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  1. Pre HSN3 rules I suppose.
  2. And now I wouldnt use PF one at all. As Loricus said, a Az'Rail would do the job. Or just use Daylami and save a lot of points. Sapper uses S3.
  3. The Panzerfaust one would be fun^^ Pair it with a EVO, slap Marksmanship on it and shoot two times at 15. When the PF are depleted, reload with the EVO and go on or put Enhanced Reaction on it for the reactive turn if you have a long firelane to cover or leave MMLV2 and go into Suppression for short ones. Really strong...even more, if you add a Engineer to the party. Guess it should be more expensive. 40/1 could be a good starting point for balancing.
  4. Yep, I had high hopes for a new Hawwa profile due to the promotion videos for HSN3. Too bad they didnt get one with KHD. But on the other hand, the Ayyar and new Barid profiles are great. And that the Mutts got smoke So no complaining there...just some wishlisting.
  5. You are right, it fits the fluff much better, but I would love to play one. But I guess, I have to ask a buddy, if he would let me field one with AHD, for about 48/1. A Tuareg with KHD is another thing I crave for. Would be the next best thing to a Asawira.
  6. What about a Asawira with AHD or KHD then? For a unit like that, I gladly skip the infiltrating KHD.
  7. I almost always use one and sometimes even two of them. I like both loadouts because they bring a nice combination of tools. The HMG one is just a solid long range bully, when I have to dispose of enemy key pieces (f.i. MSV2+ bearers). Then I can use his or the Mutts smoke to advance. And since he has a LGL too, I can threaten (ODD) links or uncamoed Infiltrators and their mines without danger. Their mines and Minelayer are also golden. You can cover your DZ with them and in case of the HRL Fasid, you can advance, lay a mine around a corner and then open fire with your SMG on the next Order. Your enemy can return fire and eat the mine or dodge and give you a better chance to win the FTF roll. After that, go into suppression. To be quite safe, lay a mine beforehand and maybe get a Mutt close to him. In short, I really like them.
  8. Yep, Inspiring Leadership, Irregular, Extreme impetious
  9. Lasiqs wouldnt classify as bioenginnered for me, but well.... My opinion on the other things: Whithe Noise would be great sometimes but it feels to high tech for Haqq...so no. The same with TO, but something bioengineered would maybe fit in that case. Despite that, I dont think here is a need. Faction specific Remotes would be nice have been discussed i a different thread already. I would like to see them. A TAG isnt something Haqq needs, except for Tagline Missions. Maybe a light S6 TAg, but on the other Hand we already got our S5 TAGs...so no. A infiltrating Killer Hacker is something I really miss and what would fit well for Haqq imho. So please one of that for Haqq.
  10. How come, that nobody mentioned the Asawira about 1) ? BS 14 Badass with serious melee capability? The Doc can also go into CC with his helper and benefit from "MA6" which is B2, -3 for the opponent and +1 Damage:-D But sure, I also wanna see a Supersoldier, who is a Asawira with even better CC and MA, 6-4 Mov or better and "Regen+". Can only agree with the more Viral or Breaker statement. But we have seen a little growing of these Ammotypes already.
  11. Looks like a Contender for me.
  12. And I just love Infinity for its complexity and the variations of gear, ammo etc. In my experience, Infinity as a ruleset is just superb with little flaws I can easily live with.
  13. Nope, there is no junk on the Ayyars render.
  14. Looks a bit haqqisch to me, but we do not expect something heavy. Could als be USARF, but the Blackjacks are far away. CA? Or its just tactical junk.
  15. Which is a lot if you want to field a Core and Haris to. If I had that AVA in Vanilla I would certainly use Duos.