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  1. Alright my pledge so far 2 old Knoghts of Santiago, a Black Friar, Para Rifle, and Spetznaz HMG,
  2. Thanks Golem, it was good to finally get some time to get them done. They just stood there on my work bench half done mocking me for far too long. I thought I had made a good dent in my list but just finished cleaning and partially assembling several boxes and my list of to do is huge again... hopefully I can keep at it and not lose 2 months of time.
  3. Well I wasnt able to finish my March pledge in time but got them done for April. I have more to pledge for April but I have to get them pinned and photos before I post them. Here is the completed ones from March though.
  4. Here is my initial pledge.. 2 Metros, Bruant, Minute Man, and a Scout. Hopefully Ill have more.
  5. Got my pledge done. The old Ghulams blend in really well with my forces so they will make great Chausser proxies. The warcor was fun to paint in a "I'm a civilian dont shoot me" theme. Thanks for looking and always any tricks, hints, and help is always appreciated.
  6. For starters Im going to pledge 3 Old style Ghulams that will be my Chausser proxies, thought they would work better than spec ops, a Tank Hunter HMG, and a Warcor.
  7. Got the Squalo, Pan-O medic proxy, and the Antipode that looks like my dog Ellie, which I had a lot of fun painting. It was definitely interesting mixing the colors to try to match her redish orangish coat and the Tiffany Blue harness. Ill be posting better pics up on my plog soon.
  8. My next pledge a Squalo, the reverend healer thatll proxy of PanO medic that I still havent gotten done since Nov pledge, and a K9 Antipode that i bought just to mess around and paint like my dog, Ellie, photo included for reference.
  9. Thanks to an extra day off I was able to get these done and still have time to try for more.
  10. @Red Harvest thats a really good idea, havent had any problems with them tipping over yet but, ill have to see what I can find layong around to make the ballast. Thanks!
  11. My pledge so far. 3 grunts and a Marauder. Keeping it small at first since it looks like a busy month. well i cannot for the life of me get the link to work at the moment, ill give it a go in a bit.
  12. Well I got 5 out of 6 done. Better than last month though!
  13. Well since I didnt even get to touch my painting table in Nov. I'll just recycle my Nov pledge into Dec.
  14. My pledge, 2 Zouves, a paracommando, 2 spec ops (fill in Chausers) and the Reverend healer as a proxy medic for my sons Pan O.
  15. Ok got some painting done, both Ariadna and Pan O. Heres my Ariadna first. Margot, 112, and a Dozer Anaconda and stand in pilot Metros and now Pan O Auxila Nisses Joan and a fill in Medbot (fill in Doc is still in the works) Thanks for looking! As always any tips are welcome.