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  1. Put assisted fire onto your Dakini tacbot HMG, then order the Dakini to attack the fusilier missile. At the correct range bands it's 14's on 4 dice vs 12's 2 dice. Suppose he wins the face to face roll--there's a good chance you'll end up in a low level of unconscious rather than completely removed from the table. If that's the case, use your Sophotect to revive the Dakini and try it again. Trying to beat him with multiple attempts yields a very high rate of success. By the way assisted fire grants shock, so he won't be able to revive the fusilier missile.
  2. With LT options, I personally don't believe it's fair to ask your opponent which models are LT 'options'... I play a lot of poker and I've become quite sensitive to how angle-shooting works in social strategy games. You might be playing a list in which you genuinely can't remember whether one of your models can be a LT or not. If you either have to declare, or inadvertently give away the fact, that you were UNSURE of whether a particular model could or could not be a LT, that basically gives away that it is NOT your LT, because you DO know who the LT is. Simple as that. It's unfair for an opponent to potentially put you in this situation. Having said that, I usually just answer these questions anyway as I want to remove any excuses on the basis of non-co-operation after my opponent loses. Also, I cover off some tournament issues, including this issue, in the following vid.
  3. Nah, they need a nerf.
  4. It would be such a nerf to unidrons, and therefore onyx, if suddenly we went from STR not being affected by shock, to shock countering that unit/fireteam.
  5. In our group, we play all objectives as taking up a silhouette 3 sizing for LOS purposes, regardless of what they really look like.
  6. This has come up in other rules threads before. Unfortunately it depends on your definition of "a piece of scenery". Consider the paper box terrain piece that comes with operation icestorm. If you stand on it, but aren't in case contact with the lip of the wall around the top of the box, are you still in base contact with that piece of scenery? Or do you need to be up against the lip of the top wall to be in "cover". I don't really think it was ever resolved. Question is a valid one imo.
  7. What kind of snipers are you having trouble with? Do missile launchers count as snipers? The HacTao missile and YanHuo missile profiles are pretty good at these long range fights, unless you are talking 40" plus. Hsien in smoke is going to deal with most snipers by the way.
  8. Active turn model A, holding a shotgun, spends a short skill move and comes in range of a mine, which detonates. Behind the mine is an enemy camo marker, which opts not to ARO. Can model A choose the mine as a target as it detonates? It may want to do this in order to cause an impact template to affect the enemy camo marker. I would have thought the mine remains a valid target until it is removed at the end of the order during resolution.
  9. There are about to be a bunch of people posting here, who will say "just buy the models you like the look of, they're all good and use-able." They're right, but that's not why you posted this. 2x packs of ikadron/imetron (so that you have two of each) Daturazi Witch Soldiers Something to use as a shrouded/malignos (there are actually a few suitable models for this, even the shasvastii spec ops model which also doubles as a great speculo) Nexus agent as soon as he comes out (I'm picking up the new HVT model to use as him) Do you already have the drone remote box set from the Onyx starter? If not, get that asap!
  10. Yeah! I think it was a much-needed boost to Vanilla PanO, although on the other hand it made single-group CA and Steel Phalanx even more powerful than they were before, while they didn't need the help. Overall I think it's fine.
  11. Yup there's heaps of 20 order batreps up on my YouTube. It's mostly 8x Kuang Shi, Celestial Guard link, either Crane or SuJian, always Ninja KHD, plus a smattering of remotes. Here's a look at the kind of WuMing game I play.
  12. It's a classic example of a model that needs to do enough fighting--but not too much fighting--in order for her to be worth the investment. If you can get your opponent trying to shoot at her in such a way that she can tank a lot of orders and still survive thanks to armour and wounds, then duck into cover, that's a great payoff. If you can move her up the board and get some kills, without over-committing and losing her easily to something that counters her, then great. Now that you can run a single combat group and not suffer the -2 order penalty when going first she can be good in an alpha strike list. Her MO fireteam has a lot more reach now. That co-ordinated order efficiency is also really good in biotechvore.
  13. Damn sure wasn't MY YouTube channel! Initiative is worth a lot in my batreps.
  14. Why do we continue to allow them then? It would do a lot for morale around here if meaningful action was taken on a regular basis.
  15. Its okay. I quite often use two nexus so It would be cool to have two different-looking ones. Really will help to show the hacker and standard pleb apart.