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  1. Hi, thanks for the advice! @Greysturm: I was thinking of using the Multi-rifle+L.grenade Launcher Wu Ming, he has a very decent BS13, and should all my plans go awry, I still have a BS 13 multi-rifle wielding HI to bully the mid field with. I also completely forgot FOs can cause an enemy to enter the Targeted state, and since I often bring a guilang, I might just try it. It also seems more likely to pull off than the hacking attempt (at least without the EVO hacker). @Stormygeddon: I never realised one can target you own Kuang shi when the are targeted, that could be a wonderfully dirty trick to pull off. I also realise that spec fire can be somewhat order inefficient, but I really like to have as many options on the table as possible. Just having some spec fire threats on the table already threatens link teams and forces them to spread out more, which in turn makes it easier to "slice the pie" as you put it. Out of interest sake, what access do we have to sat-lock? I recently started playing with the Zhanying agent, with the MadTraps and sensor, and have been having a blast. He is such a tool kit. In my previous game my MSV's got assassinated and I was locked down by 2 TO camo snipers who were also covering the objectives. I rolled a nimbus grenade and moved my Zhanying into cover in the nimbus and drawing LoF to one of the snipers. He shot at me and I dodged (successfully, quite lucky) and then triangulated fire back the next round. My burst 2 vs his burst 1, in a bad range band for him, me in cover, and him firing through a Nimbus area. Killed him out right. Both of you suggested maybe taking an EVO-hacker, what are your experience with them? They seem somewhat tricky to get the most out of. Cheers
  2. Hi all I am still rather new to infinity. Our area has a LOT of sectoral players so link teams are seen in almost every game and I am looking at interesting ways to try and counter/deter them. I only recently happened upon the targeted state rules and how it interacts with speculative fire and guided fire. My question is how useful/usable is it in Yu Jing? Assault hackers can use the spotlight program to set an opponent in a targeted state, but they can always reset as ARO and we have to 'hit' them at WIP -3 and burst 1, which sounds pretty bad. But it does sound like fun to sneak a tiger hacker in close and then spec fire them to smithereens.
  3. Hi all We had a situation recently in a game, and just want to make sure we played it right. Scenario: Opponent had 3 troopers lined up. Trooper A, B and C in a perfect straight line, about a half an inch from each other. My trooper came around the corner with a boarding shotgun and fired at trooper A, with the template then hitting troopers B and C. Trooper A was prone looking towards my trooper and fired back with his combi. Trooper B was standing, also looking towards my trooper and also declared shoot ARO with his combi. Trooper C was prone, and facing away from my trooper, but my trooper was within his Zone of Control, so declared dodge. Questions: 1. If trooper A wins the face to face roll, does that mean that the shot fails? In other words, no template and trooper B and C are also safe? 2. Trooper B is not in a face to face roll with my trooper, so whether he hits or not, he gets hit by the template, correct? Just a further question on shotguns in general (not related to this scenario): 3. Can you benefit from cover armour bonus against a shotgun that shoots in blast mode?
  4. Hi guys Thanks for all the good and quick feedback, it is much appreciated. Just one follow up question: 1. Does perimeter weapons trigger on camo/impersonation markers? Kind regards
  5. Hi all So a few questions regarding perimeter weapons: 1. Does stealth, or other rules, affect when they can boost? For example: someone approaches outside LoF but into ZoC of the perimeter weapon. If that someone has stealth, does it prevent the boost "Aro"? 2. Scenario: Someone uses both his short skills to move. His second short skill brings him into the ZoC of a perimeter weapon, does this trigger a boost? And is he allowed a dodge? And Finally, when can I check if he is in ZoC? 3. Can perimeter equipment be hacked or be affected by the minesweeper rule?
  6. Hi guys Lets talk a bit about the Zuyong and Wu Ming. I have seen a few topics about their different uses, but I want to first focus a bit on the lore. For it makes no sense to me. Now I am not 100% sure I have this correct, but this is how I understand it: - Zuyong are trained soldiers out fitted with the latest mass-produced Heavy Infantry armour. Obviously the armour is not as good as the Hsien's or so, but hence the description: Mass produced. Anyway, these guys are supposed to be quite numerous and are professional soldiers. - Wu Ming are convicts. They are effectively a suicide squad. They are equipped with older type of heavy armour and are promised freedom should they survive a certain amount of missions. Hell, they might just get their names back. Though if I understand this, this rarely happens (them surviving that long). Not sure what training they receive before being sent into combat. Here is my question: If this is the case, then why does the Wu Ming (convicts) have better profiles than the Zuyong (professional soldiers)? And further, why are the convicts "trusted" with more different weapon load outs? Out of a gaming perspective I totally get why they have quite different profiles and weapon load outs, but from a lore perspective this seems inverted. What do you guys think? As a side, also feel free to mention your preferred uses for the different units as well as some memorable moments you had with them.
  7. Hi guys Sorry this post is a bit late, but life interfered a bit. So I played Saturday, and I think it went well (I did not get the wooden spoon!) Here is a brief recap of my 3 games. Game 1: Ariadna Here quite a bit of noobness showed. I haven't played against Ariadna before, and was not expecting such a large order pool (pool A had 10 order and pool B had 8) and I think there were somewhere along the line of 12-14 camo tokens on the board. Some of them were mines and some were ambusher tokens though. Still, I deployed as I normally do, with most of my guys in full cover and covering my back lines. This was a mistake against such large order pools. He simply walked two of his guys across the board and applied shotguns to several of my dudes. This left me with a tiny order pool to try and do anything with. I think he won 6-8 obj points to my 0. Not a great start. Game 2: Aleph (vanilla) This was the scenario with the 5 antennas in a X pattern. He had a sophotect and 2 dakinis camping out his right hand side objective, and he had a naga minelayer very close to the middle objective. He got first turn, and ran his Asura (with combi rifle) onto the central objective and his left field he got a total reaction bot, a garuda (spitfire) and a dakini all in SF and close to my objective. I had my Terracota soldier on the opposite side of the board (from the TR bot) and got a good angle on him (leaving him no cover) and I managed to kill it. This opened a lane for my Spitfire Su Jian onto his Asura. Su Jian moved into cover and started a fire deul with the Asura. After several orders, I think I did 1 wound, but he also managed a wound on me. His turn I remember him moving his right hand side Dakinis around, because my Tiger soldier got out behind them, but didn't manage any damage. Last turn I could squeeze out a draw if I could capture the central objective (in other words, kill the Asura) So I think 5-7 orders later, the Asura was still up. I think she made something like 7-10 saves that game (from spitfires, flamers and combi rifles) I got her to NWI, but it costed me my Su Jian. ugh. So another loss. I think it was 5- 3 or something similar. Getting better. Game 3: Aleph (Steel Phalanx) mission: Antenna field So here was a nasty list: 3 Myrms in link (officer with spitfire, combi hacker and boarding shotgun, I think). A 4 man Thoratikai link with spitfire and can't remember what else. Atalanta, a Thorakite with missile launcher and a repeater bot. Finally also Eudoros (MK12) and a Ekdromoi (spitfire perhaps? can't remember). His only weakness, he only had one FO (in the Thora-link) and one hacker (myrm-link). So very few specialists. So he deployed with a pretty solid position, Atalanta, the Thora-link and the Thora missile launcher covering about half the table between them, with several overlapping fire lanes. Eudoros ran up the Right hand side of the table, in the open. He left him in the open with SF. His Thora-link's FO sat on the objective just outside his deployment zone, and his Myrm link moved up the left hand side. With his Hacker sitting on the objective there. This looked bad, But at least I can clear the right hand side easily enough. I have my HMG Hsien there! So I moved him into cover and opened fire on Eudoros... and suffer two wounds... and promptly failed my saves... bugger. So My nearby Su Jian went for a try... with similar results, knocking him into NWI. Further I got my medic onto my objective outside my deployment zone. round 1: 2-1 for Aleph. Round 2: He was in a pretty solid position. Not sure why, but he moved Atalanta up and got her into a position very close to the central objective. Further his repeater bot ran up close to my Su Jian, and he hacked him... IMM-1. Somewhere here he also dropped in his Ekdromoi, but with some fluke my Terracota killed him. Okay, time for my infiltrators/hidden dudes to shine. There was a small 4" gap between his deployment zone and the "no infiltrate/combat drop zone" where I could get my tiger soldier in. With a bit of luck (finally) I got him there and was now behind the Myrm link (but outside their Zone of control) and could get a clear shot at the hacker. He fires, and kills! Huzzah! One specialist down. My Guilang was close to the central antenna, so he sneaked up close to Atalanta, and they started a short range firefight. That I won, yay! End round 2: 3-2 Aleph Round 3: Eudoros (the bastard) ran up and threw his special smoke grenade onto my Su Jian and proceeded to go finnish him off in CC. Eudoros also got his secret objective of securing my HVT (who was nearby). He manuevered his Thora-link to get better lanes of fire onto the central objective. And the rest of his orders he spent getting his Thora-missile launcher into a position to cover a fire lane between some of my remaining specialists and the central objective. This is because we realised, if I can get a specialist onto the central antenna, I could scratch out a win in the last round. My turn: My ninja hacker has been patient. he could have killer hacker the Myrm-hacker by round one, but I had plans for him and now was his time to shine. It took just about all my orders, but the ninja could make it onto the objective with only the Myrms getting one ARO against him. Which they had to try and discover, and failed. The rest of the route I had complete cover, the only gap I moved over with cautious move. Thus scraping out a victory only just. yay! So had a very bad start but ended with a very sneaky finish. I might have the point counts incorrect on game 3, but I remember we worked it out that I got victory should my ninja make it, and he did! Whoo! So 1 win and 2 losses for Yu Jing, but I don't feel to bad about it. Was my first time playing a tournament (we had time constrictions) and my first time against Aleph AND Ariadna. So they both caught me quite off guard. The people where great though, and had a fun time. Thanks for all the help guys, is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. @masterofmelee: Thanks for the advice, I didn't think to limit my specialists, good catch! I also like your list, I only added a Yaozao because I saw there was 3 pts remaining. But kept everything else. Thanks for the help! Cheers
  9. Hi ah yes off course, forgot about that. Missions are from the 2016 its pack. Mission 1: Firefight (basically kill specialists, Lts, more points than opponent, and steal equipment. Also has limited infiltration) Mission 2: Transmission Matrix (Dominate transmission areas at end of game rounds) -- I'm not sure, but it seems to me that it would be advantageous to go second in this scenario, what do you guys think? Mission 3: Antenna field (Control more transmission antennas, and Airborne Deployment, Forward Deployment, Mechanized Deployment and Infltration Special Skills is not allowed ) I think there is only planned for 3 rounds.
  10. Hi guys So we have a tourney coming up this weekend and I need some advice on my second list. Below is my first list, I have run a very similar list a couple of times and had a lot of fun with it: Yu Jing ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) ZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 11) ZHANSHI (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) GŬILÁNG (Minelayer) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 26) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) TIGER SOLDIER Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 33) HSIEN HMG, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 61) SÙ-JIÀN Spitfire, Light Flamethrower, Panzerfaust / Heavy Pistol, Knife. (2 | 59) ZÚYǑNG Lieutenant (AutomediKit) HMG / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (1 | 39) 6 SWC | 298 Points Open in Infinity Army I can potentially upgrade my one Zanshi to FO, but I prefer keeping him plain to make my Lt a bit less obvious. For the tourney we must have the models, but you can choose any weapon layout. So what I have is: red veil, JSA support, Su Jian, Guilang... pretty much everything in the list above. I was hoping you could give me suggestions on other weapon layouts/combos that you think might be interesting, since I have been using most units in the above layouts. For example I have never run a Hsien on anything other than the HMG or the Guilang as not a minelayer. Maybe boarding shotgun on Su Jian and spitfire on tiger? I will probably be running the above list mostly, but I was thinking of getting a different/experimental list as well. Any ideas or criticism are welcome!
  11. Hi all So in other game systems I played, we always created 'versus' or 'match up' threads on the forums. Basically how does your faction match up against another faction, and what tactics have you found effective against their common tricks/tactics. I was hoping we could start off such a thread by discussing Combined army, since I am playing them on Thursday evening and have no idea what to expect. I know he likes TAGs and his shasvastii. I have read their unit profiles, but I have no idea how they will perform on the table. PS. If there are such threads on the forum, I couldn't find them. It would be appreciated if you could just link them here.
  12. Hi guys Thanks for the feedback, this makes a lot more sense now. I just want to come back to Scenario 3 again. So he is the active player, my camo marker is 2" behind him (for arguments sake, I don't have kinemetika). He activates his soldier, and first short skill is to turn around, bringing me into his LoF. I declare dodge with the intention of moving into BtB with him. He declares a shoot (I assume he cannot make a CC attack since it is predicated on me making my dodge?) so now we have a FtF roll, my dodge vs his shooting. Is this correct? Further more, same scenario, but he has another soldier with LoF to my camo marker. He activates this guy (lets assume he is far away) and tries to detect with his first short skill. I dodge, now lets assume I aim to move into BtB with the nearby soldier. What now? Does my dodge and his detect become face to face roll? Lets assume my dodge is successful, and I move into BtB with the nearby soldier. Can his second short skill be shoot? Sorry for the extensive questions, english is my second language so some of the rule book's wording is odd sometimes.
  13. Hi all I play Yu Jing, and was thinking of ninjas/oniwabans and how combat works around them. so here follows a couple of questions surrounding camo, ARO's and engaging an enemy: Scenario 1: I have an infiltrated TO:camo marker within 3" of my opponent. I activate my marker, first short skill is I move into base contact with him. Since I am touching him, I am revealed, so he can declare a shoot ARO (assuming I moved within his LoF). My second short skill is I hit him with my sword. Question 1: If the shoot action kills me, can I still perform my CC attack? And further, I assume it would still be a Face to Face roll in CC, since no ARO is needed to "gain" a face to face roll in CC. Scenario 2: Same as above, but I start 6" away from my opponent. First short skill I move within 2" of him, inside his LoF. If I understand correctly he can either detect or delay. So he delays. My second short skill is I move into CC with him. Now we end up with the effectively the same scenario as above, except I don't get to perform a CC attack. Question 2: is this correct? Scenario 3: I moved my TO:camo marker to within 2" behind my opponent (outside his LoF). His turn, he activates his guy, and first short order is to turn around. I get to perform a ARO, I dodge. So If I am successful with my dodge, I can engage him. Question 3: Are his only options for his second short skill to: Move or Detect? I assume he cannot attack me since I am still in TO:camo state. Even though I MIGHT contact him with a successful dodge and thus reveal my camo marker. Scenario 4: My TO:camo marker is behind my opponent (outside his LoF). My first short skill is I move into base to base with him. I assume he cannot make any ARO. I get revealed and proceed to hit him with my sword. Question 4: What are his modifiers to his CC face to face roll? I assume -6 for surprise shot/attack. I assume TO:camo doesn't work in CC. Are there any other modifiers, say for engaging him in his back arc? Not counting Martial arts. Scenario 5: I have a camo marker with smoke grenades. I am within 4" of him, in his LoF. My first short skill is to throw the smoke grenade onto him. Intending to use my second short skill to move into base contact with him. I assume throwing the smoke grenade breaks my camo status. Therefore he is able to ARO, for instance shoot. Lets say he shoots. Further assume that neither of us have any MSV visors. Question 5: If my smoke grenade hits, does he loose his shoot ARO? Question 5.1: Is it good to play the scenario as stated above, or would it be better to move in BtB first, and then "special dodge smoke"? Does it make a difference? Question 5.2: Lets assume my smoke hits. This means that I am unable to declare my second short skill a shoot action against the same target. Even though the entire order happens "at the same time"? I assume it works like this, but was just wondering. Any insight or clarification would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. Hi all So we had our game last night, we made one or two mistakes, but overall it was a very good game. A quick bat rep: Our table had quite a few buildings and ruins. Our objective was in the center surrounded by a ruin, with two clear LoF to the objective, but only from the two buildings on both sides along the center line. Further terrain of note was some ruins in/close to his deployment zone (he choose sides, I got first turn). Apparently we had an older 20x20 document that only specified 1 objective in the center of the table. His list: Haqqislam ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 8 GHULAM Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) GHULAM Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 13) KHAWARIJ Lieutenant Rifle + Light Shotgun, Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 27) JANISSARY Akbar Doctor (MediKit) AP Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 41) JANISSARY HMG / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 40) MUYIB Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher (Normal and Smoke Ammo.) / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 23) HAWWA' (Forward Observer) Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 21) FARZAN (Minelayer) Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) 4 SWC | 200 Points Open in Infinity Army Deployment: My Hsien and bao trooper where on the right hand side of the table, ready to move into some decent cover that would also allow them to cover the one side of the objective ruins. Guilang was on the otherside of the objective ruins with a mine just inside the ruins. Zanshis and doctor covered back field. Oniwaban infiltrated right outside his deployment, just outside a ruin that stretched into his deployment zone. His two gulams where hiding in a building on the far left along with the Khawarij. In the center of the table behind some trees (that we play as blocking LoF) he had both Janissaries, close to the ruins where my oniwaban was hiding >:) in said ruins was his Muyib. His Farzan infiltrated onto the building in front of my Hsien with LoF onto the objective (and unfortunately also onto my oniwaban's hiding spot) with another camo token just inside the objective ruins. Lastly his Hawwa was in other ruins on the left close to the objective ruins. Yu Jing turn 1: I was sorely tempted to unleash my oniwaban first turn, but I was concerned because too many of his guys (and camo tokens!) had LoF on his hiding position. So I opted to move my Hsien forward into cover and watching the objective ruin's one approach with my bao trooper supporting him against the nearby camo token. Then my guilang courageously jumped down from his building to place another mine covering the the building ruin's other approach. Haqq turn 1: Janissaries, Muyib and Khawarij moved up in a combined order (staying out of LoF) then Muyib blind fired his grenade launcher and killed my guilang! and also hit one of my mines... and I made it's armour save! then his HMG Janissary moved into cover and started firing at my Hsien! Hsien declared dodge, and critted! Huzzah! he just moved into complete cover. This unfortunately allowed his Farzan to move into a position to fire on my Bao where the Bao had no cover... one dead Bao. Farzan moved back so that my Hsien cannot murder him next turn. Then another combined order, moving his Janissaries, Muyib and Khawarij into full cover, keeping an eye on the back field. Little did he know, that his HMG Janissary and his Muyib where now standing VERY close to my hidden Oniwaban >:) Yu Jing turn 2 - the Ninja party: Time for the Oniwaban to come out and play. I placed my camo token, and as a first short skill he jumped into the ruins and into the Muyib. I think we might have made a mistake here, because his HMG and Muyib could see me during the move, but we thought the HMG could only try and detect the camo token OR delay, but then fire into CC, we kinda forgot it all happens at the same time. Regardless my Oniwaban made it into CC and proceeded to decapitate the Muyib. Then he moved into contact with the HMG Janissary, and filleted him from stem to sternum - damn monofilament is great. Then he ran towards the trees hiding the Khawarij and the last Janissary. Contacting the Khawarij but not the Janissary. Here I made a tactical error. I only had 3 orders left, and only 2 mines covering the objective, and no one near it. But I decided to commit another order and try to kill the Khawarij. I think he rolled something like a 5 or 6, a hit! well no worries, I only have to roll a 7+ and if I score above 14(ish) I get a crit (thanks to the martial arts level I chose to use) and I rolled... a 1. Damn. So save for me, and I make it! Hurrah! but he has poison... which I failed. damn. With my last orders I make a combined order and move my Hsien into position of cover and watching the one objective approach. Then my doctor and FO zanshi ran up towards the objective. Last order on my Zanshi to move just outside the objective ruins, covering the one approach. Haqq turn 2: The farzan moved up and took a shot at my Hsien, I correctly geussed that it was just outside of 8", so I returned fire with my HMG, and wounded the Farzan - yes! He moved his Khawarij up, but into LoF of my FO Zanshi, who flashed him, and won the face to face roll. Hehe. His grenade launcher gulam moved up and took a blind fire at my Zanshi... and critted! damn, this also killed my one mine inside the objective ruins. Now the one approach to the objective was only coverd my my one exposed mine close to the Hawwa. Here I was very lucky, since it took him 2-4 orders to uncover and kill the mine. His last order he moved his Khawarij, Janissary, Hawwa and GL gulam up close to the objective. Yu Jing turn 3: I only had 4 orders remaining. So first used a combined order, to get my Hsien onto the building the Farzan occupied to get a clear line of fire onto the objective. This triggered his mine covering the ruins entrance, and did a wound to my Hsien. Along with his move I ran the doctor up just outside the ruins and moved my one zanshi so she could get a LoF onto the one approach to the objective ruins (though she was VERY far away) Then I ran my doctor just behind the objective, surviving a gulam's long range Aro. And then activated the objective, 1 point Yu Jing! Haqq turn 3: His Khawarij and Janissary both moved up towards the objective and took pot shots at my Hsien, the Janissary got wounded for his arrogance. He realised the range bands were too much in my Hsien's favour, so the odds of him killing him were rather low. So what proceeded were a few suicide runs at the objective... none made it >:) Game: Yu Jing 1 - Haqq 0 Victory! Overall he brought a list I was really not expecting, but as always my Hsien pulled through, damn that guy is amazing. We played the Oniwaban's murder spree wrong. He should have had more meaningful AROs with the muyib and HMG Janissary. But I was within 8" of them both from the start, so only pistols might have helped them. So I probably should have used my B-shotgun then, the odds were still quite in my favour I think. But damn that murder spree felt amazing! Question: How do you guys feel about the Oniwaban vs the Kitsune? It seems to me the Kitsune is much better, mainly due to the smoke grenades. Thanks for all the advice and help guys, the list was fun and the game was great Cheers
  15. Hi guys Thanks for all the great advice! It is much appreciated. @The Invincible Army Wow, I was not aware there are special visors/equipment against Impersonation, I definitely want to try that Bao trooper out. Several people have mentioned trying to have the table not over saturated with terrain. I have no idea if we are playing with too much/little terrain. Is there some kind off rule of thumb? Like x amount of large pieces per half/quarter or something similar? Shout out to Mahtamori and Section 9, who are seemingly always on the forum and ready with sage advice, thanks! I have created a list to play against my Haqq opponent, any feedback/critiques would be greatly appreciated. Link below. Not sure if I done it right, but a list felt like it merited a separate thread. Cheers