus0909 Ah so the Dronbot box gets the better of the recommendations? I'll make a note of that cheers. I'm not a fan of Rem's at all in honesty, but if it pulls together the list, I'm a lot more open to suggestions. Do you guys find that it's quite acceptable to proxy one Rem / bot for another rather than buying every box option?