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  1. Yes, It gives you just shy of 6" of space for their half size foam, The Mini is 3" and the Medium is 4.75" of full size foam or 9.5" of half size foam. The Backpack, at 60.00 USD is 16.5" of half size foam and can fit the Antenocitis Workshop Game Box quite nicely
  2. You can use the same liquid mask that works for airbrushing to cover the acrylic. Then do the weathering, then seal again. Then remove the liquid mask
  3. I have come to standardize on the Feldherr system. I use it for over a dozen different game systems now. They eve have an Infinity The Game page with suggested foam load outs. The fact that any combination of half and full size trays fit into any bag or storage box let you customize to no end.
  4. No email yet but my account shows a shipping number that is a pre-reg, package not picked up. Just think, any day now my order will be in safe, competent hands of an international shipping agent. [kidding, Correos has a better rep at this house the DHL or UPS. Any shipper has a better rep the UPS around here!]
  5. Same. Wonder if its my Nomads or my Haq that are out of stock? Which factions are the new jumping on point?
  6. Ordered mine on the second day and still in process.
  7. Gloss Varnish at medium pressure in an airbrush then a buffing wheel on a dermal. Amazing results.
  8. I would not alter my schedule to watch live but I would watch the video after the fact. And yes, commentary or editing is a must.
  9. When they open the shipping option on their side of backerkit you will het an email and be able to update your address. There is usually a two week window to update before backerkit releases the mailing list.
  10. To this day resin is the least preferred material for modelers. You need a much higher skill and knowledge level to work with it. By moving to plastic you could, in theory, double or even triple the size of your potential market. However with CB and Infinity being an all metal line your market has already made the jump from plastic to metal and therefore will not be as afraid to try a resin product. For a line that was not aimed at Infinity I can see that plastic would be a way to greatly increase sales as half my gaming club makes their game system and army choices based on the material first. We have two veteran players that refuse to even try anything made from resin or fine cast.
  11. Works fine for me
  12. Yes a more modern take could work but I think it should still touch back on the classic Arabic themes just as a modern skyscraper calls back to its Baroque or Gothic heritage. If I could think of a way to bring the city of Petra to a gaming table, and still support game play, I would be building away. I do prefer these over things like 4Grounds Saga: Dark Age and Crescent & Cross
  13. Alcazaba Caravansary now up on Warsen.al. 110.00. With this and their Studio B building I now need a full line. Several small buildings and walkways to flesh out this beautiful design. These will make an amazing Haqqislam table.
  14. Alcazaba Caravansary now up on Warsen.al. 110.00. With these first two buildings I now need a full line. Several small buildings and walkways to flesh out this beautiful design.
  15. 99 luft ballons