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  1. A good movie. However, IMHO, its VERY simple plot fails in develivering a serious reflection on what "being a human" means (which is the core concept of the whole GitS franchise). So I left the theatre feeling a little disappointed. Fortunately, the acting is decent, visuals are outstanding and the pace of the movie is good.
  2. yeah, i know that. I was trying to evoke a vision of Anarcho-feminists based on cheap stereotypes for humorous purpose (with limited success, I guess ) BTW, if you believe that american politics are heavily polarized, you should come to southern europe. You would be amazed. we're in the same boat man. Having felt the pleasure of getting my nose broken with a riot shield after a "charge" against police, launched for no apparent reason, I now try to avoid mixing with this kind of guys... This! Where's my new Lizard???
  3. A rescuplt of the Asuras is badly needed. I mean... the concept is good and fascinating but putting on the field those minis as ARM5 2W NWI models... feels so wrong! As a side note... the Danavas are, in hindu mithology, the "good" asuras. The "bad" ones are the Adityas. I'd love to see what a "bad" asura would be in Infinity
  4. sorry for the misunderstanding. I was obviously joking about the fact that Riot Grrrls are infamous for being far left extremists bent on destroying, pillaging and burning stuff (most notably cars and shops) during riots. In any case, I love the sculpts!
  5. lol... I was sure that my sentence actually meant something.
  6. typical bad patriarchy attitude. Your shop and your car will be set on fire first.
  7. Currently working on a Demo Scenario! And organizing the first tournament of our gaming group 😜
  8. Jeez guys, ok, i get it. I will shut up
  9. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  10. I like it! It's a Nisse-esque choice (even though the lack of MSV2 is a huge difference) so I don't think he will find a spot in PanO. In most other factions, I believe he will be a solid choice! I will try him in my Steel Phanlanx
  11. Cool! Looks like we are in the process of Approving warcors Applications . Maybe I'll get good news! We, in Italy, central Tuscany (Prato-Florence-Pistoia) area badly need someone! The nearest warcor is in Siena (60+ Km away). We used to have a guy in Lucca (30 Km away) but he moved to Turin (150+ Km Away) so we have basically nobody
  12. some gorgeous models here. Actually, I kinda like the tiny head of the Taskmaster... It contributes to give him a bulky menacing appearance. however, killionaire's head swap is really amazing! Kudos!
  13. Infinity Tournament at the "Hellana Games". I post it here for Italian players on the forum and people who may be in the area on April 9 Location: Agliana (Pistoia, Italy) Missions: - Supplies - Antenna Field - Firefight
  14. Indeed, we'll do something like that.
  15. For each Faction I want some different units. For example, Germans (assuming we are talikng about the 1943 German army) will get something like: - line infantry: normal stats - Waffen SS: fanatical troops with above-average stats, particularly WIP - Elite soldiers from the GrossDeutchland division with above average stats across the board - FallschirmJaeger parachutists with elite stats and some parachutist rules (something like AD:2) - Ostlegionen troops with below-average stats That is why I was asking for some guidelines on how to calculate point costs