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  1. My army doesn't show any of the new stuff, cleared cache and hard refreshed, toggling the mercs option on the options menu Edit: Scratch that, clearing cache three times worked. Damned spanish cookies are hardy.
  2. It's probably intended to be a drum-fed semi-automatic shotgun along the lines of a Saiga-12, I'd hope ALEPH has advanced beyond the pump shotgun.
  3. I absolutely love the GaNuda sculpt, it reminds me of Armored Core which I absolutely love. Now we need an ALEPH White Glint Tag with Aerial Deployment, the CaskNuda if you will.
  4. The right looks like an ALEPH HMG to me. It's got a similar front sight, muzzle brake and the receiver is quite long. I'd say HMG.
  5. You, my friend, are a god damned genius. That's such a cool idea. YOU DA BEST!
  6. HMG vs. HMG the Kriza is the clear cut winner, and everything past that is just whatever you need really. Red Fury Taskmaster is great anti-infantry, have fun wounding a suppressed Kriza with a Mk12 and 360 visor with essentially irreducible mimetism, suppression bonus in cover. Taskmaster has stealth, for what that's worth, and the koalas add a bit of defensive capability. The Kriza is, in its purest form, unrepentant DAKKA. The Taskmaster is a bit more flexible, but also less DAKKA.
  7. watisthisandwhydontiknowaboutit
  8. Good points all around. The thing that terrifies me is I know white can be super hard to do, and then to have to paint designs on top of that that I could possibly mess up? God damn that's some high risk painting lol. I know practice is always the best teacher, and I need to just jump into it. I'm just terrified cuz I hate stripping models of bad paint I think I'm going to use the bottom picture as my baseline, as it's by far my favorite.
  9. Hey, So I really want to paint my Nomads with traditional Day of the Dead colors and make it look believable. My problems are these. 1. I don't know what official, traditional DOTD colors include. I can google it, and it mainly comes back to red, yellow, orange, white, purple, pink and black. However, I've also asked other people who say most traditionally limit themselves to Black, white, red, yellow and orange. Even then, there's other pictures of sugar skulls and decorations with blues and greens, so I guess I'm just confused as to what the traditional colors really are, and if they vary by region. Should I try to isolate to black, white, and one or two of those colors? I'm just not sure. 2. I don't want them to look like just a hodgepodge of colors, so I guess I'm not sure what to do in terms of scheme with so many colors. Any suggestions or inspirations would be great. Tankies
  10. You, sir, are a God
  11. I'm kinda keen to do a flaming Salzy conversion. Flamethrower down in the ready to fire position and HRMC at a 45 degree rest position Would be pretty cool, would probably also be easier to position on the table than the 15 foot bullet pen0r he has sticking straight out in front of him now lol
  12. so to get them into CC and break fireteam would be more optimal then, as each would get an ARO. Interesting.
  13. If I have 3 moderators in base with something and that thing cc's, do all three electric pulses from the ARO count and thus the attacking model is immobilized cuz it ate 2 uncontested pulses? The only thing tripping me up is electric pulse says you must fail a face to face in order to be immobilized. I think this is probably answered by the berserk example for electric pulse on the wiki because those are normal rolls and not face to face, but wanna make sure