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  1. Why had that analogy never crossed my mind?
  2. Download the quick start rules. Those will run you through a three-on-three scenario that's easy to follow.
  3. People always seem to complain (if that helps) about a Yaogat fireteam. MSV2 with panzerfausts, spitfire, or sniper rifles is never a welcome sight. An Ikadron hovering near the fireteam to reload panzerfaust's can also bring about some grumbling from the other side of the table. I have become fond of two Yaogat combi/panzerfaust's and a spitfire in a Haris. A couple of Daturazi or Oznat core with smoke LGL and Hungries makes for fun mass smoke shenanigans.
  4. Probability is the likelihood of something happening. Dice don't give a damn about probability.
  5. No one seems to register that those percentages are never going to be accurate. No one can play enough games in a year to make any one of those percentages they tout statistically accurate. As a very rough guideline they are okay to reference, but nothing more than that.
  6. So what part of this is unclear? Shoot something with Structure, Shock becomes Normal.
  7. The bio-constructs being similar is fine, but the point is that it is the COMBINED Army. A force made up of who knows how many different species from across unfathomable distances. Diversity is good and the army feels lacking in it to me.
  8. It should be easy to cut, trim and re-glue the models as needed. A sharp blade and some high grit sandpaper should be all that is needed.
  9. I finally came up with something... Regular, Impetuous, No Cube Mobility Form MOV 8-4 CC 13 BS 12 PH 12 WIP 12 ARM 3 BTS3 W1 S4 MI, Motorcycle, Mechanical Transmutation, Kinematika L1 Combat Form MOV 6-2 CC 14 BS 12 PH 14 WIP 12 ARM 6 BTS3 W1 S5 HI, Mechanical Transmutation Kinematika L2, Hyperdynamics L1, Super-Jump Dismounted MOV 4-2 CC 13 BS 12 PH 12 WIP 12 ARM 3 BTS3 W1 S2 MI, Heavy Pistol These may make it easy:
  10. DAMNIT! She had crossed my mind, but I was stuck on GitS and Macross 7 for some reason(which made no sense).
  11. The only redeeming quality of the gun is the Morat influence.
  12. Because I was bored..... A quick and dirty version sans rifle and tail.
  13. Achilles is also quite allergic to the plasma Q-drone.
  14. It would be better without the tail and the gun.
  15. No, no he is not....