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  1. Thanks, that does clear it up a bit. There's always the option of disabling multitasking-popout on a per-user base, but that requires that the end user actually do some minor work. I for one will disable the feature since I have no use for multitasking on my iPad. Would it perhaps be simpler to do some form of clickable checkbox rather than swiping for states? Or, mark model, set state in the right window while in play-mode? Just lobbing a thought out there, if it's any use. Still, excellent work and I do prefer using Mayanet to Army while playing.
  2. While the states are similar for the basic order count it's kinda nice to have an overview of who's just out cold and who's splattered over the pavement from a user point of view. Especially if I screencap for further reference once the game is done. Apart from that, my slightly clumsy paws tend to pull in the "image"-app when trying to set characters to dead. It's on the same side on my iPad, swipe right-to-left, hello images. By all means, no hurries. I am rather curious on your thoughts on what to do for it as well, just as a feature-teaser. Also, any thoughts on Army code import?
  3. I do love MayaNet. I was however wondering if the play-mode will be updated in the future, say with proper states for unconscious and similar?
  4. I like it. Now, I might only get one or two games a week but I'd like to help. I'll PM you my adress.
  5. I support this wholeheartedly. Fold up the spindly legs and strap a jetpack to it and hey presto; Bakunin tech at it's best instead of todays flying crab.
  6. Lunokhod sputnik. Nice utility-rem that one. Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  7. Pardon the thread revival, but will the assembly instructions be made available again?
  8. I've gone for the comm-tech civvie as my clockmaker/Zoe. Still not sure on pi-well though... Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  9. I approve strongly! Solid work and it makes me want some haqq as well...
  10. I did an ugly filler with superglue for mine, but I only had a 1mm gap or so. Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  11. Sweet, good job!
  12. Thanks, if I forage further into PanO I reckon that I'll do more Nisses and Svalarheima-themed stuff. I've always been a dead sucker for the frozen armies. I take it you do the classic form of basing in that case and create each from scratch?
  13. Well then, bases have arrived and gotten a few licks of paint. Now, just a curious question - offsize models that doesn't quite fit their proper base size - any efficient solutions bar cutting and reslicing bases?
  14. Well, so I decided I'd venture into the world of Infinity. As the years've gone I've more and more seen myself as a painter than a gamer. So, here's some bits and bobs without their proper bases for now. First up : Nomads and PanOceania