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  1. Tarik by far. Post-update, he is literally obscene. The combination of Super Jump, 6-4 MOV, 2 Wounds, Non-Hackable, Bioimmunity, Grenades, DTW, and good CC make him incredibly powerful in the offense. Because of the way that crits work in this game, he is actually very survivable in gunfights because the likelihood is pretty high that he's going to crit out his opponent. After playing 10 or so games with him post-update, I'm basically done with playing him in friendly games. Tonight vs. Vanilla Ariadna, he spent 2 orders maneuvering, Super Jumping onto a rooftop. He flanked the opponent hard, and killed a Zouave (the Zouave actually crit him with his DEP, but he crit the Zouave in turn. See second point above). Then, he Super Jumps off the rooftop and my opponent reveals a Tankhunter AP HMG. He double taps the Tank Hunter (down), kills the Zouave, and also kills a Marauder. The next order, he jumps down to ground level, spraying a Line Kazak and a Moblot Engineer. Basically, in 4 orders (2 spent maneuvering) he killed 5 models, and rolled something like 4 crits during the exchange. Best part - even though he's S5, he can still go prone. Last order, he jumps back up on the roof and goes prone, pretty much impossible to attack reasonably during my opponent's turn. Next turn, he stamped a troublesome Spetsnaz and a Chasseur. Strong CC, Super Jump, 6-4 MOV, and Grenades also makes him great for taking out close pieces on suppression. For example, opponent on the other side of a wall on suppression. Spec fire a grenade onto them to force Dodge to break suppression, then super jump over the wall and CC them. He's stamped a Hac Tao, Interventor (he's non-hackable, remember), and countless other pieces this way that no other model in the game could reasonably attack in the same way. Tarik is literally the #1 reason I play Vanilla Haqq. #2 is having a good TAG for the ITS missions that require it.
  2. Post removed. Apparently calling Bit a Social Justice Warrior rustles people's fragile jimmies lol
  3. +1 for multiple layers of defenses. Your ARO pieces (TR bots, snipers, things like that) should be watching approaches. In the event you've chosen to deploy first and go second (this is usually discouraged but some ITS missions benefit turn order that much), you can hold a strong ARO piece as your reserve model. I've caught opponents off guard before using a Smart Missile Launcher bot - placed it in a very risky, suboptimal position where it would be able to see most of the WB on their impetuous move. Bonus points if you can nail a bystander when the WB activates. On BS12 and +3 range, you will probably be rolling 15s against their 16s or 17s which is actually not terrible. Terrain also plays a huge role. Warbands will feel extremely overpowered if you play with too much terrain.
  4. The best units deliver some serious pain, and I can't say it's particularly surprising. These include Uxia, Chasseur, Irmandinhos, Spetsnaz HMG, Antipodes, Tankhunter APHMG, things like that. Of the slightly less common units... The Vet Kazak T2 rifle (and Minuteman AP Rifle / X-Visor which fills a similar role on a budget - midfield control and suppression) is a standout star. When I first started playing, I really thought the Vet Kazak was overpriced - the rifle loadouts cost almost as much as a real HI with an HMG, and the HMG loadout costs as much as a light TAG or fancy HI. Despite the cost, they have a fantastic mix of gear and weapons that makes them incredibly dangerous. LFT + Heavy Pistol + Sixth Sense lets you chose the optimal response in close-range AROs. SSL2 + Suppression + X Visor + T2 rifle is so incredibly dangerous for anyone trying to pull smoke shenanigans on you within 24" - you don't have any negative mod from range or shooting through smoke, and one lucky crit or failed save and even HI are taking a dirt nap. The X visor, high BS, Shock Immunity and Mimetism allow him to win longer-range gunfights against opponents that, at face value, ought to be beating him (Sniper Rifles for example - I've cranked snipers from 30" away no problem, and it's not unlikely - 3 dice on 10s at up to 32"? Yes please). Scots Guard with camo and 2x SMGs. This is a great shooty loadout that gives you the versatility of shock or AP. He can also hide among a sea of midfield camo markers (some of which are mines). SAS/CRAP SAS. Great Archer to Uxia's Lana, if you're up for some Danger Zone action. The combination of the high B Assault Pistol and a Chain Rifle makes him incredibly dangerous to things with ODD. Need to remove a Bulleteer on suppression? Pop the corner - if he shoots, chain rifle him. If he dodges, Assault Pistol him. Stuff like that. Paracommando HMG. A 1 SWC HMG with Mimetism and BS12. Parachutist is garbage on units that need to get close (Spetsnaz, I'm looking at you). But, the disadvantages are somewhat mitigated when you plan to deploy him in a relatively protected position and work angles for cross-field shots. Very dangerous model.
  5. Recon+ is an adaptation of Guerilla Miniatures Games' Recon format. One of our local players did a hell of a fine job putting together the packet, rebalancing the missions, etc. and the missions are all heavily play-tested. In my local meta (Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia) we play Recon+ every other month.
  6. Honestly, I started with Ariadna and felt the same way as you do playing against Aleph. We top out at around BS13, and we don't really have any 2W HI apart from Wulvers. The rest of our HI are pretty poverty. If you think Sakiels are bad, look at Aleph Posthumans - they can take a 2W BS13 ARM5 BTS6 HI with a Heavy Rocket Launcher, SMG, and Nanopulser for 20 points. 20 POINTS. This thing is similar to an Al Fasid in Haqq but it has better weapons, smaller Silhouette value, and costs LESS than 50% of the points. Across factions, you're going to find apples to apples comparisons very exhausting, and little more than an exercise in mental masturbation. I've been playing Ariadna for a few years now and typically place in the Top 3 at local tourneys. You can't draw apples to apples comparisons. Only as I started playing more factions (Haqq, PanO, Yu Jing...) did I start to see how amazing Ariadna profiles are. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that Chasseurs, Uxia, Vet Kazaks, Spetsnaz, etc. are all OP. The truth is, in this game nearly every model has a profile that someone, somewhere has complained about at some point in time. So let's look at what Ariadna can do that Tohaa can not. - Drop Heavy Flamethrower Grunts onto your opponent's DZ line. - Van Zant (this takes finesse to pull off correctly) - Spam cheap camo specialists - Chasseur - SSL1 + camo state + template = an insanely brutal combination. For at least one ARO, you can get a free shot on an enemy model with zero risk to yourself. - 6 point Regular orders with LSGs and Chain Rifles. - 4-6 decent HMGs at 300 points. - Spetsnaz HMG. Take 2, drink tears. Once you get surgical with these guys (drawing fire through narrow lanes), your opponents will simply stop putting ARO pieces on rooftops altogether. - Uxia. The last 2 Recon+ tournaments I've played, she's 50/50 on first turn LT kills. In regular play, you can use her to punish link teams. - Antipodes. Last tourney my opponent had 3 Clipsos infiltrated into the midfield. With Irmandinhos to lay down the smoke, the Antipode team had a great time sensoring and mauling them lol - Irmandinhos - 8 point Impetuous specialists. Chop people up in CC, shoot them with Chain Rifles, laugh when you roll +4 ARM on the Booty table, or gat them out with the random Combi you just rolled. Their BS looks like trash but giving people the dodge vs. shoot ultimatum is a barrel of laughs. In short, read Bloodgod's post about Ariadna in the Ariadna forum. High MC camo spam isn't the only way to play Ariadna - I generally like a nice mix of heavy hitters, but I do play very heavy on the camo. At 300 points, I'm typically putting 12-15 markers on the table. You chose an army full of low-tech guerrilla warfare specialists, so you need to play them like straight up insurgents. Let them walk into ambushes with your mines, or make horrible trades with your Chasseurs. If they take first turn, punish them by blowing away all of their cheerleaders or important linked troopers with Uxia. That said, you don't have stuff like ODD/TO, fancy visors (generally speaking) and other technology for negating your opponents' advantages, so you really have to work to stack modifiers in your favor.
  7. Your opponent handled it poorly. In cases where I've accidentally given myself an advantage through rules ignorance / misinterpretation, screwing up a profile, something like that, I apologize profusely. It doesn't matter if it impacted the game - it's cheating, even if it's unintentional. No harm no foul, just warrants an apology.
  8. According to the Infinity rules, you must at least have 180 degree LOF marked on your base. So, assuming you do this with paint, that's at least *some* paint on the model. I don't necessarily have an issue with playing against unpainted armies, but it does make it far more difficult to differentiate models. For people complaining about lack of time - have you ever thought of swapping a gaming night for a painting night? With speed painting techniques, you should be able to polish off a simple 3-color minimum on 10 models in the amount of time it would take you to play a game. Once your models are painted, they're painted. I try to paint my Ariadna and Haqq to a high standard because I genuinely care about how they look - they were my first armies and I took my time with them. My Pan0 is a more recent purchase and as a rule I refuse to play *with* unpainted models as an inspiration to get them painted. I needed to get these guys done quick for a tourney. The basic template is zenith highlight with Walmart rattlecan paint (black, grey, and white, from the bottom, straight on, and top, respectively), black line, paint guns green, details, then base. Discounting assembly it's not hard to crank out 4 or 5 of these guys in an hour. You can substitute the grey and white for other color choices and it's still just as fast.
  9. There are a few variables that impact this - missions, terrain, things like that. Terrain is probably the biggest factor here - in open tables like the type you tend to see in tournaments, a small order pool list isn't at nearly the same disadvantage since it won't be missing those Warbands that people tend to take in high MC lists. For tournaments, I'm trying out vanilla Haqqislam with one list of each type - One high MC list with 4x Ghazis, a bunch of Daylami, and other units to get the model count up to around 20. Lots of different specialists. One low MC list with Tarik, Maggy, an Al Fasid for the smoke...this would be useful for missions where button pushing isn't a big deal, and you're more focused on killing enemy models or standing in boxes. I'd also be tempted to take this one for missions that strongly benefit going 2nd, so if my opponent chooses Initiative and take T2, I can push 11 orders down his throat.
  10. One strength of ISS is the ability to include perimeter weapons in link teams, along with DTWs. I get a ton of mileage out of the mixed Crane link. This looks like, Imperial Service ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 5 CRANE IMPERIAL AGENT (Sensor, X Visor) MULTI Rifle, 2 Nanopulsers / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 52) XI ZHUANG Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, MadTraps / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 20) CELESTIAL GUARD (Kuang Shi Control Device) Combi Rifle + Light Smoke Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 13) CELESTIAL GUARD Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) CELESTIAL GUARD MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21) 2.5 SWC | 127 Points Open in Infinity Army X Visor and Sensor makes the Crane very effective even at longer range. Xi is an FO and protects the link with his LFT and Koalas. The KSCD is there to launch smoke, and the Multisnipe gives you some long-range ARO potential. Even at BS11, when you factor in the 2 shots and +3 BS it's quite capable. I'm less fond of the Wu Ming but I typically run them like this, in missions where pressing buttons isn't a priority. Imperial Service ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 5 ZHÀNYING (Sensor) Breaker Combi Rifle, Nimbus Grenades, MadTraps / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 28) WÚ MÍNG HMG / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 39) WÚ MÍNG Heavy Rocket Launcher, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 33) WÚ MÍNG (Forward Observer) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 31) WÚ MÍNG (Fireteam: Duo) Chain Rifle, Submachine Gun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 25) 4 SWC | 156 Points Open in Infinity Army You have the HRL for reactive turn, the HMG for active turn, the SMG for close range, and again the link is protected by the Zhanying's koalas. The two mixed links put me in first in a recent Limited Insertion tourney.
  11. One of the first replies called the potential for a "beautiful degeneration." Any time you have a hugely divisive interpretation of the rules, it probably calls for an FAQ.
  12. For Haqq, Tarik is a fantastic assassin - you can superjump over cover and blow things away with your OP crit cannon, and even carve up the computer since his CCW is DA. He also has the mobility to get there late game fairly quickly. I love the idea of a super jumping madman blasting fools and recording it with his head-mounted Go Pro. For PanO, I actually found the Tikbalang to be a really good data tracker due to his combination of Climbing Plus for mobility, and mines for the retreat after doing the dirty deed dirt cheap.
  13. It all depends on the faction/army, but generally speaking @Vaulsc is 100% correct. The next issue is whether you actually want first turn or not. If you are not taking first turn, it becomes a lot more difficult as you can't just hide everything - you do need to watch fire lanes carefully. However, if you are going first, it's enough to check the sight lines from your opponent's table edge and deploy your aggressive active turn pieces in positions where they can do damage. That said, be VERY careful about the possibility that your opponent will infiltrate a nasty DTW close to your DZ and plan for it - I can't tell you the number of times I've been able to Grunt HFT a unit, or HRL it from my DZ, because my opponent misjudged "total cover." You have to be especially careful with Impetuous troopers in this regard, because they will "run out" and can often lead to a template hitting another friendly unit. To avoid this, I generally deploy them far enough back from total cover that they can run *to* it rather than around it. Regarding cases where you take T1, your options mainly concern your aggressive pieces. You can deploy them uniformly across your DZ, in a refused flank (basically looks like a castle formation to start; Figure 1) if you think you can punch through one flank or want to test how your opponent will respond, or put heavy hitters on both flanks for a pincer move (Figure 2). Fig. 1 Fig. 2
  14. As the OP, I haven't weighed in on this topic yet so I'll do so now. A few points. 1) I've never done this. 2) I've never assumed that it was something that people do until it happened on a few occasions. On those occasions, I have to admit, it did bother me - first off because it was a waste of time, but second because, at the time, I couldn't discern exactly why my opponent was asking for every unit's exact profile and entering it into Army (for example, was he checking against the assumption that my list was illegal? That would be pretty insulting and thankfully this was not his intent). 3) I've now accepted that some people in the meta do this and believe that this is OK. While I have zero desire or need to do this, I respect their right to do this. Technically it is legal. 4) I would absolutely put this on the same level as busting out ToadChild's Dice Calculator before every FTF roll. (While you don't always know the range bands, those of us who have 25+ years of inch-measured tabletop gaming experience under our belts are pretty good as gauging ranges).
  15. I started with Ariadna because I didn't care about hacking. I picked up Haqqislam because I wanted to be able to hack things, yet still didn't really care about hacking. Then, I picked up PanO, and finally I care about hacking.