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  1. Hello Vask, We are sorry to hear that. We have solved an incident like yours already. Could you please confirm if it was you or you still have the problem? Thanks!
  2. Nice idea that for the picnic tables! Love them!
  3. We will keep your suggestions Paintergeist
  4. Not at the moment. But these are easy to paint because of the in-built textures!
  5. Hi there everyone! We bring you a new set of corridors modular system totally Compatible with our TME range. Hope you all like it! It will be available very soon! Also, you will find a room suitable for the its missions! Enjoy!
  6. Would love to see pictures from your hangar! Please, share it with us
  7. Stairs and catwalks are something we are working on! Stay tunned for the next updates... It will be worth the wait!
  8. Just stay tunned for what will come...
  9. Hey there! This time PlastCraft Games brings you a brand new scenery item we have created for our TME scenery range: the big TAG Hangar! This building is totally compatible with the current tME range and it's been designed to be the centerpiece of your tables! (alhough you can play with other set ups!) Please note that we've gone a step forward and the inner sides of the building are now texturized too. We keep on improving for you! Roofs are completely removable in order to access the interior and move your miniatures freely, and the see through roof let's you stay aware to ARO your enemies! And last, we want you to know that this is the first building designed for Infinity with its own profile. Take a look! Hope you like it. Cheers,
  10. Updated!
  11. Players that played on it were pretty pleased, that's all I can say
  12. Hi there, This table was created in particular for this event, but you can have something similar with this packs: 2x Bourak Building Set 3x Planters 2x Basic Archway Pack 2x Archway Wall Pack 1x Energy Tower Defensive walls are optional here, as in this table are merely decorative. Also you can add some TME scenery you bought before! Hope it helps
  13. Hey there foamed pvc fans! Here we bring you a set of pictures of the table we took to the Ficzone 2014 event. This is one of the tables that players could enjoy playing during the tournament celebrated during this event. Hope you all like it! You can take a look to the whole set on our facebook page. Cheers!
  14. We will do it for sure. It is all scheduleed in our release calendar
  15. No, it is not. This new branch is also the first to supply the different pieces all separated from the "sprue".