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  1. The old Haqq Starter is still looking good beside the new one in my opinion. The only model that is designwise totally different to the new ones is the Naffatun. But on the tabletop that wont matter either. In a group shot the difference is obvious but if you like a little diversity its okay again. The Janissary is by far smaller than the new ones, but you could use it as a proxy for the Ayyar until it is beeing released.
  2. The Gabquar Khanate, so years away.
  3. Ahh, you are right. I have overlooked it.
  4. You dont really have an alpha striker in my opinion. Nothing with high burst and/or good range bands. I would also think about the Zhayedan, if he is really the right one for the Lieutenant job. One bad roll or an overseen ARO and you are in Loss of Lieutenant.
  5. I have only one advice left for the Kum and the Nazarovas. Have enough regular orders to stop them from going impetious in the first turn, when facing a lot of ARO pieces and you cannot manage to avoid LOF to them after your first move. This might seem like a waste of orders, but it will likely pay off in later turns, when you have dealt with those ARO pieces and can move more freely across the board to wreck a flank. I would also recommend to try a Light Shotgun loadout. Those are really nice, because they cannot be dodged as easy, as a template weapon, but still have a impact template for lined up models and in addition it helps to keep the Kum alive. They wont work always, but with good amount of practice they work more often than not and can be a real pain for player who dont play the ARO game.
  6. Thats very good to hear. Do you have a cautious guess, when that stuff will probably be out? I already have terrain worth for two tables, but I will likely buy a third one when that stuff is released. Do not forget to do a Objective Room too!
  7. Do you have addtional "Skins" for these buildings planned? That would help to build a table solely with these buildings, but also having some more variety than with those two designs now.
  8. Why would he be a good choice for a Lt.?
  9. The cast quality is looking really good, better than the old Ghillim. I guess I have to buy a blister of them. Thanks for the good picture!
  10. That wouldnt help, because the winner decides who gets the ALIVE group.So I fear we have to wait for N4
  11. Like the only EVO REM with a weapon and only S3 or the TR REM with Mimetism and the FO REM with Multiterrain.
  12. Thats why a Ayyar is such a good choice for me. He can go out and kill stuff. While he is advancing he takes objectives too. A perfect order recipient in a list.
  13. I have been playing similar lists but I came to the conclusion that at least one HMG in the list makes your life far easier, in the case you have to push through somewhere with brute force. Since you are heavy on smoke, a Djan HMG would work well. Of course youd have to find the SWC for that. You could also trade the Asawira and the Muyib for a Fasid HMG and a 8pt Kameel if you want to keep the smoke or a AP HMG Azrail just instead of the Asawira. In bvoth cases youd have 2 points left to upgrade the Fiday to the mine loadout which is really good and cann cost the opponent a turn worth of orders, if he hasnt a Minesweeper in the list. I would also switch Combat Groups with the Bashi and the Hunzakut, because you will want to do specialist and mine stuff with her.
  14. Mov 4-4 and a Neurocinetics option for the sniper then sounds good to me. Then you wouldnt need a link for defensive purposes and their their speed would fit the fluff.
  15. Yep, as unfluffy as Paramedic may seem in Haqq, her ability to accomplish the Doctor Missions fits quite well. I couldnt complain about that big change CB made with the pilots and I am veeeery curious how the meta will change due to that.