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  1. Unbelievable! A work of art! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us!
  2. Very cool!
  3. Hey, I've seen that van in the Fallout FB-Group!
  4. I totally get that! As beautiful as much of the MDF terrain out there is (and MAS is certainly amongst the top!), I also plan to "mod" mine enough to make them unique. You did an amazing job of it!
  5. Awesome!
  6. Are the mousepad tiles all the same size? During the Kickstarter, some people were worried that there might be shrinkage or uneven cuts or stuff, leading to different-sized tiles that then wouldn't line up perfectly. When I saw the tiles at Spiel' in Essen, they all looked perfect. What's your experience now that you got them?
  7. Unbelievable awesomesauce! Thank you so much for sharing all of those pictures! God, I wanna play on a table that cool! <3
  8. A thing of beauty!
  9. German Tabletop news website "Brückenkopf" had one shot of your table as part of their Salute coverage. It's down towards the bottom of that article: http://www.brueckenkopf-online.com/2017/salute-2017-das-grosse-finale/ Want me to ask whether they have more pictures of it? It seems the red is less flashy on that one.
  10. Genius!
  11. Needs another picture with minis in it!
  12. Thank you, M - just M, we're all in your debt!
  13. Utterly awesome!
  14. Ooooh, exciting! Can't wait to see what you're cooking up!
  15. There's these toy tramways from Dickie which work really well for Infinity. The doors can be opened and are wide enough to let a S2-miniature actually walk into it. There are also screws on the bottom to open it up, disassemble it and paint even the inside. Got one like it for about 30 € off Amazon. Here's one example. Not the one I got, and not the one deltakilo has, but similar, I believe: https://www.amazon.de/Dickie-Spielzeug-203829000-Straßenbachn-Liner-Verkehrsmodelle/dp/B00YH07XW2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1489586332&sr=8-5&keywords=straßenbahn+spielzeug Also, ram used one on his cyberpunk-table: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/34513-new-big-project-a-pano-spaceport-p-3/ With more info on his tram here on page 2: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/34513-new-big-project-a-pano-spaceport-p-3/?page=2#comment-729339 If you want to see mine in action, I have some shots of it (incl. one with mini inside) on the Operation: Flamestrike battlereport I made with it: http://flamestrike.warconsole.com/battles/vs-beepu-1460841564