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  1. If you have a 3d printer, something like this would work just have to scale it to size.
  2. I recently upgraded from foamcore and paper buildings to this setup. One question do you think this is too "busy" or dense? The grey buildings are modular 3D printed from the recent Thunder Chrome 2 kickstarter. Crane is a from warlayer The black plastic are mostly items I found on Thingiverse and printed out. The MDF is from Micro Arts Studio. So much painting ahead of me, but looking forward to having a good looking board.
  3. My friend that recently got into Pano, is really disappointed with this model. The umbra hand is too large so it becomes too much of the focus on the model. Should have been on the ankle or at least lower down. I want to convert the model a bit and give it to him for an xmas gift. He is a poor college student and can't afford to get an LE Joan. (and I don't want to lose an infinity player) I am going to attempt to remove the hand from the leg by dremel. If that is unsuccessful I am going to try a leg swap with another armored Knight. I am also going to remove the rifle (unbalances the model in my opinion) and either use a spare 28mm scabbard or pistol in that hand. That's my plan at least, will see how it works out.
  4. So I got the actual Irmandinhos models and didn't realize how old they were. I really don't like the style of the old models, So I decided to make my own from the spec ops models. Here is the first Irmandinho
  5. Irmandinhos. I was just filling in some points on a list, then they both rolled extra Arm for the booty roll and then became legends. Antipodes. I really enjoyed painting the models so wanted to use them. First game with them they took out 2 CA TAG like things. Epic first showing, now my opponents see the large camo markers and its like that scene in Predator....everyone shooting in their general direction.
  6. I really like your work. I wish I could pick colors so effectively.
  7. Be honest with the person. I always try to treat people how I would like to be treated, and that can be difficult but it does work. After an honest talking too I don't play tournaments anymore. I would often get confused in games and frustrated that I made so many mistakes or forgot so many rules. So playing against me was not very fun and I really play this game so everyone can have fun. I had an honest person tell me this after a tournament, and I appreciated the honesty and courage that took. But they also learned that I have traumatic brain injury from being blown up a few times too many overseas. Still friends with everyone and do causal games but I steer clear of the tournaments and everyone is happy. Not saying its all easy and everything will be all peachy after the talk but it really can't hurt things all that much and this is a game. Games are meant to be fun.
  8. I both like and dislike the Blackjack. Something about it is off, I am not sure what. I love the bulk of the model but maybe its the unbalanced nature of the model, with everything on the right of the model. I think I will try taking a bit off the top of the sniper rifle (make it a bit sleeker, optics on the side) and centering it on the models backpack. Lower and center might help it. Also I think I am going to change up both arms. the joystick with huge ammo canisters is not really looking right to me. So will probably remove all that and go with a large SMG. I don't play all the factions but often buy models just to paint or convert, was looking forward to painting the Andromeda catbot but now seeing the model its a pass for me. Proportions are all wrong to me, not sure why the render looked better.
  9. Thank you for much for the tutorial!!! Great pictures, illustrates your technique perfectly.
  10. I agree your kilt work is amazing. I would be interested in your process as well.
  11. Jandrus: The cannon is from the "Steel Guards sniper team" box, part of the dust tactics range.
  12. This is my Blackjack conversion. The base model is the azra'il feuerbach. The sniper rifle, camo roll, and tank are from the Dust Tactics Steel guards sniper team models. The pouch and SMG type gun is from Dreamforge games, Eisenkern valker heavy troopers box. (great models or bits for other games). After this picture was taken I filled in the shoulder pad lotus so to be less Haqq like. My main goals were to make a proxy that was immediately recognizable as the profile it was representing and to make a proxy that was acceptable in ITS tournaments. I am currently in the process of modding another azrail model to represent the AP HMG.
  13. Your welcome Golem2God. I followed the blackjack thread in the Ariadna forum, but I didn't like any of the choices. (All were good proxies, just didn't meet my requirements) I wanted some thing that would be accepted in an ITS tournament and something a bit more sci-fi (less clunky looking).
  14. Decided to try my hand at converting an azrail into a T2 Sniper Blackjack. I am pretty happy how it turned out. I was going to rotate the arm holding the SMG, but thought this is more "USA" as is.