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  1. Next pledge for this month. Old shock army starter plus Guarda De Assaulto and his AuxBot.
  2. Finished my Briscards. Gotta round up my next pledge now.
  3. My pledge so far, 5 Briscards.
  4. @HotFreshTofu I understand your dilemma. I am in the same boat but am going with ordering the gencon spec ops from CB and then the beyond sets from another source, I wont get the Chibi (which I dont care to have anyways) but I save about 50 bucks.
  5. Just finished my second pledge set! (Still need dullcoat but thanks to monsoon season too hot and humid for now) I think they turned out pretty good. sorry for links and not posted pics, the uploader was having issues and I had to just switch to Flickr which I dont know how to use yet.
  6. Thank you @elvedril I will definitely give that to see how it looks. I just always saw the armor plating having deeper recesses than the pants, so it would be darker, but I am always up for trying something different. I appreciate the help!
  7. Next pledge will be the Grunt SWC box and a Scout.
  8. Making some good time, helps I had a few days off of work. Here is are my finished Fusiliers SWC and a Bagh Mari. They still need dullcoat applied but its too hot, so they join the list of many waiting for the same treatment. As always any tips are welcomed. As soon as I get my next ones ready Ill post my next pledge. Pretty sure its going to be the Grunt SWC box but I dont know yet.
  9. Here is my next pledge, proly wont finish it but Ill just roll them over next month. The Fusilier SWC pack and a Bagh Mari.
  10. Im very excited Inactually got my pledge done in the monthI made it! Here are my Tractor Muls and Antipode Assault Squad.
  11. My pledge fo this month is the Tractor Muls, and Antipode Squad.
  12. Well I was finally able to get my pledge from April done so only a month behind.... but here they are 2 Knights of Montessa one painted to be a proxy for a Father Knight, a Black Friar, a Spetznaz HMG, and Para Rifle..
  13. Alright my pledge so far 2 old Knoghts of Santiago, a Black Friar, Para Rifle, and Spetznaz HMG,
  14. Thanks Golem, it was good to finally get some time to get them done. They just stood there on my work bench half done mocking me for far too long. I thought I had made a good dent in my list but just finished cleaning and partially assembling several boxes and my list of to do is huge again... hopefully I can keep at it and not lose 2 months of time.
  15. Well I wasnt able to finish my March pledge in time but got them done for April. I have more to pledge for April but I have to get them pinned and photos before I post them. Here is the completed ones from March though.