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  1. Feel free to vote and give commendations.
  2. I will do a message on our briefing room where you must say that you want to participate. At the end of phase 1, Nazroth and I will check the profiles and the battle reports.
  3. The Tohaa Trident will defend your autonomy in the investigation of La Forja's case and will harass everyone that attempts by force to undermine it, specially the egoists hyperpotencies like Yu Jing. The Nomad Nation, as well as Ariadna and Haqqislam have our support, because only fighting together will be able to defeat the Combined Army. So, regroup and demonstrate to the Human Sphere that you can push forward as one. We thank you for the help you bring us in Flamia attacking Zhurong and we will keep Yu Jin in their Frigate. I hope that our good diplomatic relation between our liaisons (Nazroth and me) last many campaigns more.
  4. My lasts reports:
  5. The font of the logo is from the logo from CB, and don't think that they have it.
  6. Bostria writed in the Tohaa's Briefing Room that soon we will have again Faciton's Liasons (because we already made the post to choose our representative and I was selected).
  7. This is like my favourite picture in the Infinity's Universe.
  8. *** Connecting *** *** Connected. *** *** General Vaanhtar online. *** The general sits in his captain's chair, behind the pilots of his ship, the Caligidae, and starts typing on the keyboard to start the recording program and send the message to Ariadna's troops located in Indra- 3. + Vaanhtar here, veteran general of the wars of Flamia speaking as the temporary representative of the Trident in the Blockade of Wotan. We inform you, comrades, that our ships are orbiting your INDRA-3 Base with the objective of repelling any hostile intrusion within our reach. The Trident will watch over the autonomy of the Ariadna Nation on their base, because of its potential in the fight against the Combined Army, as well as a gesture of goodwill for the aid recieved in Narooma. With nothing more to say, good luck in your battles. *** General Vaanhtar offline. ***
  9. I'll try to achieve General again and doing my best as Tohaa's representative. I got one battle report by now:
  10. ***Connecting*** ***Connected.*** ***General Vaanthar online.*** -Did all our Narooma's commanders answer the call? +Yes, my general. They are ready to join our fleet soon. -Did Ariadna answer our call? +Not yet, we keep trying to contact them. -Is the Kaauri Sentinels production finished? +No, but it will be before we reach Wotan. -Good, Ariadna needs our help and we need the Sentinels to clean the Shasvastii's mess and secure the Blockade. And as soon as we get in the Human Sphere we pass to only-pheromonic communication. I don't want hackers to mess with our Comms Equipments again. +Yes, my general. ***General Vaanthar offline.*** Vaanthar turns off the screen and sits in the commander's room while he pets the young Taara on the left side of his seat. -Did you hear it? We are going to crush some eggs. And probably, knowing those humans, not only Shasvastii's ones... He looks to his Chaksa fellow and nods. -Finally we are doing what we like most. Prepare the boarding equipment!
  11. Sygmaas can't be part of the Triumvirate. They could be spies... but the Triumvirate's end is win against the CA (and they will use all means that they can, for exemple, Humanity).
  12. What I expect from a Triumvirate sectorial: Bad mercenaries (Druzes, Yuans, Krakot, and of course, Le Muet), Chaksas and Kaauris (like Remotes in other armys) Igao, Clipsos, Nikouls... Maybe Sukeuls, but I don't see here Sakiels, Makauls...
  13. It is the "kerail's never-released pulzar" with some modifications.
  14. Gorgos pilot . Neema Saatar not finished.
  15. Nice day to be Tohaa.