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  1. "sittin' in a tree, A-D-M-I-R-I-N-G-P-H-O-T-O-S-O-F-M-I-N-I-A-T-U-R-E-S...-I-N-G"
  2. A player moves a REM with repeater into the hacking area of a Killer Hacking device troop. Can the killer hacker aro to hack a hacker that the first player possesses now that his hacking area is within range? Or can the killer hacker not technically hack a hacker through the repeater as IT didn't provoke ARO, the repeater REM did?
  3. God it's like he's trying to tell us something in some unfathomable alien tongue Staldron looks like a slightly upscaled CA Tinbot. Karkata is literally mechanicrab. Why do humans pilot mechs with crabs.
  4. Overall I fear that a Dakini with Mimetism shooting on 17's with B5 DMG 15 Shock HMG shots that ignore cover moving at 6-4 may be a bit hard to deal with for most factions. I'll be interested to see how they deal with it, because those kinds of statistical odds that are working both in favor of the shooter as well as making it harder to shoot back is kinda crazy. Maybe they'll treat them like a Hungries Control device where if the hacker is downed, the entire link breaks and can't be reformed without another hacker. I can't imagine they'll give them new bonuses because Unidrons are already a thing.
  5. Gratz to @Luxumbra on reaching 130K. Will be picking up Joan now, for sure
  6. Here's a question for the @Luxumbra people out of curiosity. When you went from the sculpt of the O-Yoroi pilot from the larger to the smaller, is it the same sculpt just downsized? Or does it have to be a completely seperate sculpt from the large to the small version. I ask because one, i'm curious, and two, ohmygodrescupltedAjaxingame.
  7. I very humbly suggest my favorite Ariadna model of all time as the Ariadna bust.
  8. Good lord, you really gave Ajax his "Hammer" there.
  9. Hey, just noticed that when you click Protheion LV 4 on the Samaritan or any Protheion character for that matter, it leads to an undefined error page rather than the Protheion entry on that same wiki. Just a note.
  10. Lord in heaven, what a juicy piece of trihex
  11. Two weird questions about smoke that I need made sense of. Smoke is a circular template that generates an infinite column of smoke. The blast focus is shown on the template, but since it's infinitely high, does the LOS to the blast focus re-check at any particular height you measure it? Buildings for example, if you have a smoke template right next to a building at ground level (as far as I understand it, you can throw the template directly next to a building it just doesn't use the whole template because the building blocks LOS to the blast focus, you don't have to "make it fit") would the LOS be re-checked at the top of the building and therefore be able to spill over onto the roof? Second question, if you throw smoke against the side of a roof, or on top of a ciruclar hole that's smaller than the template for some reason, the smoke goes downward as well as upward, correct? So would it then only draw LOF from the blast focus on the roof or re-check? Place a smoke template on top of a smaller hole through a ceiling or elevated surface. The smoke would then generate an infinite column above, and a cone shape below because of drawing LOF?
  12. Hey, Was curious what in the world is going on with the wings of the new Garuda when you get them from the pacakge. They're molded onto some weird conical-cylinder thing, and I have no idea where they fit onto the model. Anyone built it with some insight? Am I super dumb? I'm probably super dumb.
  13. @Pierzasty Where would one offer suggestions of corrections for the core rulebook or rules in general? Rules of engagement doesn't seem appropriate.
  14. Hello, On the whole, I think Army is fantastic. There are a couple points of contention I have, though. One being that the martial arts chart is not a part of the printout when you print a PDF. People may think it's clutter, but I swear having to pull up the martial arts chart separately is my most desperate "first world problem" of infinity. Even just the option to make it toggleable on the PDF printouts when you have a trooper with martial arts would be so nice. If it were implemented so that if a trooper in the list has Martial arts, it just brings up the Martial Arts chart for quick use. For that matter, if there were checkmarks you could toggle to include charts used by troopers within a list, like i-Kohl, Martial Arts, Protheon, stuff like that, I think it would be super slick. Just my two cents, and thanks for making an already amazing list-building program completely free of charge. Made my old warhammer self weep when I first saw it.
  15. Nope. 1000 people have payed money for this bust-dough business to be baked into a delicious Spanish confection.