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  1. At 150 points the LT will always be hard to hide if you wanna bring specialists and heavy weapons as well. Warcors are a nice list filler if you have 3 points to spare. The flashlight seems to be a nice ARO tool. Order Sergeants with auxbots are good but they are neither forward observer nor availible in Neoterra.
  2. Those little antennas are awkward indeed. On the other hand the quality and detail of the miniatures is stunning. My GW miniatures seem really bland and clumsy compared to them. About the weapons: The fusiliers from Op:Icestorm wield combi rifles. Pretty much the PanO basic gun.
  3. Take a look at Select one of the sectorials and you'll see what's available to them. Hint: If using the PC version i recommend to configure the unit menu to be vertical aligned. That way you'll see the unit names.
  4. I'm sort of in the same boat thus can't give you hints on effective lists or models to buy but i can share the way i'll approach it. Instead of jumping straight to 300 points i'll play a few games with the starter models. Then we'll add single models we like. One at a time to have time to learn the new rules. That should give me time to make up my mind about certain models, rules and the faction overall. After that it's time to think about sectorials.
  5. Nice story and the analytical writing gives it a proper Aleph touch. Looking forward to read more of this.