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  1. DAMNIT! She had crossed my mind, but I was stuck on GitS and Macross 7 for some reason(which made no sense).
  2. The only redeeming quality of the gun is the Morat influence.
  3. Because I was bored..... A quick and dirty version sans rifle and tail.
  4. Achilles is also quite allergic to the plasma Q-drone.
  5. It would be better without the tail and the gun.
  6. No, no he is not....
  7. The Engineer has the Engineer skill. The Engineer receives the Order. The Engineer performs the skill based on their WIP roll. The bot fixes whatever needs fixing or does damage based on how the Engineer rolls. The rules are very clear. Bots don't have the skill, the Doctor or Engineer have the skill. The bot is a vehicle for the Doctor or Engineer to be able to use their skills remotely, like a Hacker through a repeater. Why are you trying to make the word "Perform" into a game defined term of some sort? This isn't Warmahordes where words need to have new definitions applied to them to make the system function. A "Skill" is a specific game term, a "WIP roll" is a specific game term, perform is a verb. "Corresponding Rolls" is not a game term either, corresponding is just an adjective.
  8. I may be. The problem lies in all the "it doesn't make any sense" nonsense that keeps being thrown out. It comes across like you have never bothered to actually read the rules. I would suggest re-reading the rules. There are even examples that plainly show how an Engineer works through their tele-presence bots. G: Servant Game Example The Mech-Engineer Yie Yang declares the first Short Skill of the Order, Move. She moves towards a Total Cover area while the little Yáozăo, her G: Servant Remote, moves towards a Gūjiă in an Unconscious state, downed in the middle of the battlefield. A PanOceanian Fusilier with LoF to the Yáozăo declares a BS Attack ARO against it. Yie Yang then declares the second Short Skill of the Order, Dodge. The Yáozăo must perform a Face to Face Roll, but not Yie Yang, as she is not being threatened, so players consider this to be an Idle. The valiant Yáozăo wins the roll, dodging the enemy shot. Yie Yang spends a new Order, declaring Move as the first Short Skill of the Order. She moves until she reaches base contact with the Total Cover, while and the Yáozăo runs towards the Gūjiă. There is no ARO against them, so Yie Yang declares Move again as the second Short Skill of the Order. She stands still behind the Total Cover and the Yáozăo moves up to its target. The next Order is to Move + Engineer, with the Yáozăo reaching the fallen TAG while Yie Yang remains safe behind Total Cover, from where she performs the WIP Roll to repair by tele-presence through her reliable Yáozăo, recovering one point of the STR Attribute of the fallen Gūjiă. *emphasis mine
  9. Page 28 of the rule book or quoted below from the wiki, emphasis mine. Structure of an Order N3 Wiki > Main Sections > Basic Rules > Orders and Order Pool > Structure of an Order Players use Orders to activate troopers and have them perform actions in the form of Skills (Move, Jump, CC Attack...). Depending on their complexity and the in-game time taken, Skills are divided into: Short Movement Skills: Can be declared twice or combined with a different Short Movement Skill in the same Order. For instance, you could use an Order to Move and Discover. They can also combine with a Short Skill. Short Skills: Can only combine within the same Order with a Short Movement Skill. Cannot be declared twice or combined with other Short Skills. Entire Order Skills (or just Entire Order for short): These Skills employ one whole Order and cannot combine in any way. In other words, the expenditure of an Order allows the activated trooper to declare one of the following combinations of Skills: Any one Entire Order Skill. Any one Short Movement Skill plus any one Short Movement Skill. Any one Short Movement Skill plus any one Short Skill (and vice versa). Maybe it's time for you to go back for a re-read.
  10. I would have to go Nomad. Morlock, because blue chicks (thanks Farscape), or chimera.
  11. If you like Onyx, grab the 300 point box if you can find it. It easily transitions you to vanilla or Morats.
  12. The EI annihilated the faction of the Exrah that were models. It caught them dealing it's weapons to other species. Currently, the remaining Exrah are not actively engaging in combat operations. They are conent staying alive and acting as taxi drivers for the CA.
  13. A basic reading of the skills tell you the requirements. DOCTOR REQUIREMENTS The user must be in base to base contact with his target. The target must have a Wounds Attribute. The target must be in Unconscious state. ENGINEER REQUIREMENTS The user must be in base to base contact with his target. Akbar Doctor exists for a reason. As for dual medkit rolls, as all effects are simultaneous, an unconscious model would gain a single wound. That's all that anything not an Akbar Doctor can accomplish.