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  1. tactica

    I like the overall Idea, but I quite dislike, that a Haqqislamite Supersoldier would have such a serious drawback, like a extremely shortened lifespan. Haqqislam medical research focuses on genetic ascension and not on benefits for a price. Their humanistic ideals wouldnt match with instable alterations. Maybe if the CA where to overrun the sphere, but until that, I really dont believe that something like that fits the fluff. It is just my impression of what I have read and I might be wrong. We will see.
  2. I think CB is building up their range right now to make a MERC faction viable. We already have a lot of profiles, the only thing missing is a line infantry and MERCs would be ready to go. So maybe they are already in the next book....maybe.
  3. @Natsymir Dont forget about the Kameel for cheap orders. On topic, I find Quapu boring, but it is powerful. The ability to run two almost full combat groups, each with a good Fireteam, is really strong. Hafzas are just great. Fill a Link up cheap or bring a specialist where no one is available or add a HRL for fun stuff.
  4. tactica

    Well I am convinced we wouldnt need many new special skills, if any at all to build a grat super soldier. Maybe Regeneration+...maybe. A nice supersoldier could have AD 4, PH 13 or 14, MA or NBW, CC 21 and Regen. DA or Viral CC and the good old Rifle+LSG. It would cost a fortune in points, but for that you get a very reliable Killer. Add Smoke Grenades an he is completely bonkers^^ No new rules needed. I could go on and on with Ideas for them, but the point is, with unique skill combinations and/or loadouts you can build a plethora of supersoldiers. But I am not against new rules, as long as they are written in a way where no doubts about how they work arise.
  5. I am a bit underwhelmed. Its not a bad sculpt but I expect something a bit more spectacular....like the mercenary major...that is a lovely sculpt I will definitely buy for my Haqqs. Will buy despite that, since he is not bad and if I find a Marksmanrifle somewhere I have the right loadout too. The thing with the empty holsters is nice to see...finally.
  6. The terrain from Icstorm or US Ariadna might fit well with those buildings.
  7. Still quite a sparse table. That set alone wont do it. But despite that, I like the overall look of it. Much better than common unpainted or poorly painted mdf tables. Thank you for posting.
  8. If I like to play Joan or a TAG I would always take her. A 5 point passive buff and a specialist is quite worth it. And yes, there was the Warcor before, but now you can take the Warcor, The Bee and the ALIVE crew to get a couple of relative cheap orders and a couple of decent WIP specialists.
  9. Autoinclude in my book. Especially with Joan.
  10. Must be about the Manga I guess, since its release is on the 15 March. Or have I missed something?
  11. Wouldnt it be more sophisticated that way?;)
  12. Servas;) Since I dont play them I only have little advice, but it might help. Instead of the Wardriver, I would take a Alguacil Hacker, because he has a more useful array of hacking programs and can do more classifieds due to spotlight and can even harm other Hackers. The point you need you might get from changing the BSG Para Commando to a FO. Or you take switch instead, so you can fry some Hackers brains. He loses Spotlight yes, but you already have FO's and in addition to that he can use Cybermask which is very good to keep him ALIVE;) You can move him 8 Inches from cover to cover without getting shot and he is unhackable while he is in the Marker State. For the remainig 3 points a Warcor is fitting well.
  13. tactica

    Quoted for truth and for @Interruptor to read. Please give us some cool and unique supersoldiers for the Caliphate, that show the Haqqislamite prowess in bioengineering. They are the reason why many of us want that sectorial so badly.
  14. tactica

    Are you going to make a video too? Besides that, I hope they drop some crumbs at Adepticon. GenCon is to far away for my taste;)
  15. tactica

    The thing is, we dont really know a lot yet. But it seems that RTF will be a very elite force, so its almost safe to say, thre wont be cheap irregulars. For the supersoldiers, everything we have known from interviews has been invalidated by Gutier himself, so we are left with guessing about them again. Maybe @Pride of Rodina knows more, since he seems to havo got some sources.