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  1. I didn't realize there were rules for stairs. I always assumed that climbing stairs uses the vaulting rules
  2. Remember that you can also use a pistol in cc
  3. This came up in a discussion between me and a fellow player a few weeks back when we were talking about William Wallace's special fireteam rules. We also came up with the conclusion that they remain irregular since it is not stated anywhere in the rules that they turn regular But since we can't think of any irregular troopers that can form fireteams (other than the 2 specific exceptions with special skills that make them regular beforehand), the discussion is purely academic, for now.
  4. Can I have a link to that clarification? I always assumed base to base literally means base to base based on what is written here.. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Game_Elements:_Terminology_and_Alignment Base to base contact. One or more Troopers with their bases in direct contact. This term also applies when the trooper's base is in contact with a game element that may or may not have a base, like a piece of terrain.
  5. The other FO question got me thinking about this... Consider this situation: A line infantry is standing next to a TAG with ECM. Infantry gets FOed into the targeted state A Smart Missile Launcher is dropped on the Infantry, which is designated as the main target, out of LoF using the Guided trait. The TAG is affected as well by the template. Can the TAG use it's ECM to negate the +6 MOD bonus from the guided trait even when it's not the main target? I'm leaning towards NO since impact template says The attacker must designate a main target, from who all MODs applied to his Roll will be determined. As stated above, this Roll will be compared against each enemy trooper affected by the Template. and since the Infantry is the main target, the TAG won't be able to use its ECM to affect the MOD of the BS attack. But it could be argued as well that this is a general rule and ECM, being a specific rule, trumps over that. But what would be the MODS and FtF rolls for all the rolls then? Thoughts?
  6. From speculative fire If the user employs a BS Weapon with the Circular Impact Template Trait, this Skill allows him to place the center of the Circular Template somewhere other than over the target of the attack. However, the target must be inside the Area of Effect of the Circular Template. So you could still target the ground and gain the +3 bonus from the Targeted state as long as the trooper with the Targeted state, who is the main target of the impact template attack, is within the template
  7. The pre-thread to mahtamori's thread on the matter The conclusion to the discussion was that only at the end of the game, you count up how many NULL troopers who was ever an LT during the game. Of course, when you're playing the scenario it's best to clear this with your TO and/or your opponent before the game starts. I actually lost a game when the TO disagreed with the forum's interpretation after the game while counting points...
  8. I'd interpret the wording otherwise but I'll defer to this since it makes more sense and that's the common consensus. Thanks!
  9. The rule for that is in page 145 of HSN2 but it's irrelevant now I guess since this doesn't seem to be the case in N3 This rule wouldn't help though if the link leader is killed outright, cancelling the fireteam immediately. But it is certainly useful now since I can have half the fireteam ARO shoot back while the other half do something useful or try not to get killed by a template attack and have them reform on my turn.
  10. Righto. That's a good enough reasoning to debunk that. What about the +3 BS Attack mod to WIP?
  11. Can more people confirm this? The parts I'm confused about comes from the Discovery skill description that has the iffy "as if it is a BS Weapon" phrase again as well as "This WIP Roll is modified by the same MODs that affect BS Attacks" which suggests to me RAW it gets the +3 BS Attack MOD and the +1 burst since they apply to BS Attacks and BS Weapons respectively
  12. So in a 5 mean fireteam, Link leader decides to discover a camo token. Which bonuses does he get? 3-man: +1 burst 5-man: +3 Mod to BS Attacks, AND +3 Mod to Discover rolls So if he gets all of them, the Discover skill would be at Burst 2, +6 Mod before taking other mods(Range, camo, etc) into account. Is this correct?
  13. I remember in the old fireteam rules if your link leader is shot into unconcious, breaking the link, then doctored/medikit back to 1 wound, the fireteam link is restored. I can't find a reference to this in HSN3 though. Am I right to assume that this is no longer the case and that once your link leader is Isolated or Null the link is broken? (Unless you got Number 2 of course) Sorry if this has been asked before but the forum search didn't help
  14. Yes, attacking with a direct template weapon is considered a BS attack and so is a valid ARO. The -6 mode from shooting through smoke would be irrelevant then.
  15. As I interpret it, Medikit acts as a BS weapon when you use it remotely. Meaning it gets bonuses that BS Weapons get. Whether it is a BS Attack or not is irrelevant (and perhaps a topic of its own since it is stated it is not an attack, which would disqualify it from the +3 bs attack bonus for 5man linked team ) You are correct on how change facing functions exactly as dodge except for the movement part, which is the key point for disengaging. Specifically speaking, to disengage you have to move out of base contact. As described in the example in Dodge, you are allowed 1mm of movement if you Dodge while in CC during the Active turn to get your disengage. However, in the reactive turn, you don't get the 1mm free movement and so you have to use your 2" dodge movement to move out of base to base contact. And since Change Facing is an ARO and only rotates your trooper around and not move it at all, yes he succeeded in dodging but since at the resolution of the order he didn't get to move anyway he's still engaged again.