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  1. Sure, just give me some time. Gesendet von meinem Nexus 5 mit Tapatalk
  2. Are these stats confirmed?
  3. Thanks for the infomration. I guess you are right, base scheme may be the the problem, but at the end they are not really playable at the moment (at least for me).
  4. I didn`t visited the forum often last 6 month. Are there any news on new/updated/re-priced Securitate? This is the profile I am the most excited at ... Beside all the hype on the other totally new troops it feels wrong to me to put HI into my nomads army. I like LI and MI much more ^^
  5. Good to know. Thanks
  6. Hi Greg, first of all. Nice idea and thanks for sharing. Howver the Hacking Helper is very handy, you should give it a try. What I was thinking about was to make a sheet for each hacking device. Most time I play HD/HD+ and KHD, and I asume that how the most people play. And of course, a sheet per hacking device is much more clearly to read :-) The advantage of a sheet compared to the above mentioned tool is that you need no working internet connection. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Hi and welcome to vanilla nomads First, thete are many ways too rule with vanilla, thats why I just want to give you some hints and no complete army list. First thing I notice, you dont make usw oft many different optoons in vanilla, your list focused in intruder. If he dies die to ARO, there is no offensive piece legt. Whats your backup plan? - JAG & intruder is a very potent Combo, right, but you dont need 4 Jagd for that. - What your list lacks are repeater coverage, without them your interventor is quite useless. At a first glance i would try to strip one total Reaktion zond, dactarie, and at least 2 jags, then include lun. Sputnik ( board control, repeater) and maybe some infiltrating semi offensive unit as a backup ... Do you really need a Tomcat engineer for just to Reaktion zonds? Personally i linke zoe&pi well in vanilla, as pi is a great toolbox, provides repeater coverage and can be buffed by zoe Zoe itself is a respectable hacker engineer whos mayor drawback is the lack oft BTS. Hope tis helps a bit, hf In my last games I noticed how gold the pitcher on tsylokon Sputniks is ...
  8. I don´t think there will be a great debate. Both are great and depends largely on the opponent force you are facing ;-)
  9. You will always loose in an open firefight, but playing tricks on him will lead you to success. I had some good success with Interventor + Zoe too. Repeater Coverage through Pitcher of Tsyklon Sputnik and Moran/Lunokhod. Moran and Lunokhod brings also some boardcontrol in the middle. Depending on the misson some deployable repeater Spectr does also a very fine job. If i start i spend at least both orders on Pitcher to put some repeaters in good location in the midfield. The effect is that my opponent uses many more orders to move is expensive units around them .. and he is usually short on orders. On active turn i just a lot of the above mentioned white noise in combination with Tsyklon Feuerbach. A Multi Sniper can also do a great job here (no MSV -> white smoke). In reactive Immobilize/Isolate him.
  10. In my oppinion this really depends on the opponent you are facing. I play alot against PanO and YJ and I love the Feuerbach. With enhenced reaction I get BS 2 on reactive and really god special ammunitiion to crack HI Looking at the rest, the list looks solid. One thing I definitly would change is, dropping the clockmaker and SALYUT and put in Zoe&Pi Well. But I have to mention that I never get familiar with SLYUT EVO Remote. Pi Well is a really good toolbox ....
  11. thank you for your quick reply.
  12. Hey, we (my game partner and me) needs some clearification on hacking. The question arises during our last battle and is easily told. Do your own hackers have ARO if a hackable camouflage marker is crossing your ZoC (no LoF). It has to be mentioned that the marker did not reveal itself. In our oppinion no ARO´s are granted as the only ARO to camouflage are discover change facing and dodge (rulebook p. 70) and intuitive attack is this right or did we miss some rules?
  13. I wouldn't expect new hacking progrwms, and never misseed defensive vor even white HD in vanilla nomads. In my oppinion there are already good high tech models for tunguska, for me the relevant question would be, how to create an appropiate order count (e.g. how much cost my Cheerleaders). If this question is solved Tunguska is a nice option, but all high tech models will suck when you are low on orders. Just my 2 Cents
  14. Yeah, make securitate less expensive would be great. In addition resculp szali and - as a Tunguska inspired vanilla player - I am happy : )
  15. Hello, thanks for the update Azakel - I am really excited to see the english version. I like the cards the very much, but during the game the "n3hacking helper tool" is more convenient to me.