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  1. Cheers Rob, I've got some Matte Medium which I have been using to convert paints to a matte wash. I usually use water for glazing. Must get hold of some!
  2. It does, but do you not find that white cloudiness of the mediums distorts what you are aiming for with the final colour?
  3. Pariahrob: Awesome stuff sir! Whats your Yu Jing colour scheme? Is it the one Angel Giraldez uses? I read the other page where you said you use mediums, how many layers of highlights does it take mate and also what sort of ratio of paint to mediums do you use? Cheers!
  4. Necromancer here... Is there any news when the Terminus Segments will be available? I have access to the pledge manager, but I take it that ship has well sailed?!
  5. Lan, Quite simply gob smacked mate. Are you using loaded brush technique after the airbrushing, or is it a ton of glazing? I'd like to echo the showing of how the black parts were done... the edge highlighting on the whole model ...and anywhere you can point to about how the hell you paint the skin?! (I'm not after much!)
  6. Is that meant to make me feel better? I've painted it as well! (Secretly it does... But I'm not going to tell you that.) The Game Mat I have to say is a brilliant idea and should have been done ages ago!
  7. ....Aaaand I just bought the previous Catwalk and Catwalk Armour set. Typical.