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  1. It feels very much like "Well the model is in the Beyond Box and people will be mad if they can't use that model in either army" and ISS had gone balls-deep in the mercs recently. I don't like it either.
  2. STOP. I CANT FUCKING TAKE THIS. THIS IS TOO GOOD. I swear to god CB if you don't get in contact with this person. I'll die a little on the inside.
  3. Haters will say it's photoshop.
  4. Your work is incredible, I love it. "just for fun" It always amazes me when people with this much artistic talent and practice can do professional grade work for funsies.
  5. So it's been a while As an update, I've gotten the HMG completely mocked up in insulation foam and ready to shape. It's gonna be crazy cuz I'm going to have to dremel a bunch of it into shape and I've never done something like this before. We'll see how it turns out, wish me luck! (For clarification, those lines are drawn on to give me an idea of where I need to carve, they won't be staying just drawn on. The gun is also cut into about 5 pieces, barrel, receiver, stock, foregrip and magazine.)
  6. It's because the Khawarij are super-soldiers, so their muscles make them pull the trigger harder, thus the bullet firing harder. Basic maths.
  7. I don't see why they would feel the need to hide those when they already showed off renders. It's stuff that should probably be revealed for the first time at Gencon I'd imagine
  8. Perfect, so the two profiles and their two battle-ravaged models as well. What would be in a Triumvirate starter? Three Sakiels, Sukeul, maybe Igao, maybe Kosuil?!
  10. You're only making my point stronger See, I think they'll release something awesome for Vedic. Vedic has quite a few units already out and they could release their army list at Gencon, along with some cool releases slated for either October or November.
  11. What do people expect for the secret unrevealed sections for October and November? Has Bostria used his Odalisque levels of seduction to haze our minds and are secretly planning on releasing something mind blowing? For me, October is the most obvious Blackjack 2-pack of all time given the fact that they've been hyping it and there's no other Ariadna releases in October. What do you think?
  12. Is that a fucking challenge?
  13. I thought because of the sexual dimorphism of morats, Zerats were all female because they were the only ones capable of sneakin', so +1 there I don't think there's anything in the fluff saying Oznats must be female, so I could see a male one. As for the male Fraacta: