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  1. That would be another great idea. Thank you for bringing that up. Actually these are "normal" or "regular" sized. Just check the Infinity Signature Thread on this forum and see for yourself. Also when I put these same signatures in the new forum they are automatically smaller than on this forum. So they won't be nearly as big as they look on here.
  2. No but thank you for the link. I'll be sure to post there as well.
  3. @Koni @HellLois @PsychoticStorm Corvus Belli if you can hear me then please increase the amount of pictures and links we forum members can have in our signatures in the new forum. Having only 1 pic & link allowed is very limiting. Alot of us would like to include the link to the thread that contains our working projects plus more pics would allows us to proclaim our factions of choice in style. It would be a nice addition for the community to have especially since this current English forum allowed us a liberal amount of workspace that helped make our signatures more personalized. Would allowing up to 4 pics and 4 links in a signature be a good limit?
  4. That would be something else. The linkteam leader marker definitely surprised me. There is a reason why that is included with the box. I hope it wasn't a printing error. Has anyone else checked the markers on the Szalamandra's box and gotten the same thing?
  5. @BloodRose I love this PanO force so far. Truly unique from the many, many color schemes I have searched over the years. Any more pics that you can upload? Have you been able to transfer over to the new forums? I bet your work will also be well received over there as well.
  6. @hammer_troll_01 Any color that you particularly like? Maybe white cloth to go with whatever color you choose? Or go for something similar to the links below. http://www.beastsofwar.com/groups/infinity/forum/topic/color-scheme-questions/
  7. @SirSagrell The models that keep we busy painting vary across the game's factions. Sometimes I see a model and think "that would looks as this unit" or "with some work he/she could make a great..." among other things. Basically the excitement of converting or bringing an ideal to life fuels my hobby purchases. For example, I recently bought a Dactyl support box because I thought the models would make a great Truma-Doc & Machinist. I'm working on making them less Aleph and more human/PanO. The Yudbots are also in the process of getting a makeover. I'm not sure what the final product will be but I'll be enjoying the journey that will get me there. As for your Nomad list it looks plausible. I think it will work out well once you get used to the units and how they'll flow with each other. Any chance you will be able to play it soon? I would like to hear about how the match/matches went.
  8. Amazon does have Acetone. Maybe you can look there or ebay?
  9. @muffin I would call your final list "Shotgun Knees" instead of "Leg Blast". Just sounds catcher in my opinion.
  10. Keep trying. It took me a few days before I got through. If you continue to have trouble then contact a CB forum staff member to help. That is what I woudl do if I still was unable to register for the new forum.
  11. Please do. Lets have one last painting thread on these forums.
  12. He looks great as he is right now. Ready for the tabletop.
  13. A swan song for the old Infinity forums:
  14. It belongs on the chest of the model. You will see a peg that the part slots into.
  15. @ToadChild Will your Dice Calculator & Token Sheet Creator be on the new forums or at least in your signature?