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  1. Yeah man, got the list ready to go for tomorrow night. I won't disclose the full lineup but it will include 4x Daturazi and 4x Preta, each kind of alien in a separate combat group.
  2. Nah, we want to be able to set up TAGs in suppression fire. One of my gripes with your apartment is that models of certain sizes can't actually go inside the building.
  3. WRONG Our terrain is too dense. We're gonna playtest some more games using the rulebook layout. Huge firelanes, and tall buildings with sniper towers in each DZ. We're also not using enough of the awesome SUPPRESSION FIRE. Warband usage will be at an all time low usage after this field test, I can assure you...
  4. That game didn't really bring density OR warbands into the foreground of the discussion, in my mind. It was just a bit of a weird game. Anyway, lets go even SPARSER next time. I still don't think we're using the almighty suppression fire tactic enough to counter warbands @alphz
  5. My issue with the aragoto is that he's just a sitting duck if an enemy KHD walks up to one of your repeater bots. For the same cost, you've also got a ninja KHD standing right next to an objective or zone and it only takes a single order to get into position or press a button. Already planning on doing work earlier in the game with that ninja? Well, just take more than one of them. You have the AVA to do that in JSA.
  6. Hah, I'm sure you'd get that reply if you asked about doors or warbands or what have you.
  7. Just use your own language when posting in the English forums, it'll be fine
  8. It's a good link for the sake of tables, but right now in this thread we're just wanting to experience what Daboarder experiences. Hopefully it enhance our appreciation of warbands.
  9. I don't want to come across as insinuating anything critical or negative whatsoever in the following post, I'd generally be interested in your help on this one: ------------------ Could you help us out and set up a table next time you're free and take photos showing top down, and from each individual side edge, and also draw us a map? Me and Alphz will play some practice games on it and see if our infinity experience differs quite greatly as a result. We play with a variety of table layouts in NZ but I feel like our experiences are differing quite drastically from yours. I know you could link me to other pics and things from the past but I think it would be better if you designed something from scratch for this purpose, if it's not too much trouble that is. I'll send back some photos just to check we got it right. Thanks in advance.
  10. If I have a Samaritan assault hacker in an ONYX force but without Xeodrons, but my opponent is also playing ONYX and is using a full harris of Samaritan and Xeodrons, what happens if I kill his Samaritan first, break his haris link, then possess both Xeodrons with my own Samaritan.... can I spend a command token to form a link with the possessed Xeodrons?
  11. This is a pretty good point. If the other guy is running for objectives in the last turn of the game though, dodging isn't optimal as the opponent can use their second short skill to just keep moving. Warbands with pistols are actually really handy as final turn AROs because your opponent can't afford to waste too many orders clearing them if there's a lot of button work to complete.
  12. It's consistent to admire the game and praise the good things about it while demanding improvement. We pay for it after all. I think every aspect of the hobby can continue to progress in the right direction, not just these few rules. We could have better profiles, better models (yes, better models in case of things like Guijia Pilot/Techbee), better background writing/translation, better campaigns, better missions, better forum moderation...... it's comprehensive. Let me be clear though, in saying that all of these things are already pretty good. That's why we're still here.
  13. Guys, take me at face value for once. I posted because I wanted to know, to gain knowledge of what was going on. I wasn't insinuating some sort of value judgement about what you were talking about.
  14. My understanding of this might be lacking. When you guys talk about space-ship terrain, corridors, and lots of rooms--are you basically talking about playing games of infinity on terrain that is just a lot more dense than usual? With a lot of very short fire-lanes where HMG's and Snipers just aren't as useful? What's the appeal of this, if so?