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  1. Maybe they are next seasons Alive team. Which includes that next years winner again chooses who gets them in the end.
  2. Most probably not. But since they decided to split it in two different ones, I have a little hope left, that it might come this year.
  3. Shock doesnt work against 2 Wound models.
  4. tactica

    The question is, at which GenCon. Most probably it is 2018, because the Carloses have to much work with designing resculpts and dont have enough time for designing the new units.
  5. The Karkata wins this month for me. I just have to have this model. Danavas is good and the Voluntee female even more. But the big surprise is, how much I like the Ninjas.
  6. tactica

    It is, as well as Maggy, the Tuareg, the Fasid and the Naffatun are Ramah units. What I meant is the stuff we have never seen, like a Khawarij with a different loadout than Rifle+LSG and the same goes for the Zhayedan. And of course the completely new stuff, we dont even have profiles yet for.
  7. Ahh yes, now that you have mentioned it, a new starter and Daylami Box would indeed be appropriate now. But sadly we havent seen any dossiers yet
  8. tactica

    Since the Ayyar is going to be released now, I suppose we can expect RTF Releases from now on. It would seem logical to release the box sets for Khawarij and Zhayedan first and then the new stuff. So with a bit of luck we might see a new unit at the end of this year. I wonder if the Caliphate Army Box, that Carlos mentioned on last years GenCon, is still a thing. Maybe it is even this years GenCon release. Interesting times ahead:-))
  9. Man, I love your painting style. It is so precise realistic...just great. Thats where I want be skillwise one day.
  10. Around mid June.
  11. So I just have to find a Marksmanrifle now and not beeing clumsy while converting it. What could go wrong? Anybodyknowing a good source for marksmans btw.?
  12. Yep, the coulor scheme is a chosen a bit unlucky. It blurs the details and the green is really bland. He looks like he should have Mimetism. Apart from that it is a solid sculpt, and with my own coulor scheme he will look bettter...at least from 1+ meters distance;)
  13. These are not the final renders, thats why the flaps are missing.