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  1. But you are much more gracious, if he see your complement you will understand why lol.
  2. @IJW Wartrader I wasn't my original statement was it couldn't then I was corrected that MSV can see through it. Which is why I did the math so people could see what exactly I was doing. Which I reiterated in the last line of my last post. So to my OP You can suprise Attack someone in Nimbus+ and Counterattack or take away their MSV bonuses. Why can you not do the same with CC? @Cothel sorry if I overreacted to many internet trolls my first reaction is to shut it down before it gets nuts.
  3. If you want to simplify it that much why just say. Nimbus Plus = normal math for attack. MSV is in the usual math and affects the -6 BS. Please add to the conversation or ignore it.
  4. EDIT: The following is wrong as well as the inserted Italics above. So I am not sure and edited your post with my math in Italics. Then I will add surprise attack as just inflicting -6 instead of minus three which only changes Example 1 and 2 to -15 and and -12 effectively -12 for both as that is the maximum. (just stating it for the math). With that being stated TO only changes example 2 to bring it two -12 surprise shot and -15 surprise attack (again stated for math -12 is max) So to my original question and the Igao example this changes the math like so for surprise attack. So assuming I am a Igao in camo state making a successful Surprise attack against a model with wounds (so Ikohl works) using MA lvl 3 (+3 att -3 to Opp), My math may bring the mod past -12 but I understand -12 is max but I am just totaling the math to reduce confusion. As well as the Opp may have modifiers that counteract the total. If I surprise attack a non visor model in nimbus2 they fire/cc back at -21 (-3 Camo, -6 For Poor Vis, -6 Surprise attack, -3 Ikohl, -3 MA) If I surprise attack a msv1 wearer in nimbus2 they fire/cc back at -15. (0 Camo , -3 Poor Vis [MSV reduces -6 to -3], -6 Surprise attack, -3 Ikohl, -3 MA) If I surprise attack a msv2 wearer in nimbus2 they fire/cc back at -12. (0 Camo [MSV2 ignores Camo], -6 Surprise attack, -3 Ikohl, -3 MA) If I surprise attack a msv3 wearer in nimbus2 they fire/cc back at -6. (0 Camo [MSV3 ignores Camo],0 Poor Vis [MSV3 reduces -6 to 0], 0 Surprise Shot [MSV3 ignores this]-3 Ikohl, -3 MA) Note my original question is answered that is a MSV2 or 3 wearer does get their bonus to LOW and Poor vis zones. I read the description stating that MSV's were affected I never reread the MSV section stating that the adjust the mods for the effects.
  5. So This The MODs of Poor Visibility Zone due to Nimbus Plus Special Ammunition will be also applied to troopers equipped with a Multispectral Visor of any Level, or any other piece of Equipment that specifies the same. Just means they suffer -6 when swinging back? So even though Nimbus Plus is effective at making them not see it doesn't remove there ability to ignore Surprise Shot/Attack. Just making sure as I can see arguments on both sides and want to be sure, as I intend on using it on the internets tonight.
  6. Thanks for correcting my mistakes, editted OP. But the answer is?
  7. Do you get to surprise attack against a MSV3 model that is in a Nimbus Plus zone? It says MSV3 is affected meaning has the -6 mod for firing but nothing mentions negating the MSV3 ability to not be Surprise Attacked. So in the Igao example would he get the -6 surprise attack if he jumped an (insert MSV3 model here)?
  8. I ran SabotChannel the ones from combo Smite were the ones I found and made. They were not mine originally. When i get to my PC I will double check if I still have a copy of the "missing" two. Edit: Only ones I could find were already converted to Vectors for my laser cutter.
  9. Oh yeah nice catch. Didn't even think that thanks mate.
  10. How does he flame twice isn't the Makaul's burst dropped by the saturation zone as well?
  11. I did thanks.
  12. If you fire the Sepsitor gun normally, and get a critical, what do you expect to happen? Not sure as to why you are asking this. It is a template weapon the only reason you would roll to hit is in my original question. Sorry for the screwy quote trying to avoid a wall of text. Also not trying to be snippy, or trolly.
  13. So if I do an intuitive Sepsitor attack and crit the roll what happens? Intuitive attacks that crits automatically takes a wound/str bypassing the arm or bts roll. Sepsitors don't do damage does this mean nothing happens with the crit? I would love to hear that the affected model is automatically put in the Sepsitorized state but that seems unlikely.
  14. Ahhh forgot about the touch terrain feature portion of cover. Funny if I had been playing and looking at the board that would have been so obvious.
  15. Topic says it all. Seems to me that maybe it should provide cover but not entirely sure. Anyone know for sure. By web I mean the stuff left behind from a mine explosion.