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  1. Returning to Joan for a minute, do we think it will look good to take her rifle arm and attach it to the LE? I really hate sword only models in this game, but hate the grabbing hand on an action piece. Swapping out arms could create a centerpiece diorama with sword + Umbra and a usable model with rifle. They look to be pretty compatible, right?
  2. How did they handle SP? I've been wanting to run a Janissary pain train, but my regular opponent runs Myrmidon heavy SP and it just seems like a bad match up.
  3. But wait. Is the Al Fasid really that much bigger than the Azra'il? I don't own any of the latter models, but had assumed all S5 heavies were ~the same size.
  4. So I've been putting together my Janissaries and I find myself working through the old scale creep issues between the the HMG and the newer, chunkier models. I've seen a few people take the arms of the HMG and put it on the ML body, giving it a nice, aggressive pose with arms that don't look too bad when taken in all at once. But then my ML becomes the one out of scale. So which Janissary do you find yourself using more often?
  5. I agree, but, to play devil's advocate, Tinbot is something that can be easily forgotten without a visual representation. The game already suffers from token bloat, so adding in a more aesthetic option isn't the worst thing in the world. I consider the poorly scaled Janissary HMG far more egregious than missing a pure AP Rifle model.
  6. Fatality gets better on higher burst, so I'd be hard pressed to take AP Rifle Tarik, even as an LT. You need to leverage his offensive firepower as much as possible for the points to make sense. I'd also run him with an Akbar Doc + Nasmat as support.
  7. We don't have a TAG in HB, but a Spitfire Asawira backed up by a Doctor+ and extra Muyib strikes me as an extremely potent Datascanner. Encouraging other factions to bring non-camo Datascanners also helps negate an HB weakness. I also think that some of the missions are a bit killier, with less hidden objectives, and HB are good at firefights and asymmetric trades. Ghazi are even more valuable when they aren't competing with specialists for orders etc... Instead of setting up the scoring units, they can score themselves.
  8. I saw this in the Panoceania forum and thought it would be useful discussion to have on our own. The new ITS document has a whole lot of goodness for us, let's highlight some of the changes. 1.) HVT Killing: This can be our bread and butter. The Fiday may be too valuable to waste killing an HVT, but Hunzakat LGL, Farzan, and various other infiltrators will be able to snag us some easy points early on. Our veteran and troops can also help with kidnapping, giving Janissaries, Khawarij, Djanbazan, Sekban, and Ayyar a nice boost. (our other elite and veteran units seem slower and less useful for chasing HVTs.) 2. ) Defending own HVT from being killed Mines seem like the thing to use here, so mine laying Muyibs and the Al Fasid seem invaluable. Lasiq Rifle in suppression and our other usual ARO threats seem helpful. 3.) DataTracker: I don't have a good feel for this. Instinctively, do we just place this on our Rambo pieces? Tarik, Asawira, Ayyar and the like? 4.) Reduced Combat Groups I think this actually hurts us a bit. Saladin has always been extra valuable in LI and in normal scenarios we're able to play with overwhelming orders. This buff to elite lists doesn't weaken us, but it doesn't help us much either. 5.) Closed Battle Lists This looks like a way to preview sectorials? I wouldn't be surprised to see a Ramah CBL pop up at some point. A lot of these changes seem to buff HB, but what do y'all think? How can we best take advantage of these new rules?
  9. Does this new dossier suggest that we'll be losing the LGL+X-Visor profile?
  10. Yes, the HMG is really only for active turn usage. And even then, preferably vs non-ODD targets. Great point about smoke dodging, didn't realize that could be done with a LGL.
  11. For ODD Myrmidon links, or other up close threats, it seems like our best bet is either templates or speculative fire that prevent return fire. We aren't PanO, able to brute force gunfights. So what are our options? Templates: Naffatun, Asawira, Maggie, Hunzakat Mines, Muyib mines, Tuareg mines, Fiday mines, Kum, Tarik, Kasym Beg, Zuleyka, Odalisques, Farzan mine layer, Saladin, Mutts, Yasbir, Al Fasid mines Speculative Fire: Ghulam LGL, Naffatun grenades, Khawarij grenades, Hunzakat LGL, Tarik grenades, Daylami LGL, Muyib LGL, Halqua LGL, Al Fasid LGL, Druze X-Visor LGL Typing this out has made me realize a few things. 1.) Ramah is going to be great at dealing indirectly with threats. Linked Khawarij and Tarik, the Al Fasid, and Naffatun give a lot of dangerous templates and speculative fire platforms. 2.) The Al Fasid in particular is perfect for this kind of problem. It can drop mines to protect the deployment zone, lob smoke to protect your advance, blast with the HMG at range, and drop grenades behind hard to hit links or other dug in ARO threats. 3.) HB are pretty nasty with linked Asawira, Muyibs, and Mutts. Muyibs are especially flexible with LGL and mines, able to handle a variety of threats. 4.) The Hunzakat may be our cost efficient MVP. I almost always run the FO in vanilla, but now I'm thinking I should run the LGL as well. Mines and spec fire make it a budget Al Fasid vs ODD. Other thoughts or advice about these non traditional choices?
  12. Hmm. That's fair and I don't really have an answer. I will say that, for me, it actually would have helped make the game more accessible. I don't like HB, but love vanilla Haqqislam. Starting in Vanilla and expanding from that would have saved me time and money. You can sell it as, "This vanilla starter has more flexibility. Start here and figure out your playstyle. Different people like different things, don't spend money on sectorials that have more focused strategies until you know what you like."
  13. It helps you start the sectorial, once you're ready to move on to one. Look, I do understand the potential frustration. My first purchase was the old HB starter set with its weird and complicated rules, but I made it through.
  14. I dunno, I like it. It's often best to start vanilla anyway and then expand into sectorials that emphasize your interests. So buy the Haqqislam Starter then view HB as adding flavor.
  15. Leila is practically an automatic play in Vanilla, HB, and QK. She can help add punch to links, operate as an independent specialist (cybermask!), and punch buttons for a very affordable 20 points. She's not a game winner in and of herself, but she is insanely efficient for her points. I almost never build a list that doesn't have room for her.