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  1. Maybe worth looking at Azra'ils. No frills, no tricks. Just good stats and solid weapons. I believe they're the cheapest armour 5, 2 wound models in the entire game.
  2. I use the spitfire profile a lot. Would highly recommend. His chance to succeed at face-to-face rolls goes down significantly once he can no longer gain cover, but this isn't of too much consequence because with BS14 he's hugely favoured in most situations anyway. I actually like having the extra impetuous order on him. It's risky triggering frenzy early, but does literally generate you more orders. Also BTS9 makes him extremely resilient against hacking attacks!
  3. I don't actually feel Infinity is imbalanced at all, and CB have already said that the they DO balance based on fixed costs, so everything has the "correct" cost according to their calculations. Having said this you may argue that they undervalue certain pieces of equipment, but this is a separate issue (ghazi and their jammers come to mind immediately). Posthumans have huge cost reductions because they don't generate orders individually. You only get one for the whole lot of them. If you take just two then the loss isn't huge but the more you take the more you feel the downside of them not generating orders. Not generating an order probably saves them about 10 points, maybe more.
  4. No lieutenant's required for mission 1 of an escalation league. Though my experience of an escalation league was that at low points values (120 or 150 points games) exploitative strategies such as smoke + msv 2 were absurdly good. The reason for this is that you just can't take counters for every possible situation at 120 points so something irritating like smoke+msv or a TAG+cheerleaders is going to do well. I'd try to get that Djanbazan an HMG in order to address this. You could do this by perhaps demoting the zhayedan to a 20ish point unit instead.
  5. There are niches that Qapu Khalqi fills. From my experience I have used Qapu Khalqi for the following reasons (some more serious and viable than others!): The Djanbazan link can cope with terrain that has difficult movement, saturation zone, and low or poor visibility (jungle terrain, forest terrain, engine room terrain etc.). The MSV2 negates visibility mods, multiterrain negates the movement penalties and being in a link negates the saturation zone penalties. This is why I recently chose Qapu Khalqi for a tagline event. You're playing highly classified and want multiple Al Hawwa hackers because with their D charges and hacking programs they can achieve most classifieds. You can take 3-man Sekban links which are really nasty because 360 visor allows them to function a bit like a 4-man link without having to invest in the extra troop. They're almost impossible to outmanoeuvre but can suffer to smoke. 3 Sekban and 2 Hafza including a heavy rocket launcher and a spitfire will cost roughly 100 points for the whole link and gives you weapons that hit people out of cover on 19s. Muyibs are similar but for an equivalent link with a spitfire and heavy rocket launcher you're looking at closer to 130 points which is actually a fairly large cost difference - equivalent to an Al Hawwa or 3 Alguaciles in Qapu Khalqi. You can play a list with 2 TAGs that's actually not terrible. Highest availability of drop troops with 4 Bashis and 3 Yuan Yuans. It's probably the easiest flavour of Haqqislam to play a defensive style with. The Azra'il feuerbach, Janissary missile launcher, Djanbazan sniper in a link, and Sekban heavy rocket launcher in a link can all pull together to be a nightmare for opponents to dislodge. You can build this force for 5.5SWC and 200 points, giving you a whole 100 points left to splash on other troops. It's a really effective list against opponent's that expect to play against you very aggressively. Qapu Khalqi maintains a lot of variety and gets links too. We can take a heavy infantry link that might not be as good as Riot Grrls but, unlike Bakunin, you also get access to fantastic drop troops. You get smoke. You get camouflage specialists. You get drop troops. You get TAGs. You get MSV2. You get direct templates. As far as I'm aware all Qapu Khalqi totally lacks is a solid profile with mines (I don't like them on snipers too much) and a decent close combat specialist. It's true the options might not shine as much as some others but it's much easier to address holes with Qapu than it is with some other forces.
  6. Ghazi's with their Jammers can threaten links from safety since they don't require line of sight. Mines can also be really nasty because they don't care about ODD modifiers. Fidays can be a good unit to use because not all of Steel Phalanx has high CC. Thorakitai are juicy targets with their CC of 14. Flamethrowers on Zuleyka and Naffatun burn away ODD and can seriously threaten lighter infantry. Shock Marksman Rifle Djanbazan has MSV2 which sees through the ODD and a shock weapon which stops NWI activating.
  7. There are a few reasons why you would consider an Azra'il over an Al Fasid. Firstly in terms of cost alone the Feuerbach Azra'il is 0.5SWC and 6 points cheaper than the HRL Al Fasid, which might not sound like much but if you shave off roughly 5 points from all your choices suddenly you can take many more orders. The APHMG Azra'il is a huge 12 points cheaper than the HMG Al Fasid, which is equivalent to a whole extra Ghulam. Secondly, I think the Azra'ils main weapons have a niche that the Al Fasid's main weapons don't. The HRL has fire ammunition which can be very hit and miss against highly armoured targets that may easily save the first armour roll, whereas the Feuerbach's explosive ammunition just forces 3 rolls which makes it more likely to cause at least some damage. Similarly the APHMG has greater potency against highly armoured targets than the HMG. Thirdly, I find myself not being too keen on high cost toolbox units, because I think lists can suffer a lot from putting all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. For example, I could take the Azra'il APHMG and a Ghazi Muttawi'ah or a Kum Biker instead of the HMG Al Fasid for fewer points. In this example I still have access to the HMG and smoke capabilities offered by the Al Fasid, but lose the mines, and normal grenade launcher. The reason why this is attractive to some people is because it's far harder for the opponent to dismantle your strategy if they have to kill multiple troops. If you take an Al Fasid and it dies then you've lost an awful lot. If you take an Azra'il and a Kum Biker then if either one dies you still have access to the other. I end up spending more orders moving multiple troops around, but I'm also less dependent on each individual troop. I personally take the Azra'il Feuerbach and Janissary Missile Launcher as go-to, auto-include ARO pieces when I want to play a very defensive game. I like stripped back units that don't pay a bunch of points for skills that I don't necessarily need. They have one job to do (zone control) and that's it. I find the problem with dishing out points for fancy ARO pieces specifically (looking at the HRL Al Fasid) is that the opponent has 1001 ways to deal with your ARO pieces whilst ignoring all the nice skills they have. You can pay for mimetism on a sniper but the opponent can just choose to use their MSV troop. You can pay for Sixth Sense L1 but it won't make a difference when they shoot through smoke from outside your zone of control. Having those kinds of skills becomes a bit pointless when the opponent gets to choose which troop they want to kill you with. In your active turn obviously that's different because you can choose the engagement, but not in the reactive turn. The Al Fasid HMG as an active turn killer is very good though. It can hit high armour targets with the HMG and scare links with grenades. Is it worth 50 points? I'm not entirely sure. I like my active turn units to be a little bit quicker so they can dig opposing troops out of cover by approaching from weird angles and I like to take cheaper units so I can diversify my list with lots of different options. However if you like to brute-force encounters with high burst and a reasonable BS then the Al Fasid HMG is a star.
  8. I've got the impression that Infinity is not "solvable" i.e. there's no one list that is just better than any other. And I'm really glad about that because in the past I've played a few games where that is not the case - and things get a little boring fairly quickly. So in this case I'm not really looking for the best list or the correct list, just something that suits me and I enjoy.
  9. Oh duh. Can't believe I missed that in the former list.
  10. Yeah, it was a really good place for me to start and since then I've played a few games and learned a bit more and formed some new opinions about how I like to play. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who replied because all of the comments in here gave me things to think about for the future. I've actually re-evaluated my use of the Azrail because at the same time as wanting something very tough, I also wanted something aggressive. After a few days of testing, the 4-2 movement actually started to really irritate me so I moved towards Janissaries instead because I think I'd rather 4-4 movement. I actually have two lists I'm testing at this point in time. They're both QK after the recommendations by @tyrannosaurus and @jfunkd, and very similar. One has 12 points spare, and the other has 13. I can't decide whether to add an Alguacil FO with Repeater or Yuan Yuan to each. But I really like being aggressive and having multiple teams with heavy weapons that have 4-4 movement seems in line with how I like to play. I've been adding 2 hackers to most lists out of force of habit but I think that may be overkill. I know hackers are important and have some fantastic functions but maybe I am overdoing it. I'll attach the lists but I have to edit them in because when I try to attach them it says the message is spam.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I really like the list suggestions you posted, but in this case I feel it's very different to what I wanted to go for. I intended my heavy weapons platforms to have high armour numbers and wounds. The remote on the other hand is certainly much cheaper in terms of points, but seems to also lack a bit of that robustness. I've watched a fair number of game replays where remotes were targeted and destroyed in the first turn of a game (probably poor deployment though). Ghulams also are very cheap ways to field heavy weapons, but also lack armour/wounds/camouflage/other when compared to other options. Maybe what you're suggesting is a better way to do things? But I was really interested in the heavier side of things. But thanks for that list because it was something I was going to try as well. A different approach.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the feedback. So I hear the main advice is to get a Djan sniper and have the Hawwa with a more basic loadout but with an assault hacking device. Seems like a straightforward swap. I'm unsure about the rest so I'll have to modify it and play around until I'm comfortable. In response to @jfunkd: I have played a few games with basic ghulams to get a feel for how cover works etc. I have not played with anything else or tried more complicated rules. I have purchased the Haqqislam starter because I know I definitely want those 3 ghulams and the janissary at the very least. The rest of it I guess I can proxy. Edit: The thing that originally got me interested in playing Haqqislam was the whole Akbar doctor + Azrail synergy because to seemed pretty fun. I was also wondering about how potent a Lasiq with a viral sniper is?
  13. I believe that I chose the Djanbazans last and I had just enough points to upgrade one to a hacker, but not enough to get an extra model in there. So I thought I might as well take that option and maximise it. I think that it's probably not the best choice though. That seems like a reasonable swap. What do you look for in a good hacker? Just high WIP?
  14. Hi all! I've been reading a lot of the resources recently and I have a rough idea about how to play the game but not a very good idea about how to build a list, and what I should be looking for. I have 4 questions: 1. I wanted a doctor Janissary along with 2x Azrail, because it seemed like that combination could be tough to deal with. It does use up a lot of points, and as a result this list severely lacks orders (only 10). Maybe I remove the Janissary and just throw in 3 more Ghulams, of which one could be a doctor? How worthwhile is Doctor Plus when you only have a few models with more than 1 wound? 2. I went for a Hawwa over a Hunzakut because I get a regular order instead of irregular. Is it really worth 6 extra points for that regular order? 3. I opted for Djanbazans because I thought MSV2 might be necessary to counter CH tactics. How necessary is this? Should I maybe just include cheaper MSV1 troops, or not bother with it at all? 4. Would it be a good idea to put the Djanbazans to one side and maybe go for a few Naffatuns? Speculative fire with grenades might be super useful, but I wouldn't really know. Obviously because I haven't played the game much I'm not sure how useful different skills are in reality so I had to sort of guess what I would need and what I would not. What I actually wanted to go for was a core of very tough to kill troops supported by doctors and cheaper rifle users. What I ended up with was lots of specialists because I worried about not having a sniper, and I worried about not having MSV etc. etc. Any help would be super appreciated, thanks! (I tried to post an army list but the website complained about spam so I couldn't) Here: Haqqislam ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 10 0 0 SALADIN Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, CCW. (36) AZRA'IL AP HMG / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 41) AZRA'IL AP HMG / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 41) HAWWA' Sniper Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 27) JANISSARY Akbar Doctor (MediKit) AP Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (41) DJANBAZAN Hacker (Hacking Device) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 35) DJANBAZAN Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (27) GHULAM Hacker (Hacking Device) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 20) GHULAM Doctor Plus (MediKit) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (16) GHULAM Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (12) NASMAT Electric Pulse. (3) 5.5 SWC | 299 Points Open with Army 5