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  1. The Outrage box is out... But are we getting rules for these guys?
  2. I dunno if the high cost will be enough of a drawback but the 360 visor version is rock solid IMHO. It is brutal in the active turn through Full Auto and you can put it in suppressive fire without bothering about anyone sneaking behind you (You have to worry about enemy hackers but that's what KHD zeroes are for)
  3. I don't think this list is very... playable... You have crammed too many toys IMHO. I would recommend the following: Drop penthesilea, Machaon (Who are you going to heal? If he's there for him being a specialist, I'm sorry but this list, with only 2 specialists, can work only in direct action missions) and the 2 netrods. Then use these points for getting to at least 10 regular orders. A Thora Fireteam led by thrasymedes looks like a nice option. I would also make Achilles the lieutenant and replace the Hacker with a Myrmidon officer with Boarding Shotgun and eclypse... but ehy... it's your list, not mine
  4. This! BTW, Valette already plays the game with solid MO lists, so I don't think that "It's not your list, it's you" is the kind of suggestion he is looking for. I tried CHA only a few times but I can tell that the Grey+Isobel+volunteers link looks like the obvious choice for your playstyle. Of course, the grey is not a HMG-Hospitaller but I believe they play pretty similar in many ways. Add SAS and Uxia for support but I believe they play pretty differently from TO spec sergeants. Their cost and the lackluster weapons of the FO profile mean that if you aim at playing them as mere button pushers you will waste a lot of points.
  5. Frankly, it is a relatively solid and pretty "standard" list. If I HAD to make suggestions, i would find points to upgrade a little the Thorakitai Fireteam as follows: - A forward observer thorakitai costs only 1 point more and it is INCREDIBLY better. Try to upgrade the 12 points thoras to 13 points' FO thoras - A Feuerbach would be a nice addition! A long range weapong with enough punch to threaten TAGs and HI. Or a HMG to provide you a high burst long-range weapon. If you cannot spare the SWC, the cheaper Light rocket launcher is nice as well. To find the points I would: - ditch one of the yudbots - remove one devabot from scylla - replace the Zayin with a cheaper drone, possibly a Daleth As generatl strategy tips I would remind you: - Atalanta is NOT a good ARO piece, unless you have a sniper nest close to the edge of the table to abuse your longer range. I know, she has BS 17 but she still rolls only one die. A linked HMG will tear her apart unless you can safely throw a smoke grenade to block line of sight to her. - remember to spare the order to impersonate Scylla and her bots - Beware of mines and camo infltrators that could lay mines on your path. Your main attack vector is a link team that heavily relies on ODD and NWI: both useless against mines. a clever opponent will try to stop you using mines, even sacrifying some cheap troopers for the purpose (like Zeros or Foxtrots)
  6. Thanks guys. Sgt. rocks nailed it for me... I'm not willing to go through the same torture session that I experienced assembling Dakinis. I'll wait for a re-sculpt. Btw, I'm a little disappointed by the lack of new SAS. The old ones look so TIIINYYYYYYYYY!!!
  7. I really look forward to get my hands on this starter. I absolutely love all the models. As a side note, I would like to ask you guys a suggestion: I really would like to play wulvers, so I was wondering if it would be worth to buy the existing box or if I should wait for a re-sculpt. So the question is: How old are the current wulver sculpts?! Old enough to reasonably expect a re-sculpt or not?!
  8. A good movie. However, IMHO, its VERY simple plot fails in develivering a serious reflection on what "being a human" means (which is the core concept of the whole GitS franchise). So I left the theatre feeling a little disappointed. Fortunately, the acting is decent, visuals are outstanding and the pace of the movie is good.
  9. yeah, i know that. I was trying to evoke a vision of Anarcho-feminists based on cheap stereotypes for humorous purpose (with limited success, I guess ) BTW, if you believe that american politics are heavily polarized, you should come to southern europe. You would be amazed. we're in the same boat man. Having felt the pleasure of getting my nose broken with a riot shield after a "charge" against police, launched for no apparent reason, I now try to avoid mixing with this kind of guys... This! Where's my new Lizard???
  10. A rescuplt of the Asuras is badly needed. I mean... the concept is good and fascinating but putting on the field those minis as ARM5 2W NWI models... feels so wrong! As a side note... the Danavas are, in hindu mithology, the "good" asuras. The "bad" ones are the Adityas. I'd love to see what a "bad" asura would be in Infinity
  11. sorry for the misunderstanding. I was obviously joking about the fact that Riot Grrrls are infamous for being far left extremists bent on destroying, pillaging and burning stuff (most notably cars and shops) during riots. In any case, I love the sculpts!
  12. lol... I was sure that my sentence actually meant something.
  13. typical bad patriarchy attitude. Your shop and your car will be set on fire first.
  14. Currently working on a Demo Scenario! And organizing the first tournament of our gaming group 😜
  15. Jeez guys, ok, i get it. I will shut up