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  1. I second that! Great job!
  2. @ToadChild DO IT!!
  3. hmm. Now I see what's aquatic terrain is about..
  4. awesome awesomeness Keep it up mate. Great Job. Looking forward for a shot of the whole table.
  5. meh. I would pay the shipping for something interesting or gamewise usefull. Chiby stuff is not my thing.
  6. Beyond Icestorm and Redveil are amazing. I will buy both as soon as they are available. But this musashi miniature is just silly, really not my sup of tea. If it wasn't for this, I would buy the bundle in a heartbeat. Anyway, huge congrats for CB for the awesome releases!
  7. two out of three is goodnees enough for me.
  8. Corregidor goodness!!
  9. You actually just showed to CB and Beasts of War on how to do proper report updates for Wotan ! Great job. loved it! congrats.
  10. Thanks for the news. Somehow I completely missed some of this info!
  11. You keep bringing it! Fantastic! HODONG!!!
  12. Nice nails...and basing too
  13. Inspiring stuff!
  14. Man... you fast! Loving the bases, great job!
  15. Amazing work!