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  1. SPAAAAAAAAAACE. Perfect timing as I've been putting together a boarding action themed JSA force.
  2. I'm going to be signing up for the Narrative (haven't yet because reasons. I'll get that done shortly.) and most likely the JO event. I'd wanted to sign up for the 2 day DA event but I'm doing the FSA Narrative which is also on Sunday. I'd spread the word but I'm the only Infinity guy in my area. That said, I'm trying to bug the Charleston and Atlanta guys when I'm in their areas. Speaking of which, @Claudius Sol you should definitely drag your guys up to this.
  3. Had to take "IT Security Training" today, because as a millennial (aka: people ruining the world) who grew up using the internet, has a CS degree, and works as a developer, I guess I have a technical understanding on par with my grandmother. Fine, whatever, I'll take the stupid training. I sign in to the site of the company who is going to "educate me" and I'm told I need to change my password for my sign in. Here comes the first red flag. Passwords must contain an uppercase, lower case, number, and one of a list of special characters... Why do people still do this!? This is one of my greatest peeves in tech. Short complex, often hard to remember passwords are so much easier to crack than longer simpler passwords. Longer passwords are also easier for a user to remember so they don't have to store their passwords in vaults or on physical media which create single points of failure. You'd think a company who's purpose is ostensibly cyber security would have grasped this already. Sadly, that wasn't the biggest failure for them. In order to take their course, you had to disable one of the more important browser security features. You had to disable your pop-up blocker... WAT
  4. memes

    Mmmmmm. Stale pasta was nicely refreshed and seasoned.
  5. Don't think I didn't see what you did there. You terrible terrible person you. Most of my last RPG group was this guy. Games consisted of roughly 20% NPC murder, 30% ideological and political circle jerking, 40% funny jokes on the internet, and 10% story. I don't really miss them.
  6. I really hope that's a 5 in diameter gun and they're being willfully obtuse. Is it sad there are some that I'm not certain if they're a parody or "real"? That said, Zion is best gender.
  7. memes

    For everyone's pleasure I'll now provide the following completely inoffensive meme. Enjoy in whichever way you have decided to express enjoyment. Good guy Ash is good guy.
  8. I love this idea. I love this idea so very much. I'd love to see some playtesting on this to see how it would affect the metagame and list building. I think it would also make mission design a smidge easier if you know everyone is going to be working from a similar order pool.
  9. Each event is a separate registration fee.
  10. Looking forward to coming back. Gotta defend my title of Valor: Dogged.
  11. I guess that's what you do when it stops really tying the room together.
  12. Saw it last night and I actually enjoyed it. I think part of that may be my expectations were tempered by TFA and some of the comments in this thread which let me be pleasantly surprised. Lets see if I remember how to spoiler tag.
  13. What do you usually take for your LT in JSA and why? When building lists for JSA this is always my sticking point and I feel like there's no good option. Quite often I just break down and take Shinobu + Kempeitai but, giving up 68pts and 1SWC feels so awful. It gets even worse when I'm usually trying to take a Domaki link and/or a O-Yoroi. Is there some secret sauce I've been missing?
  14. I'm hoping that this happens so very hard. SHÀNG JÍ Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0.5 | 43) ZÚYǑNG Missile Launcher, Light Shotgun / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (2 | 36) ZÚYǑNG HMG / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (1.5 | 35) ZÚYǑNG MULTI Rifle / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (0 | 31) ZÚYǑNG Boarding Shotgun / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (0 | 26) 4 SWC | 171 Points My body is ready.
  15. I remember a comedian talking about the best way to get rid of telemarketers, sound as if you are "enjoying" the call more than normal. Essentially pretend it's a call to a phone-sex line.