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  1. My thoughts exactly, I thought the Invincible Army was a direct result of attempting to replace the Zhanshis. I would not be surprised at all if they had the zhanshi engineer and doctor available as well as maybe AVA 3 Zhanshis for balance reasons. I don't like it by lore, but I can see it for gameplay and not having to make an ENTIRELY HI force. But the knights weren't created specifically to replace their counterparts though, IA was.
  2. So Zhanshi are confirmed for Invincible Army then? I never heard that mentioned or are we saying White Banner is now coming out next year as well/instead?
  3. Very cool review @Vaulsc I very much enjoyed listening to this at work ^^
  4. Bonus points for making me google Obeisance and Palimpsest
  5. I'd say very Morats are heavy arms and heavier armor. Not very much bullshit and tricks, and everything is pretty straightforward. I always think of them as the brutes from Halo, pretty much just unfettered brutality and resilience. Shasvastii are some of the premiere dealers of bullshit and tricks. I haven't picked them up as they're in a weird limbo state of being half-baked, half-torn apart and being reworked. In theory, I really like all the sneaksy trickses they can pull. Onyx are the elite of the elite, the first wave sent in after a civilization has either refused to be assimilated, or needs a little convincing. They have some of the most brutal weaponry and link teams on offer. A Unidron in a 5 man link shooting on 17's with a B5 spitfire that ignores cover and causes shock is... That's not to mention Vanilla, which honestly I wish we were getting the Sepsitor Avatar guys sectorial in the next book with that new Avatar T-T Overall, I love CA when I want to play a weird, elite-capable army with some dope tricks and non-human flavor.
  6. I also like the IDEA of guard, I just wish the rules were a bit more useful or intriguing. If we're going to stay with another chart that increases mods, an extra burst and +1 damage in CC would be huge for Guard LV 3 instead of the strictly better -3 +2 upgrade from LV 1.
  7. That's why I explicity said Lv3 and Lv1. Also no I'm not going to censor my speech when I'm just having fun discussing stuff in a forum and the question isn't even posed at anyone in particular. I don't care how I come off, and no one has, or has had, a problem with it until now, and I don't think they should. It's not me being "passive-aggressive", it's me writing the way I would talk to my friends in real life.
  8. Here's my question: Why the fuck are there multiple levels of a nested skill, thus granting all levels prior, that are explicity better than levels below. Case in point, Guard LV 3 vs Guard LV 1. What is the point of making two levels of the same NESTED skill exactly the same, except one is unequivocally 1 point improved. At least the Martial Arts and Protheion tables give you the illusion of choice...
  9. You say po-tay-tow, I beat you with a po-tah-tow
  10. Jotum is listed at 2.5 in the list and there's a hacker for 0.5, reduced SWC LT option Jotum as a possibility
  11. Honestly, my main faction was YJ and I kinda lost interest. This is the most first-world problem ever, but I feel like they're getting spoiled and that they're really good and that kinda makes me like them less, if that makes sense? I've gotten more and more into the lore overall and their lore just doesn't really draw me. I'm really getting into Combined lately because I like their lore, I really like the DOOM-esque aesthetic they're putting out lately (esp. the new avatar and overdron) and I feel they're not an overly powerful faction. Secondary for right now is Nomads even though I already have more models than CA. Also like the new PanO stuff and am excited to see what we get for ALEPH.
  12. I'm going to wager that this is a slightly-off list and we're missing a Crusader Brethren with a Boarding Shotgun as we're missing an order as well as 25 points. All SWC is accounted for already, and I don't think they'll get a Bolt with Drop Bears lol. Either that or we're missing something else
  13. I think he means positive band before other mods lets you shoot on a BS16
  14. K1 Xeodron doesn't gain much :/