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  1. On top of real life asserting itself and CB asking for the moon from everyone, the war console website is brutally slow. I am simply less and less inclined to spend any time on the site due to the fact I can load and check three other websites in the time it takes me to load one battle report.
  2. So Nomads have a fetish for copulating with miniatures of their ships? Truly the human race as a whole deserves to be wiped out by the EI. Fantastic work though!
  3. I think the idea is that you are inside a very confined area with too many obstructions and any sort of long range shot out of the question.
  4. The way I read that is "As a side effect" in the Comms Breakdown text is referring to a trooper entering the isolated state.
  5. The user ignores all the Isolated state effects (caused by E/M Special Ammunition, the Oblivion Hacking Program, scenario special rules, etc.). When you ignore everything something does are you in that state? Isolated: If the Isolated trooper is the Link Leader (or equivalent) then the Fireteam will break too. Vet level 1 ignores this, therefore the link wouldn't break.
  6. Riot PEEPS!!!! With cheap proxies already available! Although he needs more tats.
  7. The Fireteam breaks because one or more members of the team gets Isolated. Since Morats ignore isolation wouldn't they ignore the Fireteam breaking? Emphasis mine: COMMS BREAKDOWN The radiation emitted by the machinery of the zone of operations jams communications. Any trooper whose base or Silhouette Template is inside or in contact with the Objective Room, or who is placed totally or partially inside it, will enter Isolated state at the end of the Order in which this contact happened. As a side effect, any Fireteam the trooper is a member of is cancelled, even if the trooper was not the Team Leader, so the player must remove the corresponding Team Leader Marker from the game table at the end of that Order Morats ignore the cause, so would there be a side effect?
  8. 10 stars has always been ridiculous since Flamestrike. It makes for a meaninglessly broad metric where one and ten star reviews almost need to be tossed by default. A smaller range would be much better with 5 stars generally being all you need.
  9. What about running a human army, Haqq, PanO, Yu Jing, etc., And posting it under CA as a Sepsitorized force?
  10. In the context of Infinity, I think any vehicle bigger than a motorcycle or quad is going to be a rare sight. How easy will it be to sneak that AFV onto a space station, ship or circular? Those locations are where a lot of the games conflicts are taking place. Planet side operations are, imo, more likely to see drop ships and other fast air transport vehicles with nondescript box trucks and vans on the ground rather than full on military vehicles. This makes the TAG a great option as it is relatively easy to hide in a box or flatbed truck or a shipping container being smuggled onto a station or ship. If a team needs an assault vehicle, I feel an A-Team like upgrade to a stolen large truck is more likely. As for deniability , that is why you have a Hacker on the team. They crack the local surveillance or take down the local networks in some other fashion so as to leave little in the way of evidence.
  11. I agree with @inane.imp. Your set up made it work. It's a team effort