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  1. I have to agree with all three Kanluwens here. So clearly Kanluwen's first statement is a sarcastic joke. He's poking fun at the fact that their intention was clearly not to be bad. Secondly, he said that "Unfortunately, the end result is the same." implying again he doesn't think their intention was to make badly sculpted models, but the result was still bad all the same. Thirdly, the argument "Well why don't you do better" seems like a cop-out. I couldn't sculpt my way out of a paper bag, but I can sure as shit tell you I don't like these models nearly as much as their other work. My preferences and dislike of a miniature isn't based on my ability to do the same sculpting work or better, I just don't like it. We don't always have to be positive of CB's work and try to find workarounds for why people don't like it. Not everything is going to be a 10 and if people voice their displeasure, so be it.
  2. Opens up the possibility for a Bebe TAG and Domovoi Antipode expansion pack.
  3. "Weapon swap" Just makes me realize that I think this dog warrior is one of the most finely sculpted and badass infinity models I've ever seen, if not miniatures in gerenal. God I love that dog warrior.
  4. Alive team most likely? The only nomad from Outrage is Uhahu and I don't remember her having the Nomad bracer. Yea verily, and I very much liked the hype machine for ALIVE until it became so convoluted and just became "releasing secrets to be real secretive" These kind of hype campaigns typically have a lot more weight if there is a reward for actually solving the campaign, and here there wasn't really any directly tied to deciphering the codes and such. Overwatch did a very similar thing with Sombra and the reward for all the peoples' hard work was... Them releasing the character like they always were going to do. I don't like that the ALIVE team is in every sectorial as well @YoJamesBo. In fact, I don't like Scarface and Cordelia being in every sectorial. I actually hate pretty much every "temporary" addition to army lists and never really use them because 1. I don't want to rely on them and miss them when they're gone and 2. It kinda feels cheap to use stuff that doesn't really belong in an army just because of an event going on. TL;DR ALIVE was fun for a bit, got overstretched, don't like temporary units in armies, Deus Vult.
  6. Not July, but Blackjack just got confirmed to be revealed in some capacity at Gencon
  7. Neurocinetics HRMC, the big daddy Sin-Eater
  8. I think the Marut stands up alright for what I think it was intended to be, which is a very sleek, streamlined and feminine TAG. Her size and slenderness could belie incredibly complex defensive ablative plating or shielding for what little surface area she takes up. If anything, she'd be a lot harder to hit that something like say a Guijia or a Jotum. This is speaking nothing for game rules, mind, so I'm not talking about size category cuz a S7 is a S7. My favorite renditions to make the Szalamandra look semi-passable
  9. Another fairly simple recolor, cannot decide between white and dark blue for a secondary color
  10. Didn't know if the yellow was the right accent color, I tried to use the colors from the symbol