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  1. Sign up for Wotan! So many wonderful battle reports for us to read and learn from.
  2. tactica

    So weird thought. CB is reworking at least one profile per faction for the Beyond boxes, right? New Kamau rules, new S5 Tunguska, hints about the Dao Fei sectorial. So what is being reworked for us (if anything?) Probably not the Fiday, that works as intended. Probably not the Ragik. Both were also explicitly included to teach new players some new rules: Impersonation and AD. But what does Tarik, as is, teach that the Khawarij doesn't? MA, I suppose? But what if he's getting a bit of a rework in anticipation of Ramah? What might that look like? I agree that it's unlikely. But not unheard of.
  3. The models are amazing, though as a Haqqislam and PanO player I weep at the idea of buying a whole box worth of minis that I'll need to resell. I like these mini expansions, but my local players don't play YJ or Nomads so they're pretty inconvenient for us. But dang. A beautiful new Swiss Guard and Tarik?! My cup overflows.
  4. I should add that I would greatly prefer Tarik to a Muyib. I'd rather a box resculpt for them, and can also use more copies of The Man Mansuri. Both sculpts of his are lovely. I don't need both for game play purposes, but I would have a lot more fun painting Tarik than I would a random Muyib.
  5. I play against Steel Phalanx a lot, so want to mention the glories of flamethrowers vs ODD. Burning Myrmidons is always, always satisfying.
  6. I agree that it's weird to include Tarik with the Hassassin model, but it's also kind of weird to have the Ramah starter followed up with a HB expansion, right? But anyway. It does look like a Ragik, Fiday, and Muyib. The Muyib might even be the most recent sniper shot--the zipper and pockets looked quite familiar to me.
  7. Tarik is twice the points of a rifle Khawarij, this is an absurd comparison. The basic Khawarij is a flanking response unit, not an autowin hyper aggressive Rambo. That's fine. His grenades, high stats, and mobility give him unique tools, they can be used well.
  8. The Khawarij has a bit of a bad reputation, but I think that's undeserved. It doesn't have mimetism or ARM, but BS13 is its own defense. A Spitfire can Rambo, but it can also us super jump to get into some interesting spots and hunker down into suppression. The boarding shotgun can also be useful as a nasty close range threat. You have to use them carefully and they are fragile, but they hit hard and have a high PH to dodge. They almost always earn back their points for me.
  9. As others have said, Leila is almost automatic in every list I make. The trick with her is to recognize her limitations in addition to her strengths. She's an amazing hunter and specialist for her cost. She's not going to kick down doors and smash face, but instead is a surprisingly lethal and effective little package. She dies a lot, but she also can take out guys way above her point value. Treat her like many Haqq units and trade up.
  10. Leila Sharif is excellent from Dire Foes and designed to flesh out Red Veil. After what you like. It looks like you like Hassassins, so maybe pick up a box of Muyibs or grab an Asawira. Ghulam are always useful, so the SWC box could be a great help. Govads have some lovely models give MSV1. Lasiqs are a signature Haqqislam unit.
  11. Knauf is a limited edition pre-order model for the Outrage manga. I'm sure many stores, local or online, still have supplies...but they are limited. Pick one up while you can, it's a gorgeous model.
  12. Yea, but when I build PanO lists I miss 0.5 SWC sniper rifles. Multisnipers are expensive!
  13. Welcome, fellow knowledge seeker! Here's a nice blog post about starting Haqqislam. I also recommend the Ramah Tactica by @Pride of Rodina as the Red Veil starter doubles as the Ramah starter. While those posts probably answer most of your questions in detail, I want to emphasize one key difference from Aleph (especially Steel Phalanx). In Aleph, the game often is about leveraging your power pieces to clear out opposing chaff. In Haqqislam, the game is about trading up. We have a variety of units (Mutts, Naffatun, Hunzacutie) that are fairly cheap, but can terrify units well out of their points range. We don't have the hi-tech mods of Aleph, but can use these cheaper units to trade for heavy hitters and then keep up the pressure with our own bigger guys. Lastly, enjoy the heck out of that Al Fasid. It's a gorgeous model.
  14. Lieutenant John Glover, codename Palomides, sat in the small chapel of the Shaheen, listening to the gentle hum of the ship's engines and trying to figure out why he and his soldiers had been ordered to the Ilik Alfundaq. They specialized in antipirate operations, true. But given recent events Paradiso wasn't exactly a Haven for pirate activity. This more likely meant that command was nervous about something else and moving an antipirate unit to a trading post wouldnt sound off too many alarms. And, of course, Glover thought wryly, it didn't hurt that this team was composed of Protestant refugees whose ancestors had fled to Bourak during the rise of the NeoVatican. Christians were always more expendable. But that wasn't fair. His family had always paid the jizya, even after Glover had enlisted. And after a year of exemplary service, he had even been offered the chance to become one of the Khawarij, surviving the Runihura program and being given command of a small task force for the Caliphate. The missions were dangerous, but that's because all missions are dangerous. This one wasn't any different. Glover just wished he knew what it was.
  15. Posthumans are a tremendous bargain. They may even be underpriced. But, with that said, I don't see Aleph tearing up the tournament scene. This doesn't mean they're automatically perfectly balanced, but it should be kept in mind as a word of caution. Further, even if they are underpriced, what do we want for Haqqislam? The Djanbazan seems appropriately priced for what it is--a middling MSV2 unit with some Haqq flavored defense that synergizes extremely well with all of our smoke.