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  1. Nah, he's simply pandering for up-votes.
  2. That''s how Morats decide who gets to pick the video for movie night.
  3. The PIlot and TAG are the same unit. One doesn't exist without the other.
  4. Daturazi fluff kind of precludes this, sort of. Daturazi are mentioned having rites for initiation that make other Morats uneasy and if it wasn't for their glory in battle they might not be tolerated. The Rasyat, Yaogat and Daturazi, imo, would be on the far end of the "Kill'em All!" genocide spectrum. I could see a faction of Morats on the other end of that (Morat defined) spectrum with the radical hippie idea of "Ask if they are willing to be slaves before killing anyone who resists and forcing slavery upon them!" Somewhere in the middle would be the moderate Morat majority of "Kill any who resist or who might resist, enslave the rest unless they need killing, or look at you funny, or speak in a Morats presence, or you are bored."
  5. Good point. I so seldom even look a the pilot profile that both having cubes never registered. I would guess that the appropriate answer is the pilots cube is the only cube and the TAG's profile represents being manned. If a TAG isn't manned it's Locked and inert. But until someone official says so, who knows.
  6. Like IJW said, you can't Sepsitorize a machine since they don't have cubes. It's the pilot that is affected by the Sepsitor. The pilot is authorized by the TAG to use it, nothing would change as far as the TAG is concerned. The Pilot, even dismounted, and it's TAG are the same unit. Why wouldn't you?
  7. If the model goes Unconscious it Explodes at the conclusion of the order. It is simply a template weapon that goes off. Only after Explode happens does the model(Gaki in this case) enter the Dead state and is then removed from the table. The order that puts the Gaki Unconscious ends, then Explode takes place as an Obligatory action. The Engaged state doesn't end until the Dead Gaki is removed after Explode is resolved. Anything under the template is hit. The Explode effect is a template weapon unrelated to anything going on on the table and is resolved as a unique action at the end of the order.
  8. The template hits everything under it, the CC state no longer applies.
  9. Not at all. I would rather see the correct response so I can be correct in the future. My hang up is that the Active unit never leaves the smoke and the Reactive unit can't draw LoF until he reacts to getting shot at. I do understand what you are saying though. Regardless, the Reactive unit will be taking a -6 BS mod due to the smoke.
  10. I thought since the Reactive unit was reacting to the second short skill (shoot), not the first short skill (movement), the Reactive trooper can't choose to shoot at the earlier location?
  11. Trooper B would be returning fire at the location where Trooper A shot from, so Trooper A would get Cover. Trooper B wouldn't see Trooper A moving out of cover so Trooper B can't target his ARO against that location.
  12. Did Trooper A leave the smoke during the move short skill or is he still in smoke when he shoots?
  13. Unlike US western expansion Ariadna was helped along with better than modern technology and knowledge. A modern first aid kit the size of a small book could conceivably save a dozen or more people that might have died from infections or other injuries in the mid-1800's. @Col = ninja.
  14. It's problematic in that it can easily suffocate someone and takes forever to clean up. It's actually very effective.
  15. Um... Weaponized adhesive foam has been around for a couple of decades. It's just really problematic.