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  1. Yeah, next video will be in a hall where a tournament is going on, should be hectic.
  2. I'm trying to play along here, but he'd either go dogged or explode in that case right? The amusing part would be watching the Sophotect's face when she realizes that the syringe can't be administered due to Wang's foolishness!
  3. Crane Agent Wang would just order Han to press the biolocator button in this case. It's what it's designed for. There's already a sophotect within syringe-range.
  4. Classifieds are dumb
  5. A bunch of people are probably going to show up on this thread and talk about the Djan link with Hafzas. Even so I don't think the overall capability achieved with it lives up to the brutal stuff that other sectorials can get away with.
  6. One thing I liked about plastic was the opportunity to kit bash, convert, and create your own poses a lot more easily. But metal is pretty straightforwardly better for the reasons people have mentioned. The spec ops blisters that offer an alt head and weapon options is pretty cool. I'd love to see slightly more of that, but without going overboard on too many options.
  7. I think mine-layer in general is really de-valued by the fact that orders are counted up and a player has to say which models are in which group. The only real use for it against a decent player is to act as a speed-bump around some position of interest, not so much as an effective damage-dealing surprise.
  8. Was it meaningful though? The only result that was counted was a poll of how many wins (read: how many active players) each faction had. Was there any real unification of factions at the end of the day? It was farcical when those alliances were introduced. The real victory of that campaign was that some very talented people came out of the woodwork and showed us their painting/modeling/photography skills.
  9. They could just wear black jumpsuits and paint white dots that look like stars on themselves.
  10. They did pretty well with the Krakot! I liked that the first people to use it had to have/win an ITS pack, then it's public later. Great unit--not too powerful, not too weak, every faction can find him useful. And he is a very unique unit.
  11. Gosh CB are playing it safe aren't they. There really is room in their game for giving new models more interesting combinations of rules, though. There are a whole bunch of exotic rules and equipment in the game, so there are plenty of flavorful things he could have received.
  12. It can be a deterrent in some cases if you have a good repeater network set up. When I look at the Toureg and decide between the two specialist profiles (doctor/AHD), I actually prefer the AHD because elsewhere I've got a barid armed with pitcher, and I've got fast remotes in the list too. My opponent might have to spend orders working around that, so I've set up a decent denial game just by having him. In other factions it just depends what else is available. I'd always take the Ninja KHD over the AHD. The other thing to keep in mind is that CB are really making an effort to ensure that TAG's are viable now. The pilot specialists are a step in the right direction, but the thing that really encourages a TAG are the conditions in missions like 'show of force' and 'deadly dance'. With people becoming more interested in fielding them, your AHD can swing the game pretty hard by succeeding with a total control hack. I actually recommend using a possessed TAG to walk over to your side of the army and put it in a place where once the enemy regains control of it, they'll lose it immediately. Put it in B2B with a close combat specialist so as soon as it's recaptured, it has to fight a losing CC war. Also, put it in range of a repeater so that when it activates again, you'll have a chance to re-possess it. It's so tempting to use your newly possessed TAG to attack, but your opponent can just dodge with everything (or hit it with stun) and your BS/movement is reduced. Keep the bigger picture in mind. Furthermore, there's this thing called limited insertion now. You can barely even make a legal list without including hackable stuff in it. AHD's are not only more useful here, but you can probably afford them given that you're gonna be going for expensive models anyway.
  13. I'm 100% sure it's more to do with your positioning than anything. Take some pictures of your games and post them here
  14. Their job is to run out and die. You're trying to take the edge of their first push. The ghazis want to suicide themselves and die. Sometimes they won't even die because they passed their smoke-dodge roll. Just deploy them carefully and play carefully. If you have a jammer in an excellent position, you can always burn a regular order to keep them in line. Don't forget you can use a command token to turn your irregular order into a regular order at any point in the turn, and you can do that before sacrificing your model. The main point is that they don't start dead, and can use jammers to fend off rambos before they run into fire lanes. It sounds like you're playing on some very sparse tables.
  15. Spread your Ghazi M's out across your deployment zone in total cover, and also hide everything. When they come over to get LOS angles to you, there's a huge spread of jammer zones they have to avoid, and then when they move around they potentially eat chainrifle/emaraats. The Ghazi are also more painful for them to clear out first because of dogged. If they are sending HI in to do this job you can also use Toureg hacker in hidden deployment, as well as your repeater network. What kind of rambos are they using?