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  1. Nah, Azzys dont need to be linkable, just give the Feuerbach one Full Auto and the fun can go on without a unnecessary points investment. But where does Quapu not have nice things? Many powerful Link options and single profiles, a lot of cheap orders and the flexibility that Hafzas bring. The only things they lack are mines, above average Hackers and regular AD. Of those only the mines are a serious drawback. What do you miss in Quapu?
  2. Interesting...cant wait to see what you found.
  3. From the top of my head, they changed Blinded to Stunned and the Multi Weapons. Nut much, but still something.
  4. Thats true, but since we are talking about rules changes here and I am curious to know what you people think about that. Also there is a very small possibility, that a change could be made in one of the coming expansions. Highly unlikely but some things in HSN3 changed stuff from N3, so there is still a chance.
  5. Lets assume the rules for crits change in N4, wouldnt it be sufficient if you would still win the FTF but you could make Armor Rolls with 0 Arm/Bts? That would solve partially the problem with Tags beeing critted to death to easy and Combis still can damage a Tag with crits.
  6. In my group, the Asawira Haris has been a serious pain in the butt, since I started HB 2 months ago. The good old Warcor is almost rendered useless because of BTS 9, Hacking is no answer to them, due to BTS 9 and Stealth, the Combination of good stats a linked Spitfire, Boarding Shotgun, Doctor+ and the versatility of the Muyibs (preferably the one with Mines and E-Maulers) makes them very resilient and hard to dislodge even in reactive. They are also very versatile and useful for almost all missions. I have grown really fond of them. So fond, that I am even planning to play a Haris and a Duo when the new models are released. They are not OP or anything close to that, but they are both effective and fun to play.
  7. Shotgun and Targeted? Out of cover it would be a 22. And if Khawarij get a Core. And whats the difference between a normal roll and a FtF in this case, you are talking about?
  8. Id like to see Fatality L2 changed. Either to something different or use it just for low burst weapons (It would have made so much more sense on the BS Ragik). Making a profile better by raising its crit chance is just disappointing. Its not fun for both players, because the dice decide the outcome of a FtF more than your decisions. And that takes away the good feeling of a well played game. And slap L1 on every TAG...their weapon size is obvious the justification. And every other Khawarij to...they need it more than the Spitfire. For L2...maybe an additional +1 Dam or its like L1 but for every weapon or it adds K1 ammunition.
  9. Nope, because you use Wip instead Bs.
  10. You have to use your BS attribute for L1 to work.
  11. And since Army is already updated....use Khawarij Spitfire or Tarik to kill them with Fatality L2.
  12. For me the problem with Govads is the lack of a Doc+. If they had one, I would field them quite often. They are more of a backline than a assault link so a seperate Doctor will do, but since the Asawiras do the heavy lifting, a Ghulam Core is sufficient for me. It can also be the backup assault/Objective team, when the Asawira Haris is destroyed.
  13. Dont use Snipers to take out any Sniper unless you have to. An HMG or spitfire are by far better due to the higher Burst. Even with a Govad HMG your chance are pretty decent against TO and ODD.
  14. It is odd that only the Spitfire got it. In my opinion, it would have made more sense, if every other profile than the Spitfire had gotten it. But well, it is what it is and thats not too bad.
  15. If that Hassassin Starter really has 3 Daylami.....either the starter is not meant to be a standalone purchase, which would be really odd, or the Hassassins get either Inspiring Presence (doubtful) or another new rule. As it is, I am very surprised.