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  1. Big update! Finally got some time to take better photos of the work Ive done. Most have work bench photos from the monthly painting pledges. Here are my sons Pan O Fusilier SWC Shock Regulars and Bagh Akalis, Montesa, and Guarda Black Friar and Father Knight Proxy Squalo Ill do another post with my Ariadna Metros and Bruant Briscards Antipodes, Handler, and Bonus Ellie Chassuer proxies Zouaves and Para Grunts Marauders Unknown Ranger, Ohio, and spec ops Spetznaz, Tank Hunter, Scouts Tractor Muls and warcor “Flash Gordon” Thanks again for looking, any tips on improving are welcome.
  2. Finished my Morat Vanguard that I pledged last month.. and I will start with a Pledge of the Avatar.. absolutely love this sculpt and am excited to start working on it.
  3. I took a good portion of skin off the top of my left hand. Since it really isn't related and somewhat gross Ill hide it in a spoiler.. Here is right after.. Didn't think much of it at the time but 2 days later it looked like this...... which caused me some concern and after a visit to the ER was taken off full duty. Its getting much better and does not appear that I'll need skin graphs like the Doc was originally thinking. But silver lining is I get to paint!! In the time off I cleaned up approx. 30 minis and got them primed. My to do list is now very intimidating but motivating at the same time. Especialy doing something different like Morats and Combined Army. @Golem2God You'll have to post up yours when you get them done.
  4. 2nd pledge for the month will be my Morat Vanguard. I hope to be able to finish them before the end of the month my injury still keeping me out of work next week will certainly give me the time to!
  5. Thanks to a work injury Ive been home all week and was able to get my first pledge done!!! Here are my Marauders and Unknown Ranger..
  6. @Recruit-3D thank you for starting this up! Although I wasnt able to finish them for August I did get them done earlier this month. Here is my shock army plus Guarda De Assaulto. I also did up my test Morat, but didnt get before picks up. and to start Sept I have my Marauders and Unknown Ranger (reposed a bit)
  7. Well in all honesty I havent even played them. I dont get to play often... almost not at all. So its much more of a painting hobby then playing. I really like the looks of the combined army and wanted to do soemthing different so I picked them up. Im sure Ill give them a go when I get some games in. Right now im focusing on just Morat but im sure ill expand into vanilla CA, especially since I got the Onyx box.
  8. The armor was Vallejo Game Color Royal Purple with various percent mix of black, then highlight with just Royal Purple and then Royal purple and Vallejo Game Color Hexed Lichen. The pants arent beige they are a light green gray. I used Vallejo Model Color Green Gray with a tiny bit of Vallejo Model color Flat green, then wash with Citadel Anthonian Camoshade, again with the original mixture then highlight with just the Green Gray. Let me know if you need anything else!
  9. Heres my finished Morat tester, changed up the color of the bags and finished the weapons. Have Marauders on the bench now.
  10. Is there going to be a Sept Thread?
  11. Although I havent stopped painting my Ariadna and my sons PanO (just havent broken out the photo set up to get good photos of my work) I wanted a bit of a break from grey and PanO blue and decided to give some Combined Army some love. This is my test Morat, Im really like the grren/gray pants and the darker paurple armor so those are staying, my question is the extra bags/backpack... I did them in a light grey hoping to break up some of the darkness, but to me looks too light... I could go a darker gray or maybe even a dark green? But I am open to suggestions! Please!
  12. Next pledge for this month. Old shock army starter plus Guarda De Assaulto and his AuxBot.
  13. Finished my Briscards. Gotta round up my next pledge now.
  14. My pledge so far, 5 Briscards.[email protected]/Hm2c6e
  15. @HotFreshTofu I understand your dilemma. I am in the same boat but am going with ordering the gencon spec ops from CB and then the beyond sets from another source, I wont get the Chibi (which I dont care to have anyways) but I save about 50 bucks.