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  1. Straaaya, mate!
  2. Chest mines are what make this guy really special. Remember that in the active turn, if they dodge you can blast them with your SMG. If they don't dodge, you can actually hit them twice by expending both charges of the chest mine as a double-whammy DTW. In close combat, the chest mine can be your CCW, adding +3 and with berserk as well, there's a huge chance for a crit, allowing you to trade with even shinobu or whoever. One of the reasons I really like him is forward deployment + impetuous + potential 6-4 movement. Sometimes the terrain has been set up so that one side is deliberately unfavourable, but there may be some really good hiding placed just out of DZ range that he can start in. If your opponent has deployed too defensively, he gets a potential 4" deployment head start plus 10" free impetuous move. Oh, and he can't be jammered.
  3. What I meant is that if someone had handed me a list of un-used units like that before this data appeared, I'd have said, "no, I wouldn't take any of those to a tournament." This data somewhat agrees with my intuitive analysis of game balance.
  4. Yep. Also unsurprising that when you get over a hundred players who, one would assume, practice infinity and often think about how to win more often, would avoid taking--Yevgueni Voronin, Sogarat, Khawarijs, grenzers, kamau, aelis keesan, shang ji. As a poster on this forum I'm obliged to pin a little disclaimer into this post and proclaim that it's not that these units are BAD, per se, because I want to remain politically correct... But for some reason nobody wants to take them to a tournament like this. Ditto for many profiles that derive from otherwise good units, i.e chain rifle daturazi vs combi rifle daturazi.
  5. As stated in another thread, we have to get it out of our heads that the interplanetario represents the world's best players. That's not what it is--the event is mostly a local event. A significant number of attendees are relatively casual players who haven't analyzed the game to death.
  6. Krakots are a nice Rambo to use against Haqq because they ignore jammers. Also, they don't clutter up your DZ as bad when deploying because they are forward. You can plan around the metachem roll you get, and even if it's a bad roll, they're cheap enough to just cheerlead a lot of the time. Most used profile for me would be the single SMG, but I even use the Red Fury occasionally because of the free shock. There's a decent chance of getting super jump or climbing plus, so for his points he is very cost-effective when you roll a useful result on meta2.
  7. Yep. But it was my opponent @alphz who was the madman, trying to crack me with a plain old TR bot, struck it lucky and stripped two wounds in one f2f roll.
  8. Could take a selfie for you, if you want. I ran the FK ML for fun one time btw.
  9. I thought that as well, but in practice here's another angle to take with him. If you look at the board when your turn starts, and see an opportunity to get value out of him, go on a committed Rambo run. If not, literally just leave him in your DZ and activate something else. Maybe you can attack with a Q drone or Fraacta, or go pressing buttons with a malignos? But if there's an opening for him, spend all your orders moving out, super-jumping onto things to shoot them, then when you are at the right spot, super jump over something and land into CC, then extract extra wounds with P4. After that, just try to super-jump onto something that will take your opponent a lot of orders to chase after him, and once they have cornered him, they may have to get through up to 4 wounds worth to remove him. If they don't, well he's in a really threatening position. Always remember though, just because you have an offensive unit, if the board state realistically calls for that unit to be sidelined, then the bigger picture of winning is more important than just needlessly going for value.
  10. +50 internet points awarded
  11. No problem-o. Played a game yesterday and my opponent didn't know whether Tarik's vaulting move would incur an ARO from my mighty Aquila guard, so as always, gave him the benefit of the doubt so he could glide through untouched, with the understanding that I'd post it up briefly on the forum later. We read the rulebook at the time but didn't have the FAQ on hand. @Hexa ...of course, Tarik sucked up a missile ARO in the following order anyway. #PanO problems
  12. I'm doing the NCA <--> ISS army swap with the guy who started this thread of course, for this month. I find NCA unbearably boring. My solution wouldn't be to buff the good things in the faction, I'd just introduce a few smaller changes to bring their less desirable things up to par with the stuff everyone runs. PanO in general have a higher proportion of "less-usable" profiles than other factions. Coming from YJ, where it's hard to find many 'problem profiles' that are just obviously way lower in value.
  13. Can't believe Kamau lost x-visor on LGL.... f***!!#$*
  14. We call it "vaulting". When a silhouette moves into contact with a terrain obstacle lower than its height, the rules allow the model to travel through it freely with no hindrance. But does it: Pass through like a ghost? Meaning it stays on the same ground level with no vertical movement? Climb into the air, as if scaling a slope, raising the height of the silhouette, staying at this altitude as it crosses the obstacle, before returning to ground level? Take the Fraacta in this photo as an example. If it starts on one side of the box (from zen terrain, poland) but moves directly from one side to the other in one short skill, does she count as being higher up part way through the move, for the purpose of ARO's? Or does she just treat the box as invisible, ghosting through it. Furthermore, is there anything that allows the active player to simply choose which of the two versions apply, when this carries out? Obviously she could always just end her move on the box which leads me to think that she gains more height moving "through it". What about pieces that wouldn't allow her to end her move there because of their shape? Finally, don't reply to this post with a "yes", "no", or "it's 1, it's 2" answer. Reply with your way of interpreting the rules so that we can following your line of reasoning, logically.